Friday Letters

 Dear Blog Readers, I've had the itch to start up my Friday letters, or whenever I can get to wifi to publish the letters, so I hope you enjoy them. 

Dear Myanmar, I don't understand how it can rain for pretty much 48 hours straight yet the water in our apartment has been running out? I'd love a logical "why" explantation to that one. Speaking of "why" I've just learned it's better not to ask. 

Dear Mangos, Passion Fruit, Papaya and Watermelon, I'll be eating as much of you as I can during our last 30 days!!! I'll miss you! 

Dear 4 Year Old Students, This week we learned about the birth of Jesus and oh how my co-teacher and I were entertained that King Herod was 'King Carrot'. We tried hard to correct you all but once someone said 'Carrot' that name was stuck in your head! Also, I mentioned a copule of times that I'll be leaving and a few of you had distraught faces and I couldn't even handle!!! Dear 4 Year Old Kolby, Thanks for killing spiders with your bare hands it saves me from having to do it and I definitely hate spiders. 

Dear Readers, Some friends and I are (slowly) working on memorizing Ephesians 4. If you want to join I highly recommend that chapter or even reading it every day for a week. It's a really good passage to mediate on. 

Dear Friends in America, I hope you enjoy this upcoming fall season. I miss the cool weather but I will admit I don't love everything pumpkin so I'm not sad about missing that. Lord willing, I'll be home late this fall so I can enjoy the last few days before winter arrives. #imgonnafreeze!!! 

PS - Don't forget about my giveaway with Here Below! Just click back a couple of posts and you will find it. 


Three Ingredient Naan

Do you know what naan is? 

If you do your mouth is probably watering just thinking about it (or at least mine always does). If you don't know what it is you have me to forever thank for introducing it to you. 

Naan is basically the Indian version of a tortilla but it has yeast in it. It's also has more dough and is just sooooo good! 

I first ate amazing naan when I lived in Korea. By ate I mean when Alisha and I had a bad day we would sometimes walk 2+ miles just to eat some naan. It's amazing stuff. 

I can buy it here in the frozen section of the grocery store but I knew I could make it too. Naan really is supposed to be made with yogurt and milk but that isn't always easy to come by here so I searched high and low for naan recipes that don't use those ingredients and I came across the perfect one. 

Something else I love about naan is that you can make a big huge batch, cook it and freeze it. It is a great snack after a long day at school! 

3 Ingredinet Naan

- 3 c. flour
- 1 1/2 c. lukewarm water
- 1 Tbsp. yeast

1. Mix the water and yeast together until the yeast is mostly dissolved. 

2. Stir in the flour until mixed. 

3. Cover and place in a warm place for 30 minutes. I place mine near the stove. 

4. On a floured surface roll out pieces of dough to whatever shape and size you like. Cook them on a stove over medium-high heat until golden brown. Mine are various shapes because a rolling pin here costs $25 (and I refuse to pay that) so I roll them by hand. 

5. Right after you remove them from the stove slather them with an unhealthy amount of butter, sprinkle with salt and add some garlic if you like.  You can also sprinkle some cilantro on there too or any other herb you love. 

If you want to freeze these cook them first but do not butter or salt them. Let them cool completely and then just put them in a freezer bag. To reheat them I just place them in my toaster oven for a couple of minutes. You could also broil them in your oven for a quick reheating. I haven't tried a microwave because I don't own one here in Asia. 

Easy peasy friends! If you try these out let me know what you think.

Have you ever had naan? 
Do you make big batches of things and freeze them? 


Here Below - Giveaway

Friends! Today I am so excited to introduce you to a lovely company called Here Below

Here Below designs beautiful and super comfortable Christian t-shirts. Their goal is to inspire a life of authenticity, adventure and grace. More than that though their aim is to share the gospel. I can attest that through collaborating with them they live that statement out. Even through this collab they have encouraged me in my walk with Christ and to be more intentional with the gospel. 

Partnering with companies who love Christ and promote the gospel is something I'm really thankful I get to do through blogging. 

I have to let you in on two things: 

First off, Here Below's name is a reference from the Doxology. Do you know it? 

Praise God from whom all Blessings flow.
Praise Him all creatures here below.
Praise Him above ye heavenly host.
Praise, Father, Son and Holy Ghost. 

Secondly, I must admit to you that for many years I did not like that song. Not because it isn't a good song (it is). You see, I attended a Christian school for 2 years and I had a really really hard time there. And guess what we sang every day at chapel? The doxology! So whenever I heard that song those memories came to mind. 

But God is good you guys and He has a way of redeeming things and turning them around. 

Fast forward a few years down the road and I got married. And my husband Dave likes to sing at home and what did he start singing? The Doxology. Then one night before dinner he said "let's sing The Doxology together before we pray." (I know, it's probably weird to sing randomly before prayer but we do it anyways.) And now about twice a week we bust out that song, and I like it, a lot. 

