Ask Us Anything - Part 2 {Life in Myanmar}

I am really missing cold weather! I never thought I'd say that but it's true! 

I'm really glad you all enjoyed the last vlog with the Ask Us Anything questions / answers. I have had fun answering all your questions. 

Today I have another vlog for you. It is all about life in Myanmar. It is longer than the other ones so I put the questions and time underneath incase you want to skip to a certain part. 

Q1: What do you love most about Myanmar?  00:28
Q2: What do you enjoy the most about Myanmar? 1:19
Q3: What is something that surprised you about living in Myanmar? 1:45
Q4: Oddities or differences between Myanmar and home (foods/traditions/dress/cooking methods/places to visit/transportation) 2:30
Q5: What is going on at school? 7:37

Again if you have more questions feel free to ask! =)


  1. hahaha you re-did it because you had a look of disgust!!! love it! it's so fun to hear about the culture over there & your adventures!

  2. Those ferries you described sound just like ones they used in Nicaragua to transport people to the village where the clinics were!

  3. Maybe those ferries are a norm in most 3rd world countries. I will ride in them but they are a bit frightening.

  4. I know girl! It was bad though. I will say though that this past week I got to have some food from a different state here in Myanmar and it was SO GOOD!!!! It was a curry that had chicken, potatoes, lemon grass and ginger. I will have to learn how to make it!