Life Lately #26

I can hardly believe it has been a whole month since we last sat down for a Life Lately post over coffee! If we got together today we would probably have a mango smoothie instead of coffee. I've had a slight obsession with them lately, even if one of them did give Dave and I food poisoning.  

These past two months in Thailand have been full! Full of ministry opportunities but also full of rest.

We have really enjoyed Thailand. I know we will be back for short visits but I'm still going to miss people from here. Getting to serve along side various missionaries and fellow Thais has been a huge encouragement to us.

We are still so thankful that our missionary friends here have opened up their home to us for our 2+ month stay. 

As I reflect on the ministries that we have been a part of the word that comes to mind is blessed. We have been blessed to be around other Christians. We've been blessed to hear of many people getting saved and we've been really blessed to visit with a lot of people in the prisons. Seeing the change God has done in their lives is eye opening to us.

Did I tell you we are going back to Myanmar this coming Sunday? April 12th! So soon! 

I'll have to be honest and tell you I have mixed feelings about going back. I'm just gonna say it - I'm going to miss electricity, normal air conditioner and internet so I can Skype/Vox/text my family. It's hard at times to be without that.

I know when we first went to Myanmar I had some culture shock issues so I am wondering if I will have a slight case of that again. I have verses written out and I'll add a few more to my notebook so if my emotions start going cray cray on me I'll have verses to combat them!

We are looking forward to spending time with the people we love in Myanmar! It will be good to be around Zama, Pam and the family again and to see all our friends and acquaintances again. 

Oh and Alisha gets in the day after we do! If you don't know Alisha she is my good friend from Kansas! Her and I were roommates in Korea for a year and I'm so looking forward to showing her Myanmar. If you want to see a fun recap of our year together click here.

Another thing that will be a slight shock is that the 13th of April is the beginning of the Buddhist New Year. It is basically their biggest holiday. Everything, and I mean everything is closed from the 13th - 17th. Apparently everyone is out in the streets getting drunk and being crazy and then they dump water on everyone walking by. It should be real interesting. I do plan on throwing some water on people from our balcony.... *insert*mischievioussmilehere

What are we doing our last few days in Thailand? Well, I thought Dave and I would be stuffing our faces with western food our last few days (I had high hopes for a Mexican food binge) but we both got some food poisoning and we really don't want to eat much of anything. booo! But hopefully in a day or so we will be back to normal. We would really appreciate prayers!

I have some really fun posts planned for the next few weeks too. I have several more 'Ask Us Anything' vlogs and written answers and I have more posts about Myanmar. I figured since we are going back there I wanted to start sharing more about where we live. 

I might not be as quick to respond to comments and e-mails when Alisha is here but I'm sure you all understand. 

How has life been for you lately? 
Is it finally spring where you are at? 


  1. Ha I cannot wait to read about the new year! That should be very interesting! Take lots of picture;) Oh no I hope you are both feeling better quick! Enjoy your time with your friend too!:)

  2. Girl, I WANT that drink! Stat ;)

    I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well, hope you get better SOON!

    I can't wait to hear all about the New Year! Take some pictures!

  3. So you really think it was the mango smoothie that did you in?? How can you get food poisoning from fruit? Just wondering. Maybe that's a dumb question. So excited your friend is coming! I hope she got the box I sent??? If not, epic fail on the post office. I'll be praying for you guys and your remaining time in Asia! You'll be home probably before you know it!

  4. I'll try and take some pictures, as long as my camera is threatened by water. =) I for sure will enjoy time with my friend! She is one of my closest friends and we have a lot of fun together.

  5. You should make one of those drinks! They really are just mango, a little bit of water and ice. Sometimes people put milk in them too.

    I'll try and take some pictures but I have heard that they really dump water on you so I don't want my camera ruined. However, I'm sure I can capture something from my balcony.

  6. Here is how I think I got the food poisoning: the ladyboy (really a man turned woman...) who was making the smoothies was careless. He didn't really wash the blender from the previous smoothie he made and he was just sloppy. So I am guessing that some bad water, or maybe ice got in there. The other place I got smoothies from (for the most part) were really careful where they got water from, etc. SO I think that is how we got it.

    I'm pretty positive Alisha has your box! I ordered some things from Amazon and some other people sent stuff too. She leaves Saturday am and is going to start packing FRIDAY evening. She told me there are a lot of boxes at her house so I am sure it is there.

    I keep telling myself we will be home before we know it too, which is exciting and gives me mixed emotions too.

  7. That mango smoothie looks so good...sorry to hear about the food poisoning though! I loved eating mangoes while in Senegal even though we technically weren't supposed to--how can you resist fresh mango? Glad to hear things are going well and you have so many exciting things on the horizon! And can I just say, you have the friendliest smile! :-)

  8. I learned the hard way about the fruit drinks but I can't say no to them either! There are a few smoothies around here I want to try but I'm just to chicken. However, if I try it and don't get sick I'll be a forever loyal customer.

    Water festival was NUTS! If we stepped outside we were drenched. One day they took us around in the back of a truck and that was a crazy experience. It was fun too though. They use fire hoses to spray people and we had to block ourselves with towels because it hurt so bad.

    People really are extra crazy here. In the Yangon area 16 people died and 360+ people had to go to the ER due to water festival.

  9. I can't resist the fresh fruit either! It's just too good.

    Thanks for the comment about me having a friendly smile. That brightened my day!