Praying for my K4 class

If you follow me on Instagram you saw this cute and funny picture last week! Sweet and Kyron are the two cute girls in this picture. I love them both! 

I've been thinking about my kids a lot lately. Yes, I call them 'my kids' already, which yes, that means I'll be crying and sobbing in a few months when I tell them bye. Back to my point...

I know a lot of you know this but our school targets Buddhist children. I'd say probably more than half of the kids in my class are Buddhist or Hindus. 

During many of the lessons the kids try so hard to sit still and listen but the wiggles just get the better part of them, that is until we start telling them a Bible story. Then, they are focused in like I have never seen them. And it dawned on me, this is the first time a lot of these kids have heard these stories. Simple stories like David and Goliath, like Moses and the burning bush where I AM spoke.  

What I want more than anything is to see these kids become Christians. To see their lives transformed and to see their families transformed because of Christ. 

I often wonder who prays for them? I know Dave and I do. I know Pam and their families do but who else? I'd love to have people who are committed to praying for these kids. 

These is where YOU come in! I have 17 children and I'm looking for 17 people to adopt these kids in prayer. When I say adopt I mean that you are serious about lifting up a child before The Father and pleading to God on their behalf. 

If you are interested in adopting a child in prayer this is how it will work: 

I'll send you a picture of a child to pray for. I'll tell you their name and will tell you more about that child so you can feel like you know them! My family is also coming in August and September so you could even send a little letter to them telling them you are praying for them. If you include stickers they'd for sure love you for a lifetime. 

My plan is to share the Buddhist and Hindu children first and then the kids that come from a Christian family. 

If you are interested please just shoot me an e-mail at sunshine2thesuquareinch{at}gmail{.}com

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