The many jobs I've had

I don't know about you but I love reading and hearing about other jobs people have had. 

What career are they in? 
What does their day to day look like? 

Today I have a list of all the jobs I've had. It is a huge variety and I'm thankful for each place God has put me in. 

Before I get into the list though you should know this: my degree is in Spanish! Honestly, I never had a set career I wanted. In high school I wrote down what I wanted to do in life and this is what I put: help people! Not just help but to really encourage and come along side people to support them. 

I know that desire doesn't fit into a career and some days it bothers me and some days I'm ok with it. I've learned this though - God has always provided me a job to fulfill my hearts desire and to serve others. I've had a lot of variety and I'm thankful for all He has provided. 

Where I've Worked

1. YMCA!
My first official job was at the YMCA. I started working here in high school and worked on and off through college. I lifeguarded for several years, taught swim lessons and then I transferred to Membership Services. I worked the front desk and did some management too.

I think the biggest thing from that job I learned were people skills! The Y definitely has such a variety of people and it taught me how to work with wonderful people and how to deal with rude people too. I also got to see some of the oddest people ever so that was fun.

2. Gerard House
This is by far one of the most interesting and difficult jobs I have ever had. The Gerard House is a group home for pregnant teenage girls who come from prison or foster homes. I should also note that they are placed there by the state and sometimes they weren’t so happy to be there.

Many of the girls did not have good (or any) medical care, had not been in school, had not seen a dentist in years and more. Our job was to get them complete medical care, enroll them in school and make sure they saw a counselor if needed / required by the state.

The hard part was this … imagine 8 – 10 teenagers, pregnant, off all medications and forced to be living together. =) It was a challenge! I loved those girls and enjoyed my job but it was really hard too. We had to make sure the house ran efficiently, which meant enforcing chores and rules.

I’m sure you all are wondering about the cute babies that were born! The babies could stay at the house for 6 weeks after they were born. After that the Mom’s social worker had to help her make arrangements where to live. Some went back home, some went to independent living and some went other places. 

Adoption was an option but we were never allowed to bring it up to the girls and not one girl ever spoke of adopting her child out. I can’t say they all still have their kids now which makes me sad but I do know we tried everything we could to help them during their time at the house.

3. Hyatt
The job where I learned to be a planner and organizer! I started at the Hyatt just working part time by banquet serving. Banqut serving isn’t just serving a meal. It entails setting up, serving, cleaning up the table and then cleaning the back ot he house. It’s a hard job!

After I banquet served I applied for an admin assistant job to the banquet department. I really did have the best boss ever and she taught me so much about organization. I was never a planner or very organized until this job and I definitely changed a bunch after working here.

The organizational skills I was taught there have helped me pretty much every day since then! 
4. School Teacher
I can hardly believe this is on the list but it is true! I have taught and this is my second year of teaching. My first year was in Kore and my second year of teaching is in Myanmar. I don't think I want teaching to be a long term thing but I do love the kids. 

5. Babysitter 
If you would have told me this would be on the list I would have rolled my eyes at you. However, God knew just what I needed and when I moved to Oklahoma I ended up babysitting a super cute baby named Isaac. I loved spending 2 days a week with him! 

His Mom, Kinzie, is now one of my best friends. So that is a plus too! 

6. Barista
Probably one of my favorite jobs! I've always wanted to work in a coffee shop. This job happened in Oklahoma too and was not only a place where I could serve coffee but where people came in for encouragement. 

7. Trophy Wife
Can I add that to the list? I call that a period of transition but also some nice alone time at home when I first got married. More on that right here

Where do you work? 
Where have you worked? 
Do you have a career or are you a jack of all trades like me? 
What is the favorite thing about your job? 


  1. Yay for barista! That's how I paid for school and I loved it. Wish I could still do it but make three times as much money ;)

  2. I find it really interesting to find out all the jobs people have held, too! And I've had my fair share of 'odd' jobs. In high school I did secretarial work for an author friend of my parents. In college, I ironed clothes for a lady who hired out her housework to 3 college students--my sole job was ironing for several hours each week. After beauty school, and till now, I style/cut/color hair for friends and family whenever requested to, and I maintain my license. Also in college, I worked as a tutor and as a professor's assistant, grading papers. (Loved that job!) Then...teaching at the high school in China, and now, taking private tuition students at home. I do really enjoy jobs that involve some kind of teaching...

  3. what a diverse list of jobs :) i think it'd be fun to be a barista! i've only had 4 jobs - Pizza Hut, bookkeeper at a grocery store, accounting tutor in college, and an accountant now. not so interesting :)

  4. How fun that you paid for school by being a barista! You'll just have to open your coffee shop and then you can make 3x the amount of money =)

    I've always thought it would be fun to open a coffee shop and call it "sunshine to the Square Inch" =)

  5. You sure have done a lot of fun jobs too!

    I did not realize you did hair! How fun! I always thought that would be a fun job. One of my best friends has a salon in her house and she always does my hair. We swap babysitting for hair and I always let her go crazy with color. She does always want to chop my hair off but I won't let her. =)

  6. I think your jobs are interesting! Did you work Pizza Hut in college or highschool? Side not - Myanmar is getting it's second American Fast food chain ... PIZZA HUT! HA HA!

    How did you realize you wanted to work with numbers your whole life? One of my best friends is loud, dynamic and sometimes wildly fun and she is an auditor. and she is really good at it! I was always so surprised by her outgoing personality and then her job / career choice.