A Photograhphy Feature on Pray Scripture

Something I am really passionate about is The Word of God! It has an answer for every aspect of life and is God, in written form, penned for us to know Him. I've mentioned before that something I am working on is my prayer life.

And then ... there is photography! I love it and I have so enjoyed taking lots and lots of pictures over here in Asia.

How do these three things tie together? Well I'm about to tell you. 

A month or so ago my friend Jenny messaged me and told me I should start selling or featuring some of my pictures. It was a really encouraging comment but I really didn't know how to go about doing any of that. She also told me about a ministry called Pray Scripture that uses photographs to write Bible verses in prayer forms. I thought it sounded right up my alley so I e-mailed Pray Scripture and NEXT WEEK my photography is going to be featured to pray through the book of I Peter. It will start on Monday, June 8th! 

The pictures in this post are sneak peeks of what they will be using next week!! So exciting! 

Also, I didn't get paid for these pictures and I wouldn't want to be paid for them. I'm just excited that God is going to use these photos to put Scripture in prayer form for us to pray over our families, friends, your children and more!

I asked Danielle from Pray Scripture to explain a bit more about this ministry and here is what she has to say: 

"I started the website because after I became a mom, I really wanted to pray God's best over our son.  I found lots of great resources for praying 10 promises from the Bible, or 30 character qualities, etc, but really wanted to search through all of God's Word to choose what I wanted to pray over his life.  Once I started praying Scripture it completely changed how I prayed, what I asked for, and what I believed in faith God would do in my son's life. And  I knew that every parent, or grandparent, etc, would want to pray the same way-bold, God-centered, God-inspired, prayers. Recognizing the busy life of most young moms (and Dads), I wanted to make praying scripture simple and convenient so that people with any amount of time each day or experience with God's word could make this a daily habit.

We officially launched 1 year ago in May, and currently serve over 3,000 subscribers via email and social media in over 25 countries. I am SO thankful and humbled to see how God is answering people's prayers and calling people to pray His word on a daily basis."

I absolutely loved hearing about Danielle and am just so thrilled to be a part of praying The Bible over those I love. I hope you all will join us in praying through I Peter. I also recommend that you read through I Peter to get some more of God's Word in your heart and to be ready to pray these verses. 

Pray Scripture verses are sent out daily and can be found on the following social media platforms:
Instagram: @prayscripture
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pray_scripture
Have you ever heard of pray scripture before? 
Do you pray Bible verses over yourself, your family and friends?  


  1. This is so cool! Congratulations. Your pictures are so pretty, so I'm glad they are being shared! I love the idea of praying scripture.

  2. I love it too! I'm excited for Monday!

  3. Thanks, friend! I'm excited to see the verses on the pictures. I've only seen the 3 that are in this post so it will be neat!

  4. I love this and am so excited that they are featuring you and your photographs! What a beautiful way to combine the two things. That verse above on the little girl's picture is just perfect and stunning!

  5. Thanks, friend! That little girl's name in the picture is Mary! They couldn't have picked a better verse or little girl to go with it because even at her young little age she has such a gentle spirit. I admire it!