Daily Prayer Topics + What I've Learned This Past Year About Prayer

Each year in January I share on my blog about a simple method I feel God gave me called 'Daily Prayer Topics'.  I'm by no means an expert and I always feel like my prayer life can improve but I do feel like this method has really helped my prayer life over the past two years. Also this past year God gave me two, simple but profound things, connected to prayer and I wanted to share that with you as well.  

Two Things I Learned

The first thing I learned came from a four book series called The Secret of the Rose. I think the first book is the best and I highly recommend it. The books are historical fiction that are set during WWII. These books spoke to my heart because the main character is a rose gardener and a farmer and he talks so much about God as a Gardener and a loving Father. It really presented God in a different light for me and somehow that worked its way into my prayer life. It helped me view God as a tender Father who is intricately involved in every detail of my life. 

Secondly, my friend Pam talked about prayer during a devotional once and she said she sometimes likes to imagine herself sitting right by God talking to Him. She also said that prayer is sometimes like a little child sitting on a Dad's lap talking. I honestly can't see myself as a child sitting on God's lap but the truth of God being a gentle Dad that is present with me and who will listen to me resonated deeply in my heart. I started praying imagining that I was right next to God and it is helping change my attitude towards prayer. So many times when I pray I feel like God is far away and that I'm "checking off the list" by praying but when I stop and realize that God is present with me and that I can really talk to Him and share what is on my heart my heart it's changed my attitude of how I talk with God. 

This is a bonus but I've tried to sprinkle more gratitude into my prayers. I'm super blessed and to not thank God for that would be wrong. Also, when you talk with a friend how annoying would it be if they said hi and then asked you for 10 favors. Being grateful also reminds me of God's provision and faithfulness and it builds my faith. 

Daily Prayer Topics

What are daily prayer topics? It's just what they sound like, a topic of prayer for each day of the week. Each day has a little rhyme or a quirky way to help me remember the topic for the day. 

Underneath each day I have a list of people who I pray for. Some friends have asked me to pray for specific things so next to their name I'll jot down a word or two to help me remember to pray specifically for what they asked for.  

Another thing I really found helpful was to put these in a note in my iPhone. I always have my phone with me so if I am in a taxi, on a plane or some place quiet I can open that list up and pray right away. You could also put it in a notebook that you always have on you or put the list in your Bible. It's good to have it handy. 

Missionary Mondays - A day to pray for our missionary friends around the world. Serving abroad I can't tell you enough how important prayer is. If you pray for your friends on this day why not shoot them an e-mail letting them know. I guarantee they would appreciate it.

Tuesday - Just the Two of Us - A day to pray over our marriage. A day to pray individually for Dave and I, for our walks with God and for Him to grow our marriage. If you aren't married maybe this could be a day for you to pray about you and your relationship with God or for your future spouse. 

Wednesday - Our Weird Woved Ones - I know, it's super cheesy but it helps me remember. and no, I don't think my family is full of weirdos. This is a day to thank God for our wonderful families and to lift them up in prayer.

Thankful Thursdays - So many times we ask ask ask and we really need to stop and thank God for all He has done. This day is set aside just for that.

Friday Friend Day - A day to pray for all of my friends.

Salvation Saturdays - A day to thank God for saving us and to ask Him to save those we know that still need salvation.

Savior Sundays - A day to pray and thank God for who He is and to focus on Him and His goodness. 

I don't know how often you pray or your method but I do know that God loves you and He loves me and He loves to hear from us. Prayer and reading God's Word are the two primary ways He speaks to us and I hope that this next year will be one where you have sweet fellowship with The Lord.

Lastly, if you have something you want prayed for please e-mail me. I really do mean it when I say I will pray for you and I have several other blog friends on that list already: if you need prayer I'm happy to pray for you.

What helps you pray consistently?
Do you have a set routine or what works best for you?


  1. i love the idea of prayer topics for each day of the week!!! :)

  2. I love this idea!! And thanks for sharing topics/ideas to pray about. I pray everyday but feel like it's more broad than very specific. I want to be more intentional with my prayers and pray more this year. Thanks for the head start help!