Project 12: February

Welcome to month 2 of Project 12. Project 12 was started by my good friend Amanda to document your year one month at a time.
January came and went and now February too! How is this possible? February was packed for us at the beginning and then restful at the end and boy we needed a rest! Not a rest from being busy but honestly a rest from noise! We are thankful for the quiet time we have had here. 


Ministry Updates

School in Myanmar had graduation and we are all now officially on summer break.

We are thankful that God has blessed our first few months at the school and we are thankful for the relationships that we have been able to build with many people there.

This past week we have visited the prisons here in Thailand. We have helped with the church services within as well as talking with some of the prisoners one on one.

We are very thankful for our friends here who open their house and lives to us during our stay in Thailand. There are many people who come to this house for various reasons and over the last week we have gotten to interact with people from Germany, The Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Pakistan and the US. I'm always amazed that we can go anywhere in the world and the body of Christ is present there. 

Destinations Visited

Dave and I didn't visit as many sights as last month for several reasons: first, we saw most of them in January and secondly, we were only in Myanmar for 19 full days. The places we did go to I really enjoyed. 

  • The Zoo - I really liked the zoo here. They obviously don't have as many regulations in Asia which meant we could interact with the monkeys and feed the elephants. I heart elephants and I am pretty sure I need one as a pet someday.
  • High Tea
  • Myanmar Police Open Day - That was the official name of this event and we randomly came across it. It was basically an open house to see how the police function in Myanmar. It was interesting and very different from the US. 
  • Royal Palace in Thailand

New Restaurants

Taste - A new Mexican restaurant, where I found a bug in my tortilla after I was three fourths done eating my burrito. Believe it or not, I ate the inside filling but threw the tortilla away. I don't plan on going back.

Napoli - Italian food aka CHEESE!

Fuji Coffee House - Dave and I went here for our Valentine's day dinner and I gotta say I was disappinted. I ordered what I thought was Indian curry and got Myanmar curry instead. Also, Dave's chicken pizza had bones in it. ha ha ah! BUT the atmosphere was really nice and we had free wifi, which is a big deal in Myanmar. 

Books Read

Hitler's Daughter by Jackie French 
Mary Slessor - Missionary to Calabar
The 11th Hour - Secret of the Rose by Michael Phillips

Doctor in The Jungle by Alan L Wilson
The Narrow Road - Stories of those who walk this road together by Brother Andrew 
Neil Armstrong - One Giant Leap for Mankind
Because of Winn Dixie by Kate Dicamillo
Peace, Perfect Peace by FB Meyer
Rosa Parks Courageous Citizen
X-planes and prototypes by Winchester
America the Beautiful by Ben Carson (audio book)

If you didn't notice Dave is kicking my be-hind when it comes to reading books!

Notable Events

Valentine's Day! It was Dave and I's first time to celebrate Valentine's Day together and we had a fun time.

I hosted a Valentine's Day party for the teachers and enjoyed spending time with them.

The electricity went out when we were on the elevator, which meant we came to a halting stop and it was pitch black. Thankfully we were between the 1st and ground floor and they could hear me banging on the door saying "help!" ha ha! We were only in there for a minute or two and they pried the doors open and we crawled out out. Which leads me too my next event...

I learned that I wear spandex shorts not only so I don't get chaffed thighs here but because when you have to crawl out of an elevator you don't end up flashing anyone in the process. #win

Awards Day happened at school and it was fun! Each class did a performance and it was really neat to see all the different things they came up with.

Everyone wore traditional clothes for graduation and it was so much fun!!! I loved seeing all the tribal clothes.

For next school year I had the option of teaching 9th grade English or a K4 class. I picked K4. One of my biggest hesitations in picking K4 was because come November I will cry ugly when I tell them bye. I blame Korea for ruining me, in the best way possible!

Prayer Requests

Please pray for the work here in Thailand. Our friends here have been involved in the prison ministry for 30 years and we are humbled to be a part of it. I would specifically like prayer for God to give us the words to share with those we come into contact with that God would open their eyes to salvation or grow them in their Christian walk.

