We're back!


We're back in the land of America! And it feels so good! 

Dave and I calculated the total hours we had been up and traveling and it added up to a whopping 54 hours!!!! We didn't sleep a lot on our flights so we were pretty much walking zombies but we were were so excited to be home that it didn't phase us too bad. 

We spent the last week seeing a lot of family and friends, eating, sleeping and wrapping Christmas presents. 

Home doesn't feel too much different but there are a few things I noticed right away. The first is water pressure. Wow! America has water pressure. I even called Dave over to look at how much water pressure was in the washing machine and how fast it was filling. We had to manually add buckets of water to the washer in Burma, which I didn't mind but it is nice to not have to manually do that. 

Also everything here is super easy. It's easy to purchase groceries. It is easy to eat out because I'm not wondering if I will get sick. It is easy to commute. It's easy to shop. We have it really good here. It's been a little hard to process how easy it is because as I walk in the land of plenty the images in my mind of people in Burma and Cambodia who have so little are ever present too. I haven't processed all that yet but I will eventually. 

In the year we were gone Aidan, our nephew, is now walking but he is still little and really fun and cute. Two of my best friends had babies and I got to meet them, which was so much fun!!! 


That picture of Aidan and Dave just cracks me up! That boy did not want to ride in the wagon.

We will be in Wichita until December 16th and then we are hitting the road again. I know no one is surprised... My car is in Idaho so we are going to fly up there and get it. PLUS I have a new nephew to meet there and my sister and I have a years worth of baking and catching up to do. 

After Idaho my side of the family is all meeting in Washington state for Christmas and I have another niece to meet this time!!! It's so much fun to meet all these babies. Also, my brother is supposed to be deploying some time in January so we all want to get together before he leaves. 

After that we are going to drive back to Kansas and then Dave is going to job hunt. He has been keeping his eye out and asking around about jobs here in Kansas so we will see what doors God opens. I told Dave I am willing to go wherever but part of me really wants to stay here in Kansas and have some stability and structure. I feel like my life has been on the go with huge life changes since 2012 so some calm and structure sounds really nice right now. 

Thanks again for praying us through and for encouraging this past year. I'm still so thankful for the huge community of support God gave us. 

As far as blogging, I am still planning on writing and sharing but it isn't going to be as consistent with the holiday season and all these life changes right now. I will be around though and hope to keep sharing with you all. 

If you have any questions for us, e-mail or comment and I'll get back to you. 

Have a Merry Christmas season, friends!!! 


  1. Welcome home! Enjoy your family! Can't wait to see what God has instore for ya'll!

  2. Welcome back sweet friend! I was SO hoping your travels would take you to Northern California! We just bought a house up there and we'd love to see you and hear all about your amazing adventures in Burma!! You are welcome to visit any time (and we mean that!!) xoxo Katie

  3. welcome back home!!! enjoy the craziness of the holidays & adjusting back to America! i hope you have a very calm 2016 compared to your last few years!!

  4. So so awesome. So glad you are back! I feel like you just left.. seriously!

    Yay for water pressure! It's the little things that you come to appreciate, huh?

    I love the picture of your family and I just love that you have all these new nephews and nieces to love on! Aunt life is the best <3 Looking forward to hearing where you end up! I heard Texas is a great place ;)

  5. Glad you made it home safely! Enjoy the holiday season with all of your family!

  6. Welcome back!!! 54 hours?!? Ugh! That's a lot of traveling! I hope you guys can relax and enjoy the holidays. I'm so happy for you that you get to visit family, friends and all of the new babies!!

  7. Welcome back! I've only gone through the "reverse culture shock" after short term mission trips, so I can only imagine how overwhelming it would be to return home after a year. We really do have so much here...too much, in many ways. Anyway, praying your transition phase is one of peace, rest, joy, and gratitude!

  8. Oh, wow! So many amazing things to see as soon as you get back. Enjoy this blogging break and this time with family, friends, and new babies! :) Welcome back!