Project 12: September

This is a picture of Dave, I and my Dad and Mom all on side cars. So dangerous but a fun Myanmar experience.
Ministry Happenings:

I started managing the FB page for our church here in Yangon. I know I'll only be doing it for a short time but it is nice to help out the local church. 

Dave has started teaching Sunday School at church to the youth group. Again, it is only for 2 months but I'm glad he volunteered because they had no teachers and were going to have to close the youth group down. 

We have FOURTEEN teaching days left! I can hardly believe it. That means we have 14 days left to share the gospel, 14 days left to love on those kids. 14 you guys!!!  

Prison ministries in Thailand. We were in Thailand at the first part of this month and we were able to do prison visits. My Dad and Dave went to the men's prisons and we all went to the women's prison. I just love those women. A lady I wrote to before came and spoke with me and she never once talked about herself. She asked for prayer and wisdom on how to disciple and witness to other ladies in prison. Her life is such a testimony to me. 

Notable Events:

Our families were here in September too and I definitely will be sharing a couple of posts about that. If I added the full recap to this post it would be the longest post ever!  

The Holmes fed us sticky rice and mangos (amazing) and durian. Durian is called the 'king of fruits' but I sure don't know why because it smells like a nasty that I just don't know how to describe. I still can't bring myself to try it but Dave did and he liked it okay. 

I love Uncle Charlie's photo bomb here! 
Inle Lake for the 2nd time! I took my parents this time and we had a great time up there. 

The land! Do you remember when I shared last year how Zama and Pam were praying for land. Well, God has led them to purchase a beautiful piece of land and they took us out to see it. It is in the country and is so green and pretty. They can't start building for a while because of paper work but it is neat for me to think about that my 4 year olds will be there some day. 

Mexican feast at Pam's house! Zama went out of town so she had us over for dinner. We made masa tortillas and had a big feast. Sooo good! 

I ran! It was 1.15 miles but I did it. They finally finished constructing the sidewalks near our house and they are 'runnable' now. 

Went to the US Embassy to get pages added into our passport! It was a mini-America in there and I loved it! (Side Note for all Travelers: Starting in 2015 a passport will automatically have I think 52 pages in it! So no more adding in pages! So Awesome!) 

Kittens! Guys there is a momma kitten in the market and she had 3 baby kittens. We took Pam and Zama by to meet the owner of the cat because they want one of the kittens. The kittens just opened their eyes this week and they are just so darn cute!

Had Zama, Pam, Zak and Kyron over for dinner. There were puffins involved. #cantgetenough

Lastly - ELEPHANTS! Lots and lots of elephants this month. Full post dedicated to those wonderful animals will be coming to the blog at some point. #ineedapetelephant 

New Restaurants:

Yangon Bakehouse! 

This place was amazing! It isn't too far from our apartment (1.5 miles ish) so we walked there. The Bakehouse hires disadvantaged women, trains them at their cafe and then finds employment for them. 

The food? SO GOOD! They have American sandwiches, soups, quiche and coffee. I had a big fat piece of spinach tomato quiche, tomato soup and a mocha latte. So yummy! I'll be going back. 

This isn't a new restaurant but passion fruit is starting to be in season and I know that fruit is ugly but it is so tasty. I've been making mango passion fruit smoothies a lot and they are super tasty. 

Books Read:

-Jungle Pilot in Liberia by Abe Guenter - This man was used by God in incredible ways in Liberia. He was a missionary pilot and his stories were just phenomenal. I highly recommend it. 

-Set the Trumpet to Thy mouth by David Wilkinson - 170p. 
-Adam of the Road by Elizabeth Gray - 317p. 
-Fresh Wind Fresh Fire by Jim Cymbala - 188p. 
-Death of Lincoln by Leroy Hayman - 127p. 

That's it friends! How was your month? Are you enjoying cooling weather yet? 


  1. Y'all are so photogenic!! I can't believe you only have 14 days left! Hope they go well!

  2. that elephant trunk hug! OHEMGEE! so jealous! can't wait for the post all about elephants!!! :)
    sounds like y'all had a good time with family visiting! and still going strong even though time is winding down!! :)

  3. That picture of the sidecars is amazing! :) what an answer to prayer that they have the land!