A heart to heart about the Supreme Court Decision

By now most people know that the Supreme Court ruled for same sex ‘marriage’ and by  now I’m sure most people on Facebook or in daily life have heard the controversies. We’ve seen it all – comments with genuine love and concern and comments with hate.

I don’t often post about controversial things because it honestly scares me to offend people. I try to grow my readership not offend and diminish. I also don’t want to start vain arguments because the Bible talks against that in 2 Timothy 2:16.

However, as a Christian I do want to share my heart and beliefs. I want to make sure that people who read this blog or who know me in person know what I believe. I want to share a word for Christians and non-Christians.

I’ll say this quickly and then I’ll get to my point – what God says about marriage is still true. The Bible is the final authority. Period.


Christians, myself included, why are we so surprised?

Many people in our country live and advocate a homosexual lifestyle, so the fact that they elected leaders to change the laws shouldn’t come as a shock to us. But I’m still shocked. And I’m deeply saddened. 

Saddened because as a nation, in many areas, we are sinning against a very Holy God. I just finished reading the book of Ezekiel and I’m not even going to tell you I understand 85% of that book but what I got out of it is this: God is HOLY! Just the description of the creatures flying around his throne put a holy terror and holy fear of Him in my heart. God doesn’t wink at sin. He won’t let it slip by. He is too holy and too loving for that.

But here is the other thing that I’ve been thinking about a lot…

I have put a lot of hope and trust in my country. I love my country! A lot!  And I think deep down in my heart I banked a big portion of my security in my country. And I think I’m wrong to do that.

BUT the thing is this:

God never wrote the Declaration of Independence.
God never promised the American dream.
God never promised earthly security.
God never promised that we would live in a land where righteousness was prevalent.

What did He promise us?

This –

That He would be with us unto the end of the world – Matthew 28:20
That if we are godly we will suffer persecution - 2 Timothy 3:12

So what do we do now?

Well, we do what we are told to do. We continue to lift Jesus high (John 3:14-15). We continue to tell sinners that sin is sin. That God is very Holy and that sin must be and will be punished. We tell them that Christ died for our sins, that He became sin for us so that we could be made the righteousness of God in Him (2 Corinthians 5:21). We tell them Christ willing took the punishment for us.

We preach what Luke 24:47 says “that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.”

And please know that when you lift Jesus high, when you lovingly confront sin you will offend. You might lose friends and GASP we might suffer persecution you guys!

But wouldn’t you rather suffer with Christ now then to stand against Him someday?

So for us Christians – lift Jesus high. Speak the Truth in love. Know that Christ is with you.

For those non-Christians, I hope you know we love you. Whether you ever believe and accept Christ or not isn’t going to change our love for you. We aren’t perfect Christians, I’m not a perfect Christian but we hope to point you to a Savior who is perfect and who loves and died for you.

And for my final thought. I’m kind of tired of everyone stealing the rainbow and the ‘love wins’ saying. God made the rainbow as a reminder of His promises and love did not win because of a Supreme Court ruling. I’m taking it back! And to do that I felt inspired to write this little poem called “Love Wins”


Love wins
Because when Adam first sinned
Christ immediately stepped in.

Love wins.
Because when Mary gave birth
It was a Savior who changed the Earth.

Love wins.
Because there on the tree of Calvary
A Savior bled and died for you and me.

Love wins.
Because even though my heart may groan
God is still on His Eternal Throne.

Love wins.
Because although there is much sin.
Christ is coming to rule and reign again.


  1. I try to avoid touchy topics too. Well said, I agree with your sentiments. :)

  2. This is SUCH truth!! Pinning this now. Well said my friend! You did such a good job of articulating!

  3. Amen Beka!!! Thanks for sharing your heart, because it's beautiful and so many of us who don't like to voice our opinions either, agree! He is HOLY and He WINS in the end. xoxo

  4. Emily FoerschlerJune 29, 2015 at 9:12 AM

    I totally agree! And I definitely don't think we're doing any good by only sharing our beliefs on Facebook. To share in love means you have a relationship....anyways you already knew that. :). And I prefer your "love wins". thanks for bravely sharing.

  5. I love the poem! Very well written post!

  6. I liked your poem :) I actually just finished writing to a friend of mine (who falls on the other side of this issue than I do) asking her to explain what exactly is meant by "love wins." Because from my standpoint, Jesus is love, and He always wins!

  7. Love that poem!!! Such a great post!

  8. Amen girl! Thank you for posting this and speaking the truth!

  9. It is hard to write about 'big' topics, right? However, I think that us Christians need to use our blogs and social media to lovingly and tastefully share the truth.

    Thanks for sharing Romans 5:20! I'm thankful that grace abounds because we all need it!

  10. Thanks! I'm glad I could share and I hope God will use it to help shed light and truth.

  11. It is hard to voice our opinions but I think it is so important that we do so! I feel like everyone else very loudly states their opinion so why aren't we as Christians rising up and bodly and lovingly sharing truth? I don't say that to point a finger at you I just say that because I've been challenged lately by that.

    It is comforting to know that in the end Christ wins! I'm glad He is our hope!

  12. You are so right! I think sometimes it is just easy to write an update about your beliefs and to spew it all out on FB or social media without really sharing in love.

    I do share on my blog and social media because I want to be a light plus there have been a few people over my blog years who have e-mailed me and have asked some big questions about God and faith. I don't say that to pat myself on the back but I say that because I'm thankful that God can use a blog to open doors to build relationships and to really love people.

  13. Thanks, Andrea. I'm glad I could share it!

  14. I'd be interested to hear what your friend said. Although that is none of my business. I think a lot of people have some big deep heart questions regarding this whole thing and I hope that God can somehow use us Christians to help them see some answers from The Bible.

  15. Thanks Robyn! Did you start your sentence a day today? I read your post but couldn't comment with my phone! That sounds like a lot of fun.

    OH and a 5 year journal is fun! David's Mom had one and Dave and I kept it and it is fun to read her 'one sentence a day' for 5 years!

  16. yeah! i am starting today :) trying to creatively come up with my first sentence! lol
    haha that is really cool that y'all get to read hers!!

  17. Thanks for this post, Beka! You made great points and had great reminders, too. And I Ioved the poem! Praying for you guys!

  18. Thanks Amy! I appreciate your kind words.