Grand Palace - Thailand

Dave and I decided we should start trying to see some tourist sites while we are in Thailand and a couple of weekends ago we headed off to The Grand Palace. 

To get there we took a taxi boat. They are very cheap ($.50 - $1.50) and are much faster than sitting in the Bangkok traffic. We were in the boat quiet a long time because we missed our exit. Ha! We eventually did make it to the Grand Royal Palace and it was neat to see all that was there. 

The entrance fee for this place is around $15, which is very high for Thailand. The good news is the tickets are good for one week and you can get into three or four other large landmarks as well as two museums. 

They have a very strict dress code at these places; pants and sleeves are a must, which means we were sweating buckets! I don't ever remember being that hot in my life. My favorite dress code policy was no culottes. My sisters and I had to wear those as a kid and we still joke how ugly they are. =)

The palace complex was established in 1782 and covers 218,000 square meters. The area also has museums, temples as well as a 2,000 year old Emerald Buddha. The Buddha is famous for his history not so much for how big it looks. It was a tiny Buddha.

I will also tell you that IT WAS SO CROWDED!  I mean there were people all over, everywhere! Even to see the emerald Buddha people were smashing to get in there. I had to block some people from smashing into a nice little old lady. It was crazy! I took a picture of the crowds, which you will see when you scroll down. 

Has anyone else been here? If so, what was your experience? 
And to my American friends, what do you think of the crowds? I've talked to some people back home and when they hear about the crowds they say there is no way they could do that. 


  1. Crowds are so 'normal' to me at this point, though sometimes I look back and laugh--this time last year, we were living in a town of 20 thousand people. ShenZhen has about 11 million. The difference is very noticeable! I was surprised by how "golden" the temple really is, from all your photos! Looks like a great little adventure. I always love traveling by boat.

  2. I'm so glad to hear that crowds are normal for you. I can't say I am there yet. I also think there is a difference between crowds and then crowded crowds! I don't like where it is shoulder to shoulder smashing and I especially don't enjoy it when people push and are rude.

    The place was very golden! I was surprised at all of the detail that the buildings had. I like traveling by boat too for lots of reasons.

    PS - I still have been thinking a lot about that post that you wrote about judging others and accepting judgement. I have no idea why either I have just been thinking about that a lot. =)

  3. Wow, there were a lot of people there! I love all the detail on the buildings. So beautiful. :)

  4. Yes there definitely were! You think I'd get used to the crowds but I just haven't yet!

    Do you live abroad?

  5. Wow!!! Those pictures are so amazing - I just can't get over the building!!! What a neat experience!

  6. Thanks, Caroline! It was a really pretty place even if the experience was a little crazy as well.

    Are you feeling back to normal after your triathlon?

  7. So colorful! You don't see stuff like that back here! Really cool. I love the picture of the bridge.

  8. I like that bridge too! I feel like the big cities in America have those cool bridges but they aren't as much in the midwest BUT they should add some!