The Circle Linkup : An Introduction

Hi, Friends - new and old! 

Today I'm linking up with Kiki for The Circle Linkup for a blogger introduction; which I'm excited about! I'm glad you are here and if you are joining the linkup I hope I can stop by and see your post too. 
Who am I? 

Well I'm Beka! Life right now for my husband (Dave) and I is abroad - in Myanmar and Thailand. We are serving here for one year as volunteer missionaries. My husband runs a medical clinic at a school and I teach 17 four year olds

Every 10 weeks the government requires us to leave to renew our visas. We do our visa runs in Thailand where we stay and help serve with missionaries there. We primarily serve in prison ministries and the prisoners who have become Christians are people who have left a permanent impact on my Christian faith.  

Want to know more about us? Check out our about page! Or if you really want shoot me an e-mail! I'd love to chat. 

PS - It's my birthday month and tomorrow I'll be hosting 2 giveaways: one on the blog and one on Instagram!

Did you join in with the linkup? If so leave me a comment and I'll be sure to stop by and visit your blog! 

Didn't join in! That's ok too! I'd still love to get to know you too! 


  1. Love that picture of you at the top! Super cute :) Happy birthday month!

  2. Um, so that photo of you with the kiddos? Sooooo cute. Like seriously. :)

    And when I first read your line about teaching, I definitely read that you taught 17 year olds. And then I got confused and was in awe of your ability to teach teens. Either way, I love that you're teaching my favorite age!

    Happy Birthday month, too! Birthday months are the best.

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. How cool that you guys are volunteering abroad and get to visit Thailand for visa purposes!

  4. wow!! That is so awesome!!! What an amazing job you two have! Thank you for your commitment to spreading The Word!! :) Also happy early birthday!!!

  5. Thanks!!! I have a whole post I need to publish about these dresses. There is a lady that makes dresses tailored for westerners using Burmese cotton. She is awesome and funny! When I went to buy dresses she slapped my butt and said "you got some back there!" Classic Myanmar bluntness.

    I hope you are still celebrating your birthday month too!

  6. The kids are super cute! and that picture is one of my favorites! It will be going in my Project Life album.

    17 year olds?! No way!!! I don't know if I would want to do that for a long time. 4 year olds! YES! I love them. love love love them!

    Thanks for hosting the linkup! I always enjoy it when I'm able to participate.

  7. Thanks, Diana! We are enjoying our time abroad - both in Thailand and in Myanmar. Have you visited over here before?

  8. Thanks, Aubrey! We are thankful for the work God has given us to do right now. It isn't always glamorous or easy but we are really glad to be here to share the gospel with the kids here.


    thanks for the birthday wishes! I had a fun b-day.