Project 12: March

Overall March was a quiet and restful month for us. We are still enjoying Thailand and will head back to Myanmar in just a little over two weeks!

Ministry Updates

We have continued to do visits with the prison ministry. It's been really humbling and eye opening to be able to serve in this capacity.

Samroiyod VBS & Englsih Camp - We partnered with the ministry here to do a VBS / English Camp in a small town called Samroiyod. One hundred fourteen children attended and the gospel was shared with them.

English Classes - We have helped teach English to the medical staff at the largest rehab center here in Thailand. They are really good learners and have been a joy to work with.

Destinations Visited

-Samroiyod Beach
-The Queens Textile Museum, Largest Teak Wood Mansion, Art Museum
-Various malls in Bangkok

Books Read 

Dave and I have still been reading a lot! This is the most I have ever read in my life and I'm really enjoying it. 

Pam lent me a series called "Secret of the Rose" and it is really good! It's a Christian historical fiction from WWII through the days where the Berlin Wall was in place. It talks a lot about God as our Father and it has been a good challenge for my faith. 

Royal Pardon! What a read! This book is a biography of a man named William Borsche. He was a dancer and ended up selling drugs for money but got caught in Thailand. His story is about his time in the prison, how God saved him, his ministry in the prison and also about his pardon. It talks a lot about life within the prison as well. Did you know Thailand has some of the worst prisons worldwide? Life inside is hard. It was hard to read because of the amount of sin and wickedness he lived but then when Christ saves him it's just so amazing. I highly recommend reading it. 

Notable Events 

We turned 2! Dave and I have been married for two years! We spent our anniversary getting our visas renewed for Myanmar.

Cambodia visa run. All in one day we went to the Cambodia border, got our Thailand tourist visa renewed, and came back. It was a crazy day. 

Zama, Pam and the kids came to Bangkok. Pam had cataract surgery and we helped watch their kids. Pam bought me the cutest tea cup and they took us out for our anniversary. It was nice to spend time with them again!

Dave got Pinterest. Also he has been thoroughly entertained with memes and jifs. It's quiet entertaining and fun.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for us as we will be going back to Myanmar on April 12th. 

Upcoming Events

-We are going to Railay Beach from April 2nd - April 6th to celebrate our anniversary. 
-Flying back to Myanmar on April 12th. I'm wondering if I will have culture shock again? 
-Alisha is coming to visit us in April! She flies into Myanmar on April 13th and we are so excited!!!

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Also our Ask Us Anything forum is still open for questions!

How was your March?
Are you excited for Spring weather?


  1. Have some fun and relaxing time at Railay Beach--I've seen pictures, it looks gorgeous.

  2. Thanks! We are looking forward to it!

  3. Dude, you guys are crazy readers over there! I have been in a rut lately. I haven't really been reading much at all! Boo. I'll be praying for your return to Myanmar. I hope it all goes smoothly!

  4. This is so fun to read all your updates! So glad that you've been able to see Thailand and I hope you guys had a good time at Railay Beach... it looks absolutely gorgeous! Also, hilarious that Dave got a Pinterest... I'm glad he's enjoying it! I think I would be weirded out if alex got one haha. Praying for your journey back to Myanmar and all the great things you guys will be doing!

  5. We did have a good time at the beach (other than the food poisoning we came home with).

    Dave was cracking me up with that Pinterest. He was on there for hours looking up funny memes. It was weird when he got it and he kept saying "I don't understand how this works?" ha ha!

    Thanks for the prayers. We always appreciate them!

  6. Did you both get food poisoning?? That's terrible! Was that the first time since you guys have been overseas or no? That would totally crack me up with the pinterest thing- in fact I laughed out loud just imagining it :D

  7. Yeah the stomach upset for the first month seems to be typical. I'm so sorry about the food poisoning though that sounds just awful! I hope you can recover quickly, sometimes that kind of thing can leave you feeling yucky for a few days :(