Week 1 of School with 4 Year Olds

Week 1 of School. 

I really don’t know how to properly write about school. Especially week 1 of school. I’ve thought and thought about what to say and have written this post more than once. 

As a lot of you know the school year here runs June – February so we started school on June 1st. I’m teaching 4 year olds and my class currently has 16 super cute students. I have an amazing assistant teacher in my room and enjoy working with her a lot! 

The first week of school, to be honest? It was incredibly hard! I knew it would be but knowing and experiencing are two different things. 

Why so hard? Well for starters the kids are 4 years old and this is their first time being in a classroom. For a couple of the kids it was their first time being away from their Mom and there was definitely some major screaming, wailing and thrashing around for a couple of days. It was sad you guys. 

The kids have to learn everything for school, like how to push a chair in, to get in line, stand up, sit down, etc. etc. That is hard for a normal 4 year old but put a child who speaks Myanmar in an English classroom and hard just became extra hard. 

And you know what? I struggled though that first week of school. And I felt really guilty about it! I picked this! Why was I struggling?

BUT on Sunday at church the Pastor talked about how when we work for eternity and when we are working for the souls of men it is hard and we can expect it to be hard. He talked about the Apostle Paul and how on human terms he was a big fat failure but in reality was making a difference for eternity. 

Now I’m no Apostle Paul but I will say that God spoke to my heart that Sunday. It’s okay that teaching has hard moments. It’s okay that I’m going to say push your chair in 1 million times. It’s ok! Because you know what? This English foundation and the Bible foundation we are giving these kids are going to be seeds planted into children’s hearts and someday these little kids are going to grow up and, Lord willing, will be women and men of God who make an impact for eternity too. 

Now teaching isn’t all hard you guys. I mean look at how cute these kids are! And they are funny! And Smart! We are also on week 3 (4 by the time this publishes) and we are all getting into more of a routine. That doesn’t mean I’m not completely tired at the end of the day but the days are going better, the kids are learning, I’m learning and the kids sure do know how to wiggle their way into my heart, which means I’ll cry ugly when it’s time to say goodbye. 

These pictures are from the first week of school and I think they are super fun! I hope you enjoy them.

This is Bethia. Friendly, well behaved and is pretty good with English. 

Kyron with her cute little nursery rhyme books and in the 2nd picture her cute little chicken hair bow. She loves her chickens!

Sweet! This girl! I'm telling ya what! She is something else and I love her. This is her 1st time in school and she doesn't understand much English at all. She also has 12 toes which I think is super duper cute.

This is Shane. This is also his first time in school. He loved iPad class so much that he didn't want to pause to use the restroom so he just went right in his chair. He is cute though and I like him.

Zora! Always smiling. Always skipping and she loves to swing.

Can you see Sweet in the bottom right hand corner? This girl LOVES to be in pictures!

Elbert! He isn't in my K4 class but he is always smiling!

Don't know this girls name but I thought this blurry picture was funny.

OH recess time! It's crazy you guys!

We try and make a puppet once a week at school. The kids LOVE them!

And there you have week 1, friends!

I know a lot of you have prayed for me, for the kids and for the school and I want to sincerely tell you thanks! I know your prayers are heard and God is at work. I honestly couldn't make it without The Lord's help and I appreciate you all taking us before His throne!

Do you all have any questions about school? My classroom? If so let me know and I'll do my best to answer them. 


  1. These pictures are just SO cute, I want to reach through my computer and give each and every one of them a ginormous hug! I know the pictures don't reflect the terror that they were just moments before though ;) Is your classroom more like a preschool class with fun activities/crafts or more like a kindergarten trying to get them reading and such? Prayers for you as you plug away- that's a hard age, and I bet you're doing better than you think you are! :)

  2. Your kids are so adorable! I am betting that it is very hard, but things will get easier. Hang in there! You're doing great work.

  3. Thanks, Alison! I can honestly say that 4 weeks in and the kids are doing much better. It's a huge transition for all of us but they are doing great and I'm learning a lot too.

  4. They are super duper cute! Most of them do really well throughout the day and the kids who have the hardest times are the ones who are knew to school. It's a lot for them!

    Our class is a mix of reading and fun. The curriculum is half day curriculum and that is when they learn phonics, letters, math, etc. The afternoon they learn Myanmar and we do a craft a day. So after writing that I guess they go to school pretty much all day.

    Thanks for praying! I know God is answering and there is zero way I'd make it without prayer and The Lord's help.

  5. Aw, what cuties! Looks like you're doing a wonderful job. Can't believe that little boy went to the bathroom in his seat! Teaching is hard work, but you survived the first few weeks! Praise God!

  6. I couldn't believe it either but he sure did!!! I always make sure he uses the restroom 2-3 times a day now.

  7. Oh my gosh, what a bunch of cute kids! I can't imagine how tough it would be to teach 16 little kids without being able to speak to them in a shared language very easily. You must be doing a great job though because they all look SO happy.

    Also, that duck on wheels going down the slide looks like an injury waiting to happen, but all of the kids look like they are having so much fun. What is recess like in Myanmar?

  8. They are super cute! This past week was a major break through for our class. It sounds funny BUT they don't just pour their heart out in Myanmar to me anymore. They say the 4-5 English words they know and then try to act it out. It's really funny but a big big step for them!

    The duck thing was a major injury waiting to happen but again ... all of recess and all of Myanmar is a major accident waiting to happen. Recess in Myanmar ... I should just film it. but let's just say there are around 100 kids running around like crazy on the smallest play ground ever. Our school is out of room.

  9. Wow!
    Just incredible.
    And sweet, and hilarious, and beautiful!
    I love their smiles and it's so sweet how you've learned their little "quirks" already.

    They most certainly wiggle their way into their teachers' hearts!
    Although somedays my nine five-year-olds seem too many - I can't imagine 17! And language barrier!
    I'm sure the Lord is teaching you so much through them.
    And teaching them through you!

    I'm so thankful that I found your space.
    I travelled to Southeast Asia for a trip a few years ago and these pictures just stirred up so many sweet memories!
    I can't wait to read more!

  10. Hi, Rachel!

    I'm so glad you stopped by and left me a comment!

    Do you teach in America? I had 6 kids in Korea and it was hard! This time I have an assistant teacher and she is a great help! I couldn't do it without her.

    Where did you travel to in Asia and what did you do?

    Do you have a blog? I want to check it out!

  11. Yes! I teach Pre-K in Missouri!
    I'm sure your assistant is a huge help with all those kiddos.

    And yes! I write at www.thecommonplaceblog.com

  12. Okay! I read your post that you linked up with the Circle Linkup and I commented and then I asked you if you have a FB or Bloglovin AND then I saw this comment. So now it all 'clicked' that these comments and the blog I read (yours) is the same person / same blog. ha ha!

    I read your blog and it's super fun and I'm excited to read more. Did you know I'm from Kansas? My Mom's family is from Missouri and my grandma still calls it MissourA. =)