Some Funny Things my K4 Kids Say

These kids you guys! I love them.

Kids say funny things, especially kids who are just learning English. I thought I'd tell you some of the funny and quirky things some of them say.

Let's get started.


I think he is probably the youngest kid in my class. For some reason he just can't get my name straight. In his book I'll forever be "MR. Beka". I've tried numerous times to correct him so maybe by the time I'll leave he will figure it out.


This girl! When school was first starting I never quite could tell how much English she actually knew so one day I was holding her on my lap and I said, "Charlotte, do you understand when I speak to you?" 

She looked at me with those big brown eyes, smiled and nodded her head yes. 

I looked at her again and said, "Charlotte, Can you speak Chinese?" she nodded, "Can you speak Portuguesse?" and again a nod. ha! That really cracked me up. 

She also loves to participate when do flashcards and she will scream the name of a flashcard even when it is wrong. It's funny when you show a picture of pizza and someone yells "HAMBURGER!!!" ha! ha! 


Suzan actually quit school a while ago but right before she did her Mom had another baby. It was a girl and what did they name Suzan's sister??? Suzie! So now there is Suzan and Suzie. 

I felt bad for Suzan because I think it was initially hard for her to accept her new sister. I guess she told her Dad to not love that new baby but to only love her. 


Bethia is one of my top students and is extremely kind and helpful. When school first started though? oh man! She was screaming and thrashing and wailing and did not want to come! Well at parent teacher confernces her Mom told me that it wasn't that she didn't want to come to school but rather that she was afraid of the white foreign lady, aka ... me!

We get along great now but I thought that was hilarious while at the same time I felt bad for her.


Kolby is the big teddy bear brother of the class. He is also super animated and gets so excited about everything (which I love!).

A while back we were singing a song that said "He's coming soon! He's coming soon!" I paused and explained that the song meant that once we ask Jesus into our hearts and belong to Him, He will come back to Earth for us.

When I told this to the kids Kolby's eyes got HUGE and he started screaming and clapping so loud and saying "Jesus is coming!!! Yay!!!! JESUS!!!!"

I laughed so hard but at the same time I teared up because I was so convicted. I should always be that excited for Jesus return and here is a 4 year old boy who was more excited then Buddy the Elf.


  1. Aww, I love the stories. My preschoolers keep me pretty entertained, too. A couple weeks ago, one asked, "Aunty Rachel, why do you lock the door when you go to the bathroom?" I'm thinking...the fact that you tried the door and found it locked explains exactly why...kids!

  2. Such sweet kids! I love how excited he was about Jesus :)

  3. kids are so cute :) how awesome that he was so excited - being more excited than Buddy the elf is saying a lot too!!
    it's a good reminder for us too though like you said - we should be that excited too!

  4. Oh my gosh, these stories/photos are the cutest! Bethia is giving the camera the same exact look one of my students gives me when I've made a joke she doesn't approve of, lol!

  5. How cute are they? Just precious, MR. Beka ;)

  6. Oh. My. Goodness. Your kids are adorable! I loved meeting your new class and I love the photos you included, too. I want them all in my class, too! :)