I share that story to tell you that God has a way of redeeming and healing past hurts. He has done it through salvation and he has done it over and over in my Christian walk. When Seth, from Here Below, asked me what shirts I'd like that is the big reason I picked the 'beauty from ashes' shirt because that slogan is me. Christ has taken the ashes of my life and turned them into something beautiful that only He could do!

I must tell you about the shirts themselves! They are beautiful and super super comfortable. I traveled Thailand and Myanmar in them and they definitely passed the test! Here Below was helpful in making sure I had the correct size so if you have any questions be sure to ask them. 

You do know Christmas is right around the corner too, right? These would make wonderful gifts! 

Today Here Below and I are partnering together to give you a shirt of your choice and I'll be sending you a fun souvenir from Myanmar. I'm actually going to let the winner pick what souvenir they would like and they will get an e-mail from me with a few different options. 

The good news is that this giveaway is open internationally! Wahoo!

If you have more questions just let me know.

Here Below - Website | Instagram


HOME - What I'm Looking Forward to About Kansas

I’m so excited to be co-hosting The Circle linkup with Kiki today! I’m looking forward to connecting with some new bloggers and am really interested to read how everyone is going to take the prompt of  ‘there's no place like home’.  

Let me share a little bit about myself – Since November of 2014 my husband and I have been doing mission work in Myanmar and Thailand. In Myanmar we teach and my husband runs a medical clinic. In Thailand we help in various prison ministries. We committed to serve here for 1 year so our time in Myanmar & Thailand are quickly coming to an end.

Although I’ve lived  in various places (Brazil, South Korea, Oklahoma, Florida and now Myanmar) Kansas will always be home to me, hence where Kiki and I came up with the idea for ‘there's no place like home.’

Kansas is where I have spent the majority of my life. It’s where my parents are. It’s where my life long friends are. It’s where the familiar Panera is, the familiar parks, the running paths and more. It’s home!

I was originally going to share about my ‘home in Yangon’ but the more I thought about it the more I just kept thinking about all the things I am so excited to do when I get home to Kansas! So today I’m sharing with you some of the things I’m so looking forward to about Kansas again!

1. Wide Open Spaces

Seriously! You can see for miles and miles in Kansas. I can drive for a few minutes outside of the big city and can just gaze out into that beautiful horizon.

All you mid-west people! You know what I’m talking about, right?

That was one of the most difficult things moving to Myanmar for me. There are walls everywhere and lots of the streets are narrow so I felt closed in. *Insert – emotional panicking*. Thankfully God gave us an apartment here on the 11th floor so I can still see out far.

2. Sidewalks

I know! It sounds crazy but for those 7 people who visited Myanmar during our time here they get it.

Let me give you a run down of sidewalks here – first off, they are uneven. Like majorly uneven. Then the sidewalks have ‘removable parts’ where the sewage and sludge are under. Sometimes those ‘removable parts’ aren’t there or they are fallen through which means if you aren’t looking where you are walking then you will fall into that nasty sewage / sludge. Then add in the massive crowds on those sidewalks and it’s just kind of gross.  I won’t even tell you in detail about the amount of red betel nut they spit on the ground….

So, clean sidewalks – I am excited to walk on you!!!

3. Familiar Landmarks

In downtown Wichita there is a park area called ‘Keeper of the Plains’. I love walking there and I am so looking forward to seeing not just that sight but my familiar walking paths, the parks I go to, etc.

4. Food!

Seriously! Bring on all the bacon and cheese.

Dave and I are both excited to eat at restaurants that we love in our hometown. It’s nice to drive in your hometown to your favorite restaurants. Plus, I gotta say it will be fun to go eat somewhere without thinking "Am I going to get explosive diarrhea from this restaurant????" ;)

5. Fellowship

This one trumps all the other items (except maybe the sidewalks….). I can hardly wait to sit a coffee shop with my closest friends and hear about their year while I was away. I’m super thankful for technology but no technology can replace face to face conversations over a cup of java.

I’m also looking forward to get together with family where we laugh, cook and just hang out as family. No Skype. No e-mail – real time together.

It’s not just that it is friends and family but these are the people that get me and Dave. They have known us for years. They have loves us through some of the lowest points of our lives and have cheered for us during our highest points. And this is a whole other post coming but this year has been 100 million times easier because of the support of our family and friends!

Those are my top 5 (although technology is in the top 5 too!). 

I just want to end by saying that although I'm looking forward to American conveniences I hope my list doesn't sound like a whining / whoa is me post. The more things I see here in Myanmar the more I realize how blessed by God I really am. 

Blessed because they actually have sidewalks here. Blessed because God gave me two legs to walk on those sidewalks and at night I have a house to go to and in that house I have a real mattress to put my head on at night. I've seen lots of people here who don't have that and it has been eye opening to me. It's helped me see how much God has blessed me, which is more than I deserve. 

What do you love about your home? 
If you live abroad what do you think you will most appreciate about home when you move back? 

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