Life Lately #28

Hi Friends!

I’m so glad I can finally update you all with what is going on with us! The internet in Myanmar is slower than dial up so blogging has been minimal.

Dave and I are in Thailand this weekend for a quick visa run. It is an incredibly short visit but we have been so blessed to reconnect with our friends and brothers and sisters in Christ here. We also use Thailand to update all our devices and do quick Skype sessions with as many people as we can. 

It’s weird to not be blogging as much but the break has been nice too. I’ve tried to blog but 1 picture took 40 minutes to upload and I just can’t bring myself to sit at an internet café for that many hours. I’ll have to share more of how blogging in Myanmar works sometime but lets just say I’ll be really excited when I can just open my own lap top from home, compose, and hit publish! It’s the little things, people!

The weather! It’s cooling off here and raining just about every day. When I say cooling off I mean it is in the mid 90’s instead of 120’s. And 90’s feels pretty darn amazing! That hot season was the most hot I’ve ever been in my life.

I have to share this story because it’s just too crazy not to… the first week of school I was sitting in a chair reading to the kids. The power to the AC was out which meant our class had no AC and no fan for 2 hours. I knew we were all extremely hot but then my eyes started closing (and not because I was tired) but I was about to pass out! I fought it and then decided that being that hot made me want to cry really hard but I fought that too because I have 16 four year olds in there looking at me. The poor kids were sweating buckets but the power came back on and we all were fine. Later I was told the temperature was 124! 124 you guys! Super hot + we have no windows to open in our room.

We are in week 3 of school! Time is definitely going by faster with school in session. It’s also put us into a routine which I think has been good for us.

Speaking of school Dave and I have the pushup rule implemented (started by Alisha and I in Korea) where if we sing a kid song at home we have to do 10 pushups. I’m going to be buff you guys! I don’t mind kid songs but they get majorly stuck in your head and you sing them over and over and over and over.

Dave and I are hosting our small group from church for the rest of June and July. We meet every other week and I’m excited to open our doors to fellow Christians. Our group has people from Japan, Australia, Bolivia, USA, Vietnam, Singapore and sometimes more countries are represented too. I love that the body of Christ is global!

I’ve been doing a Bible study on fruits of The Spirit by She Reads Truth and it’s been really good! I’ve been going at my own pace with it because I’m trying to study each fruit in detail. I’ll look up that fruit (ex: kindness) in the concordance of my Bible and then read a bunch of verses on kindness. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that the fruits of The Spirit aren’t ever going to come from me. They come from abiding in Christ. I know that is a super obvious truth since the fruits are called ‘fruits of The Spirit’ but often I forget that and try and do things on my own.  

I also have been able to update IG pretty easily so if you want to stop by and see some Myanmar pictures please do! I’d love to share life here with you all!

AND now I want to hear how life is going for you lately?
How is summer going? Are you loving it? What’s been your favorite activity so far? 

Eat a s’mores for me! <--- I'm sure I just misspelled that! and a hamburger. And cheese. And a donut. And every other delicious American food!


  1. I feel as if my summer starts today, although school's been out for the last two weeks! We have been busy with two weeks of (4-days-a-week) swimming lessons, a week of tennis camp, and a week of VBS. Last week we had all three activities going on, and I felt like a taxi driver. This week we have nothing planned, and I'm so excited.

  2. I love that first picture! So pretty. Glad you were able to get some faster internet :) That Bible study is really cool! Glad you are able to do that. Also, oh my gosh it's been so hot! That is crazy. I'm glad you didn't pass out. Drink lots of water!

  3. 124 holy moly girl!!! I just can't imagine. Bummer that the internet has been giving you fits, but glad to see an update from you!

  4. So good to read this. 124!! Oh my girl, I totally would have been on the verge of passing out as well. I love summer, I have been enjoying the beach and the pool! I want all of those foods you just mentioned too!

  5. Wow at that heat! Glad you have a little cool down now with temps in the 90s. Mmmm, American summery foods!!!!!!! I miss baked beans, grilled burgers, ice cream! We have these whole wheat crackers with honey here that taste just like graham crackers! And I found some chocolate covered marshmallow candies at the store! Gonna try to make a s'more that way.

  6. you're not missing american food at all, are you?! :) wow - 124! that is crazy hot! glad it's cooling off for you guys now!! i just got the Naptime Diaries Abide journal on the fruit of the spirit & am excited to start it :) that is so true - it's called the fruit of the spirit b/c it comes from the spirit - something we need to remember!!

  7. I CANNOT believe you and the kids sat there for 2 hours in 124 degrees. you basically are superwoman because I'm sure I most certainly would have passed out and/or cried before I made it through. you go girl! What are the She Reads Truth studies like? I've been looking for a new one and am considering something by SRT! When I go to my parents house (rural Colorado) it takes forrrrever to upload a post and it's the most frustrating thing ever so I am totally impressed that you've had the patience to wait 40 minutes for a picture to upload!

  8. Swimming, tennis and VBS is a lot!!!! I'm glad you made it through! Did you have a restful week this past week?

  9. That first picture is zero filtered! I'm just amazed at the flowers God makes! I shouldn't complain about the heat because you have a human inside you and I'm sure that is double hot! =)

  10. It was hot but we totally made it! Was it that hot in Central America?

    PS - Your new Disqus pic looks super professional! I like it.

  11. It's been cooler lately so that's good. We have had lots of rain so that has helped cool it off.

    I'm so glad you love summer! The beach and pool sound awesome. And girl! You live in America so go treat yourself to all those foods =)

  12. That's awesome that you have Graham Crackers! Did you get to try and make your smores yet?

  13. It's ok, friend! I just split a big huge burger with Dave. So I'm good for a while now. I think it is the fact of knowing I can't have it whenever I want it that mentally makes it worse.

    You will have to let me know how the Abide journal is. I have seen that popping up around blog land. The fruits of the Spirit is something I should study or review once a year. I feel like as beleivers we really need the reminder. Hope you enjoy that study!

  14. Don't worry, I've cried to Dave on other days! Ha ha! But for reals, heat makes me emotional!

    The SRT have a lot of Bible verses and really down to earth devotionals to go with them. I think adding verses in helped me dig deeper in The Word but I still really love SRT. They have a hymn series and it is so good!

    40 minutes was way too long! I totally left. I thought I was going to quit blogging because I was burned out but after going to Thailand I realized I am just burned out of blogging in Burma because it's a pain! However, it is ok. It isn't forever and I should enjoy the break from always having technology at my finger tips.

  15. Much more relaxing for sure! We

  16. I'm glad it has cooled down for you:)
    I am on the hunt for amazing donuts here in St. Paul! and the best cappuccinos of course:)

  17. The heat has been making me emotional too! And I shouldn't complain at all compared to what you're into!

    That sounds perfect with the SRT devotional I think I'm going to look at getting one! I got a Naptime Diaries Lent one and it was one verse and a ton of space to journal which wasn't really how I roll... I don't journal THAT much and it left me feeling kind of pressured. A few Bible verses and a devotional is more up my alley because I'll read that and journal separately if I feel led too.

    I don't blame you for feeling burnt out with how slow things are! If I was you I probably would have taken a hiatus already. Hang in there girl- love reading your posts and no one would blame you if you took a break! :)