Life lately #29


That might be a good way to describe life lately. 

It's officially rainy rainy season here. I know the land needs the rain so I'm glad to have it. 

I'm also thankful for umbrellas and these good rain shoes I purchased before coming over here. 

Normally weekends for Dave and I consist of being woken up around 6am on Saturday mornings by the man upstairs who has been constructing for 9 months now! We then try and fall back asleep for a bit, eat breakfast and then our power usually goes out for 2 - 3 hours. We can pretty much count on a power outage every Saturday. Honestly, I don't mind too much anymore. 

I also sleep and rest a lot on the weekends! I have needed it. 

We have a 3 day weekend this week so Dave and I are heading to the beach. Getting tickets was a classic Myanmar experience where you go from one place to the next with each place giving you different prices and different answers. 

We finally did get bus tickets and will leave Thursday night and come back Sunday morning. 

It's rainy season so I'm hoping not many people are there. 

Can I be honest and say that some days it's a battle for me to stay mentally and emotionally plugged in here? I'm thankful to be here but I also miss home. 

I have been reminding my emotions that I'm right where God wants me. I also keep remembering last year when I was in Oklahoma and regretted not diving into community sooner. So, here's to plugging in and being fully where I am! 

How is life for you, friend? I want to hear what you are up to! 

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