Penang Hill - Malaysia

Anything that involves a high up incredible view is something I want to do and lucky for me Penang Hill had both. 

Penang Hill, located on Penang island, is listed as the 6th most popular tourist attraction in the area. Personally, I'd ranker it much higher over some of the temples listed. 

I didn't get good pictures of the train ride going up but it is pretty steep and kind of fun. At the top of the hill there are incredible views of the city below. 

Not only do you get good views but there is a lot to do up top. There is a 'locks of love' bridge, which we didn't do. We did that once in Korea to appease my cheesy side and it was not Dave's favorite. There is also a Hindu temple and a Mosque if you are into seeing those. They have gardens all over, a restaurant and little walking paths. Another thing I thought was interesting is that they have cottage and bungalow styles of houses up there. These are there because Penang used to be a British colony so there are still some houses up there that the British had built. 

You can take the train down but we opted to hike down. The majority of the hike was down a steep road but it was fun just to be outdoors. We also spotted monkeys on our hike and we met a lot of friendly hikers. The hike down ends at the botanical gardens, which are free. 

The cost up the hill was $7.50 for both Dave and I. If you are traveling in Penang the 204 bus will take your right to the hill. Like most tourist attractions the earlier you arrive the better as most tourists aren't out early. 

Doesn't this look like Wall-e?

Locks of Love <3

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  1. Pretty! I'm glad you got to go and be outside in nature on your hike.