Christmas 2015 - From Flip-Flops to Snow Boots!

Christmas 2015 - from flip-flops to snow boots! It was a huge (but awesome) change.

It’s kind of weird to be writing a post like this. For the past year we have been in the SE Asian heat sweating like crazy and then not even after a month of being back in the US we are in Washington State where the snowfall was waist high.

Dave and I spent two weeks in Kansas seeing family and friends there. We had Christmas with Dave’s family in Wichita and then we came to Washington to have Christmas with my family. We have an ‘every other year system’ for Christmas, so one year on Christmas day we are with Dave’s family and then the other year with my family. 

My family met up near Leavenworth, Washington this year. We rented out a lodge and brought in all our own food. The lodge was right by Lake Wenatchee and the views were incredible. We went into town a couple of times and the town itself is so cute because it is modeled after a Bavarian village.

Most of all we just enjoyed time together. There are two new babies in the family since Dave and I got back and it was really neat to meet them and to see all the cousins together.  It was definitely chaotic at time because, well 4 children under the age of 4 under one roof and we had our hands full, but I’m it was still really great to be around family. 

The Lodge:

A Day at Leavenworth: 

Sugar Overloading...

Sights around Lake Wenatchee

 I hope you had a very Merry Christmas! 
What was your favorite thing about Christmas this year? 

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  1. Leavenworth looks beautiful! Glad you were able to enjoy the holiday with your family. I'm sure it was kind of surreal being in all that snow after a year of heat!