10 Lessons I've Learned in Myanmar

Oh Myanmar! The Golden Land of Myanmar has taught me many things. Some are funny, some are frustrating and some are life lessons I'll take with me. I'm thankful that each place I have lived in God has been gracious to keep teaching me things and to pour out blessings on our lives.

1. I've learned that I can ask why but it is almost better if I don't. There isn't usually an answer to my whys and when there is one I just shake my head.

2. I've learned that it is ok to stand on a car seat, with two kids, to poke our heads through the moon roof to wave at all the Myanmar people. It was so fun to see their shocked looks and we had so much fun. Don't worry, it was a short drive and we were going less than 10mph.

3. I've learned that safety isn't the same here as it is in America (see above lesson).

4. I've learned that an umbrella protects you from more than just the rain (think bird poop).

5. I've learned that in the midst of the busy city life we live in, God has put fresh fruit and the cheeriest flowers I've seen as a reminder of His love.

6. I've learned that it's normal to be frustrated at how countries run things so differently but I've also learned that it's necessary to always reflect on the many blessings no matter how frustrated I may be.

7. I've learned that there is a whole new world out there in books! I've read more books here in Myanmar than I have in the last several years. I'm loving it!

8. I've learned that Myanmar has some of the kindest and most unique people that will fill a special place in my heart.

9. I've learned that God can miraculously open doors for us to share the gospels at places we never even dreamed of.

10. I've learned that God can make my dreams of encouraging missionaries come true. Encouraging missionaries in pretty much on my ongoing bucket list and it has been neat to see God allow me to do that time and time again.

What is something you are learning where you are at? 


  1. This was so fun to read! I cannot believe that umbrellas protect you from bird poop... I can't imagine! Do they have more birds over there? Haha I only wonder because I don't think I've ever even come close to being pooped on... I love the fresh fruit and flowers as reminders of God- I saw mangoes at the grocery store the other day and totally thought of you! I'm still so impressed by you and Dave's massive amount of books you're reading! You're learning a lot through books and Dave is learning a lot through Pinterest ;) haha. Such beautiful lessons! Right now, I am learning what it looks to sit still in the presence of God and be willing to ask for wisdom and then be able to discern that wisdom. :)

  2. They have a lot of pigeons over here. Also, I think people feed them a lot because of their buddhist practices. It is weird to me.

    Sitting in the presence of God sounds like a win win! James 1:5 is a great verse when it comes to asking God for wisdom. It is one of my favorites.