Handmade Dresses from Myanmar

One of my favorite things from our time in Myanmar was discovering a shop that makes dresses for Western people because let's be real ... I don't even fit into size L over here in Asia. 

I didn't even go looking for this store either I just stumbled across it one day when I was on a field trip with the 7th grade girls. They wanted to go the new mall in town and so we went. I wondered into this store and the owner speaks phenomenal English and told me she sews dresses made from 100% Myanmar cotton. 

I knew I wanted a dress but I also knew I wanted to share this fun experience with another girl so I waited until Alisha came to visit and off we went to this little shop! It did not disappoint and we had a blast looking through all the pretty dresses, skirts and shirts that were already made. 

I ended up with 3 dresses! These two were already sewn and I custom ordered a 3rd one. I've never had a piece of clothing tailor made for myself so this was new and fun for me. The custom order dress is a bit longer and is gray and bright teal. When I went to pick up the custom dress the sweet lady told me she made two of them because she wanted to make sure I loved what she made and she wanted to give me two options. 

The cost for each dress is around $15 which I think is an incredibly great deal. I also love love love that I met the owner and lady who sews them. She is a real gem and I just might go back and get a 4th one. 

I think this dress is my favorite one! I love the semi-precious stones sewn on and I think it's really pretty. Also, don't you love the Minnie Mouse tile on our porch? #LifeinMyanmar

Have you ever had custom made clothes? 
If so what was your experience? 

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