The Rooftop Tour

This evening (your morning in America) Dave and I went up to the rooftop of our apartment. It isn't fancy but we do get a big 360 view of the area. I've actually only been up there one other time but two is plenty for me. 

This is real life Burma you guys! Get ready. 

First off, to get to the roof, Dave told me that we had to crawl through a door to get there. He tried to take me last night to see the city at night but one word came to mind: roaches. So we went today to watch the sunset. 

Below is a picture of the door and the opening to crawl through. ha ha! Thankfully someone had left a key so we just unlocked and pried the door open. 

This is kind of behind where our apartment unit is - more buildings in progress (probably apartments). 

I love the skies! Also, do you see the smoke from the fire? We have no idea what was burning but we often either hear the fire trucks or see the smoke.

If my sister lived in Burma this would be her house. There were 10 cats (that we counted) in this house area. 

These are our "yay we are leaving in 10 days" faces!

This picture below is what every day Yangon looks like for a lot of people. Dave and I walk through that every day to get to school. 

This is off topic but kind of on topic ... I think sometimes travel bloggers, myself included, like to show the best pictures, the best places, the best food but they don't show things like the picture below but this is real life below! 

Here are a few pictures of the traffic before it gets super busy.

The water tank! Have I told you about water in Burma?

When the power is on they pump water into these big tanks and then it filters down into the apartments. I think we pay a monthly fee of around $1 for someone to come and turn on the switch to pump water every day. 

Also featured right across the entry door is a mat for sleeping with an abandoned satellite dish. weird.

I admit this next picture is gross but again, it's real life here.

People often just throw their trash, and I mean all their trash out their back window into the alley. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the grossest) this is probably a 5 compared to some of the other alleys I've seen.

These are the elevator cranks! There are three and only two of them actually works. I don't even know how those two work because these things look ancient. Plus they were popping and making funny sounds when we were in there. 

And this picture! There is a little airplane right in the middle. Can you see it?

Lord willing, that will be us in 10 days!

There you have it friends! A rooftop tour.
Does this surprise anyone? Is it shocking/normal? 


  1. it's so neat to see the city from the rooftop!!! :) it actually looks more city-ish than i thought it would! if that even makes sense! :) i like all of the colors all around the city & the sky is so pretty!

  2. Love this post! So fun to see the view from the top including th beautiful sky!

  3. So what happens to the trash? Does someone eventually pick it up, or does it all just pile up in the alley? Does it smell there? I don't think I told you this, but at my brother's wedding a few weekends ago, I was talking to one of the bridesmaids. Guess what? She's leaving in January to spend 2 years in Myanmar! I was telling her all about you. Small world! I need to find her on Facebook and send her to your blog.

  4. Definitely shocking and that's considering I've been and lived in third world countries. Looking through your pictures makes me claustrophobic and I think you mentioned that at one point- totally don't blame you. Your "coming home home in 10 days faces" look pretty excited :)