LIfe Lately #27

Hi! Hi! I know I have been 'posting' on the blog but I wrote those posts a while ago so I wanted to write a life lately post and check in with everyone!

Last time I updated everyone on what we were up to we were in Thailand getting ready to come back to Myanmar. Well, we are back in Myanmar and have been here for over two weeks now.

I was a bit nervous about coming back but overall the transition went just fine. We got to Myanmar Sunday evening and my good friend from Kansas, Alisha, flew in on Monday morning. 

We spent about two weeks  showing her life in Myanmar and it was so fun! I’m so thankful that Alisha came to visit. She is one of my closest friends and being able to share life with her, visit and pray with her was a huge blessing.

Dave, Alisha and I went up to Inle Lake for a few days and saw life there. Many of the people live on houses right on top of the water. They have floating markets on the water and much more. It was beautiful and one of the most unique ways of life I have ever seen people live. 

Alisha left last weekend and lets just say I was super sad. I had no idea I’d be so emotional about her leaving but I definitely was. God knows what I need because Dave was really nice and the next morning some of the ladies from church got together to have tea, visit and pray together. It was a huge encouragement. 

My office! We turned a bedroom into an office and I'm loving it! 

Pam's Birthday was this week! It was fun to celebrate with her. They have a Tony Roma's now in Yangon (huge deal people)! I'm pretty sure my hamburger was the size of a baby cow. We ate a lot but it was fun to celebrate!

Last week we had a terrible wind storm and it blew part of the mango tree down at school. They put the green mangoes in bags to ripen and they for sure did! We peeled and sliced them and had 45 cups of mangoes! We made cakes, pies, muffins and soon we will make jam and smoothies!

School starts beginning of June so I'm starting to get my classroom ready. I'll have 18 four year olds. =)

What have you been up to lately? What has been a blessing to you these past few weeks?
Do you have an office to work from in your house?
Do you want to come and visit me so you can eat mangoes? (Please say yes!)


  1. dang--that's a lot of mangoes! I'm not actually a huge mango fan so I would not be doing my part very well. haha! Glad that her trip to see you guys went so well!

  2. 18 4 year olds! Wow!!!! Excited to hear about how that goes ;)

    Again... I want that drink ;)

  3. 45 cups of mangoes?! Holy moly I am so there! That sounds great! I'm so glad Alisha got to visit you, I'm sorry her leaving was so hard :( your office space is beautiful and I'm praying for all those 4 year olds that are going to be in you class! Life lately for us is mostly a bunch of PA school apps- lets just say our house is a swim with transcripts and essays :p

  4. The 45 cups was just crazy! We made mango everything and it isn't mango season yet so I'm sure we will do it again. I hope I don't get tired of mangoes!

    Thanks for praying for the 4 year olds. My hope is to give them a good foundation in English and to immerse them in the gospel!

    I sent you an e-mail with questions about PA school but I'm excited for you guys!

  5. I'm excited to see how it goes too! The Lord will help me, I have no doubts about that.

    You should make a mango smoothie! When I make them here I really just put water, mango and ice. Sometimes I add yogurt if i can find them. I know Whole Foods had similar mangoes to what we buy here and I know that because someone recently posted a picture of it on IG. =)

  6. Not a mango fan? How sad! ;) What is your favorite fruit? I'm curious. Do they eat a lot of fruit where you live?

  7. Our school gives us a piece of fruit with lunch every day--a banana, an orange, an apple, a pear, a pomegranate, so they keep us pretty well stocked in fruit. I guess I have expensive taste--I LOVE peaches, which are expensive and hard to find here. As far as fruits local to Asia go, my definite favorite is mangosteen--which is nothing at all like a mango, haha! They have it here and in Malaysia, I don't know if they have it where you are.

  8. That first picture is so cool! AND I WANT MANGOS. Stop teasing me.

  9. My grandma used to sell a juice called Xango, which was made with mangosteen! Apparently it's super, super good for you.

  10. I am pretty positive I saw someone post Asian looking mangoes from Whole Foods. Now you have a legit reason to go back there. You're welcome!

    That first pictures isn't just cool but I gotta tell you that those green columns are floating gardens. It is just crazy awesome how they live life on the lake. Instead of watering their gardens they have to add more dirt to them. It was really interesting to see. I plan on sharing more later about them.