30 : a recap of my birthday

I'm 30! 

I don't know what 30 is supposed to feel like but I still feel pretty good. I am tired every. single. day but that's because I work with 4 year olds. 

To all of you who wished me a happy birthday I so very much appreciate it! 

And now I'm going to give you a recap of my birthday BUT I have to tell you a side story first. Remember when Alisha came and visited me? Well, after she left I decided to change the bedroom she stayed in into an office. I went crazy cleaning and I even decided to clean on top of the big closet unit and this is the conversation I had in my head when I saw what was on top of the closet: 

Beka 1: "OH MY WORD! Look at all of this fun stuff up here!" 
Beka 2: "And LOOK someone even left party plates! and confetti!"
Beka 1: "And look right here!!!! Someone left a 30th Happy Birthday sign! I should use this for my birthday when I turn 30 and I gotta call Dave!" 

REAL BEKA: "DAVE! DAVE! Come see what I found!" 

Beka 2: "oh my word! There is a birthday card ... from my Mom! I just ruined my birthday surprise. I hope Dave didn't hear me scream his name or he will know." 
Beka 1: "Darn! Here comes Dave!" 

So friends, my Mom sent a bunch of decor for my 30th birthday and I somehow discovered it in April! 

But it was still so fun to use! She sent a lot of decor. A lot! We had enough for home and for school. I loved it!!! so THANKS MOM! 

I woke up early on my birthday because I still had school. I have told the kids for over a month now that my birthday was coming in July so they were super excited too. Probably more than I was. 

I had coffee with real whipping cream in it ($7 splurge for my birthday you guys!) and I read the card and opened the gift my parents sent me. I also opened up the ruby ring Dave bought me and a present from my sister-in-law. 

I then made my way to school and as soon as I entered into my class I was swarmed with children. And I do mean swarmed in the very best way! It was so fun. Each kid was SCREAMING at me with excitement to open their present first! I finally just sat on the carpet with them and opened up all the gifts. 

Dave made me 2 big birthday signs! I love the signs he makes. They are fun and very "Dave". 

Kyron and Pam made me and our class sugar cookies in memory of my mother-in-law Carol. It was really special and thoughtful of them to do that. I ate them ... all of them.

Each day we combine the K4 classes for phonics, music and language development. This class was just as excited about my birthday too and they swarmed me with presents too. =)

For lunch I was going to have a pizza party with all the K4 children but the pizza place that delivers closed. So, we had rice and chicken instead. When I told the kids about it they SCREAMED AND SCREAMED with joy! I laughed really hard because only in Myanmar would kids scream with glee over chicken and rice.

It was a pretty good lunch, even if I did have a chicken neck in my serving of chicken. =)

Here is Sweet again. She loves it when I have my camera at school. And I love her!

For dinner Dave and I had Indian food. So so good! Then I slept and slept because all the excitement wore me out!

What do you do for your birthday? 
Do you have a favorite birthday memory? 

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