Please continue to pray for the school in Myanmar. They are needing to hire several new teachers over the summer and they will be prepping everything for next school year.

How was your February? 
What was your favorite thing about last month? 


  1. that's really neat that you can see how the police operate! interesting!
    hahaha so glad you didn't flash anyone climbing out of the elevator!! #suchawin
    how was Hitler's daughter? did you enjoy it? i've been thinking about reading it.

  2. "Operate" is a loose word. They aren't known for being one of the top in the world but it was really neat to see what they had and it was fun to interact with them.

    Hitler's daughter was really good. It was a short read but really interesting and thought provoking. I don't think Hitler ever did have kids but it was fun to imagine that he did.

  3. Oh my gosh I just love these posts! You did so much that I seriously don't even know where to begin my comment. I guess my first questions are... when you talk to the prisoners one on one do you have an interpreter with you? Seems like a dumb question but just wondering... second, is a K4 class like a 4th grade class? Did I miss the explanation above?

    I think that open police day sounds SO cool! I'd honestly be interested in going to something like that here, much less in another country! Are the police good/helpful there? I remember in a lot of my travels that police in a lot of countries are corrupt and not necessarily the good people we are used to here.

    Also, you totally need a pet elephant. There's a lot of room in Kansas- why not?? Was that mexican restaurant where you found the bug the one you had been telling me about over IG?? Also, bones in the pizza... gag me! It's always an adventure right??

    I'm going to have to recommend that Ben Carson audiobook to Alex as he's currently a big fan of his... unless Dave didn't like the book and in that case let me know so I don't recommend it to Alex. Loved the recap, we're praying for you guys lots! {Sorry, I know that comment was about 200 questions long but it's all just so interesting!}

  4. Those are good questions!

    The prisoners. The ones we visit with can speak English. They are from all over the world but speak English. Some speak better than others. Today I spoke with a guy from Nepal and he spoke 6 languages!

    K4 - That is a class for 4 year olds. They have a nursery class for 3 year olds and then K4, which is like Kindergarten for 4 year olds and then K5. After that they go to the 1st grade. SO, K4 is their first class ever to have English spoken all the time. They only know Myanmar right now =)

    The police at the open house were very friendly and interesting to talk to.

    The Mexican restaurant I was telling you about in IG is not the same one where the bug was, which I am so thankful for! The one on IG is a nice quaint restaurant with no bugs (that I have seen yet).

    Dave said he did like the book by Ben Carson. He said it is more history rather than Dr. Carson's normal books which consist of life stories. PS - Did you know Ben Carson is planning to run for President in 2016?

  5. 6 languages is incredible! That's also cool that they all mostly know English- how great that you guys can talk to them without the awkwardness of needing an interpreter!

    Ahhhh okay K4 now that would make sense... what a fun age to be with!

    I'm glad to hear that the Mexican place you went to wasn't THE mexican place because I was going to be really sad.

    And I do know that he's running for President... Alex is a big fan so he's been watching his journey for awhile and it was big news in our house when he announced that he was going to run for president haha. I'll have to let Alex know about that book.

  6. Dude, I'm glad you got out of that elevator without flashing anyone! And... let's be honest, I'm just glad you got out at all :) I have been and will keep praying for the ministry and for you guys! Love these updates. You both are awesome! The police day sounds very interesting.

  7. Looks like you had a great February! I would love to interact/feed elephants...sounds so amazing! And so happy that you weren't stuck for long on the elevator...that could have been terrible! I will be praying for your school as well as the prison ministry.

  8. Hi Andrea! We did have a good February and I'm thankful for it. I'm glad we weren't stuck on the elevator for long either because I would have panicked!

    Thank you so much for praying for us!

  9. Dave said the elevator incident was an adventure to which I had to disagree. If it were in a nicer country than maybe it would be ok but people spit in elevators here and I just didn't want to be in there for long!