Project 12: May

It’s May you guys! I can hardly believe it. That means Dave and I have been in Asia for 6 months!

April went by really really fast. It was probably the fastest month for us and I attribute that to my good friend Alisha coming to visit. Seriously, like I don’t understand how time goes by 5 times faster than its normal pace when people come to visit? Someone please explain that to me. So, what that means is that if you come visit you have to come for 3 weeks instead of 2.

Here is a little recap of our month:

At the beginning of April we were still in Bangkok where we went on a few more prison visits. We wanted to be sure we go to go to the women’s prison that we had been to several times before. It’s nice to be able to meet with the same group of women and I really enjoy fellowshipping with them.

To celebrate our anniversary we went to Railay beach and had a lovely time. We highly recommend it.

We left Thailand on the 12th of April and Alisha flew in the next morning. We spent the first week surviving water festival but we did manage to take her to a few sights in that week as well.

Inle Lake was next on our agenda and it really is a hidden gem. It was a phenomenal place.  We even got to walk on a floating garden except where Dave “walked” it didn’t float and down he went. At first I wondered how in the world we were going to pull him out of the vines but once we realized he was ok Alisha started taking pictures and I laughed and laughed and still laugh about it.

Don't be fooled - I'm laughing more than helping here.

I also discovered Shan noodles and Shan curry at Lake Inle and they are amazing!  I’m hoping I can find the recipes so I can make them and share them here on the blog.

Pam had a birthday in April so that was fun to celebrate with her. Birthdays are always just so much fun!

Other than that Dave and I have gone on mini adventures in Yangon. We have visited some art galleries, tried a new Shan noodle restaurant, a new Indian restaurant and we also went to the drug museum, which was extremely weird but interesting. By weird I mean they had various organs and a fetus in bottles so you could see the effect of drugs. #thatsMyanmarforYou

I started studying K4 curriculum and prepping things for my class. June will be here before we know it.

OH and we sweated, a lot! Hot has a whole new meaning here. But water has been ok and the power has been better than I expected and we are thankful for that blessing.

I'd say the most notable sight we went to was Aung San Suu Kyi's house. You should just google her name. She is one amazing woman!

So that is April in review for us!
How was April for you?
What is your favorite thing about Spring so far? 


  1. That picture of you guys on the beach is so pretty!

  2. I agree! It was a huge blessing to my heart!

  3. It's so fun to read your recaps because they're so unlike all the other ones! (Not that I don't like reading all the other ones haha). I definitely cracked up at the thought of Dave sinking and you just standing there laughing at him... I probably would have done the same thing! Inle Lake looks so beautiful and that food looks great- I would love to try the recipe if you find it! I'm torn whether I would like to visit that drug museum or if it would just freak me out. Regardless, it sounds pretty fascinating. My favorite thing about spring so far is all the beautiful green all around! It's come at a cost though as we have had rainy or cloudy days the majority of the past month. As someone who needs her sunshine, I'm ready for it to cease :)

  4. I'm glad you like my recaps! That makes me smile. =)

    You should crack up at Dave sinking! It was HILARIOUS!!! If I find that recipe to Shan noodles I'll post it on the blog. I have been looking for it but haven't found one yet. I need a local to show me.
    The drug museum was interesting but weird too. They had a ton of paintings of them replanting drug fields, which was weird too and a lot of other just odd stuff. It was very 'Myanmarish'.

    I'm glad you are enjoying spring and i Hope you get some sun because I totally relate to needing sunshine!