Visiting a Monkey Village in Yangon

The Monkey Village! It was epic you guys. I loved every minute of it and if you come visit I'll take you too!

Before I tell you all about the monkeys I gotta give you a little background. Touring around on our own can be challenging at times and we are so blessed because we have gotten to go on field trips with some of the classes from school. It’s been a neat way to spend time with the kids and also a neat way to see some sights around Yangon.The monkey village was a field trip and it was just great! 

Before we went to feed hundreds of bananas to the monkeys we made a stop at a WWII cemetery and Memorial. The Memorial is a beautiful tribute and I'm thankful they have something like that here. Dave and I were surprised at how nicely maintained it was. Not many things here are maintained at all and we kept saying "Wow! They did a great job!" and then we read a sign that said Britain maintains it. Go figure and thank you Britain!  

The monkey village was something we had been told about and we were not disappointed. It was about a 30 – 40 minute drive from where we live. It costs foreigners $5 to enter the village and like always it’s much cheaper for locals. 

Before we entered the park we purchased a whole stalk of bananas for $3. I thought it might be too many bananas but we gave every last one away to the monkeys. I just couldn’t help myself! I also was way too excited and couldn’t even take pictures. Dave had to take over that job for me. #Couldn'tHelpIt

I also gotta say I’m glad this is in Myanmar. For starters, it wouldn’t be in America because it isn’t “safe” and then if it were in America there would be tons of rules and I'm sure you'd have to sign a million waivers. Here it’s just a free for all and is fun. I definitely plan on taking friends and family when they come to visit. The bananas were mini ones and I thought they were quiet fun. It's the little things in life, right? 

How it works is you drive your car through the park and somehow those monkeys know you have lots of mini bananas! You just roll your window down and the monkeys will come and take them right from your hand.

There were big male monkeys, normal sized monkeys and some momma monkeys with a cute little itty baby on their back or holding onto their mom’s stomach. The baby monkeys were so so so cute! I quickly realized too that the big monkeys will smack the little baby monkey around and steal his banana. I had to be creative and trick the big monkeys into running along the side of the car, I'd give the big monkey a banana and then I’d throw a banana back to the baby one. I wish my sister were here because I've seen here get really angry at mean monkeys and it is hysterical! 

I think what was so fun, other than seeing hundreds of cute monkeys, was that they would run right up to the car and take the banana right from your hand. If the car was far ahead those fast little monkeys would sprint right up to the car and run with the car until we could get them a banana.

Feed me! Feed me! (In a monkey voice)

This monkey right here was mean! He was by our picnic sight and kept hissing at us. We told the kids not to feed him but seriously how could a 2nd grader resist? One of the boys got up to feed him something and then that darn monkey ran in and stole someone’s chicken sandwich. It was kind of clever of that monkey. 

Just another monkey picture in case you hadn't seen enough...

The Monkey Village isn’t limited to just monkey. They had a hippo and lots of deer. Of course you could purchase food for all of these animals too.

I thought this little deer was super cute!

This is Samuel and he has such a kind heart. It sure was fun to see him feed the deer.

And that my friends concludes our trip through the monkey village! I hope you enjoyed the tour with us.


  1. That is SO fun! And I totally agree- in America there would be 2.2 million waivers and there it just looks like it was fun for all! So cool that they had hippos and deer too! Loved all the pictures :)

  2. Ba! I'm cracking up about the monkey stealing the chicken sandwich. That's hilarious! How do they make sure the monkeys aren't getting too much food? Or do they even care about that? I think it's interesting to see the rules they have in the US vs other countries. It reminds me of when we went ziplining in Nicaragua. You would have had to sign a huge form and probably take a class or something, but there we literally wrote our name on a paper to sign in (not even a form), paid, and we were good to go! People need to stop suing people and we won't have this kind of red tape everywhere.

  3. Oh, also that picture of the hippo is SO COOL. I've never seen one that close before! They're usually hiding in the mud or water when I go to the zoo.

  4. I think so too! You would have loved it because I know you like animals! =)

  5. Yeah, the waivers in the US of A are RIDICULOUS! We don't even do waivers in our clinic or anything like that. People are just so happy to get some decent medical care. BUT back to the monkeys ... yes I'm super glad there weren't waivers or rules because it was so much fun!

  6. I've never seen a hippo that close either. It's kind of funny because they just stand there waiting for a visitor to feed them, because they know they are going to get fed! Then when they get fed if it isn't a big enough mouthful they would just sit there with their mouth open until they put more food in. I thought that was clever of those big guys.

  7. It was kind of funny when he stole the sandwich but we did warn those kids! I even subbed for that class the day before and we went over monkey etiquette.

    I have no idea how they track food and I'm guessing they don't care. There are seriously hundreds and hundreds of monkeys so if anything I think they would be underfed. They didn't look too skinny though so I'm guessing they are pros at stealing / getting food.

    ha ha about Nicaragua! I love that. I can understand safety and there should be more of it here but the US is just EXTREME! It's almost like you need a waiver to breathe over there. It's nice not to worry about that here.