Friday Letters

 Dear Blog Readers, I've had the itch to start up my Friday letters, or whenever I can get to wifi to publish the letters, so I hope you enjoy them. 

Dear Myanmar, I don't understand how it can rain for pretty much 48 hours straight yet the water in our apartment has been running out? I'd love a logical "why" explantation to that one. Speaking of "why" I've just learned it's better not to ask. 

Dear Mangos, Passion Fruit, Papaya and Watermelon, I'll be eating as much of you as I can during our last 30 days!!! I'll miss you! 

Dear 4 Year Old Students, This week we learned about the birth of Jesus and oh how my co-teacher and I were entertained that King Herod was 'King Carrot'. We tried hard to correct you all but once someone said 'Carrot' that name was stuck in your head! Also, I mentioned a copule of times that I'll be leaving and a few of you had distraught faces and I couldn't even handle!!! Dear 4 Year Old Kolby, Thanks for killing spiders with your bare hands it saves me from having to do it and I definitely hate spiders. 

Dear Readers, Some friends and I are (slowly) working on memorizing Ephesians 4. If you want to join I highly recommend that chapter or even reading it every day for a week. It's a really good passage to mediate on. 

Dear Friends in America, I hope you enjoy this upcoming fall season. I miss the cool weather but I will admit I don't love everything pumpkin so I'm not sad about missing that. Lord willing, I'll be home late this fall so I can enjoy the last few days before winter arrives. #imgonnafreeze!!! 

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  1. Memorizing the whole chapter? That's awesome!!!!
    I'm so sad to say goodbye to summer fruit

  2. That went fast! Maybe not for you but it seems like you were just talking about going! I am going to read that chapter tonight! Thank you for the suggestion:)

  3. Gosh it's crazy to me that you're already almost coming back! I remember how long and how well you both prepared and now you're so close to coming back! I'll definitely be praying for you guys as you make yet another transition. And I am certainly checking out Ephesians 4!

  4. Your photo is beautiful and your life seems so interesting! I am going to grad school to teach ESL and I absolutely love my students!!

    Good luck on the water situation!

  5. King Carrot cracked me up! That's too funny! Enjoy those yummy fruits!

  6. I've been away from your blog from far too long! I need to catch up! Where are y'all living?

    Thanks for linking up for the coffee date!!