Life Lately #24

Hi Everyone! 
I don’t think I’ve done a ‘life lately’ post since before Asia. I’m not even quiet sure how to describe ‘life lately’. I can hardly believe that Dave and I have been in Asia for 3 months now! These past 3 months haven't been overly busy but they have been full. When you move to a country where everything is new you have to learn how to live daily life - things like going to the grocery store on our own to successfully arriving back home, only to burst into tears when I realized we somehow left a bag of meat somewhere on the way home. That’s a true story you guys! It was funny after the fact but not so fun at the time. 

After three months we have figured out a lot of things- how to get around, how to pay our bills, where to get to get on-line (in-home internet is currently "sold out"?), to finding a church to attend, etc. but life finally feels more ‘normal’ here. I’d like to state the fact that normal here is not really ‘normal’ like it is back home though and every time we go out we are surprised by something. I will say that through it all God has been really good to us. No, it hasn't always been easy but we can honestly say that God has above and beyond provided our needs and given us lots of blessings.

Here is a little peek into our life as of lately...

End of School Year is Near! 
The end of the school year over here in Myanmar is just one week away! Summer break here runs from February – May. The kids have been practicing for graduation and you can tell they are getting ready for a much needed break. 

With the end of school approaching that does mean summer is near and by summer I mean 110 – 120 degree temperatures with the possibility of little electricity and water. I will say that the electricity has been on much more than I expected so I’m hoping this continues through summer. We are hoping to avoid some of the outages during our time in Thailand. 

Thailand is just around the corner! Dave and I fly to Bangkok on February 19th. We are looking forward to helping the missionaries there as well as enjoying normal civilization for a month or so.  We will be helping teach English to the medical prison staff as well as teaching at a VBS.

Movies and TV Shows
Back in the US Dave and I rarely watched movies and TV shows. If we watched anything it normally consisted of documentaries. Well, here in Myanmar we are at home, a lot, which means we have watched a lot of movies, TV Shows and of course documentaries. Our main documentaries and movies have been about missionaries and our TV show is ‘Person of Interest’. Has anyone else watched that show? I’m hooked and we are now on season 3 of it. 
What other TV Series do you recommend? I'll be needing a new one soon.

Valentine's Day Happenings
I am loving the secret sisters we are having at school! I’ve received a little present each day and it is so much fun! I also had a lot of fun finding little gifts for my secret sister. Thursday Pam, Kyron and I are going to high tea! I have never been but I think it is a British tea outing so I'm excited to spend time with them and enjoy some good pastries and tea. I don't know yet what Dave and I are doing but it is our first Valentine's Day together so I'm excited about that.

That’s a mini recap of what Dave and I have been up to lately.
What have you been up to lately? I love hearing about what everyone from back home is up to. 


  1. has it been 3 months already?! wow! i can only imagine the huge adjustment to daily life in another country so different from the one you came from. really makes you think about the small things we don't normally even consciously think of! glad you guys are getting adjusted though!
    how neat that you will get to spend part of the summer in Thailand! :) after being in Thailand for a month... what will be up for you guys until school starts back?

  2. WOW. That sounds amazing and surely the Lord is using you two.

    I need to write up a life lately post cause I have been very very busy.

  3. Thailand is high on my list to visit, it sounds like you guys will have a great time! I couldn't imagine those temperatures, wow that is hot!

  4. Internet at home is sold out? That is crazy! I've also never heard of person of interest but we may need to check it out. We just finished modern family and are really sad about it (it's a comedy) so you can check that one out. I can't believe the summer is approaching with temps that hot- I hope for your sake you have a good amount of electricity! My brother is in Thailand now and really enjoying it so I hope you guys have a good experience there! We are just finishing out the long months of Colorado winter here and getting excited for our summer break!

  5. I'm curious how you get your TV shows and movies to watch. Obviously (I assume) you aren't streaming them at home, so do you have a store you get them from or something? How are your language skills coming along? You're probably getting really good at speaking and understanding! Will you be in Asia for another whole school year, or will you start one and leave in the middle of it? The flowers are so pretty! Jordan and i haven't figured out what we're doing for Valentine's Day yet. I think ordering Chinese and staying in :)

  6. So fun to hear from you! Goodness, those are some warm temps!! Is there a lot of humidity too? That makes a big difference! Looking forward to hearing more about Thailand - That is a place that many friends have told us we would love!!! xoxo

  7. We do tke a lot of small things for granted. Living abroad has made me realize that but I also know that there are a lot of other places that have much less than Burma so I try and remind myself that when I catch myself complaining.

    I'm not sure what we will do before school starts. I know my good friend is coming for a visit so we will show her all around where we live. I'm guessing we will be reading a lot of books and staying indoors.

  8. I had no idea the internet could be sold out in the US! That's crazy to me. I think it is something about the bandwidth. I don't know how all that works but that is what someone mentioned to me.

    you should write a life lately post! It's a great way to recap and see the things you have done.

  9. I hope you get to visit Thailand some day! I hear great things about it too. We will mostly be in Bangkok but might venture out to a couple of places.

  10. I think the internet is sold out because there is not enough bandwidth to accommodate the number of users.

    I've heard of Modern Family but have never watched it. I'll have to keep an eye out for it when we are in Thailand.

    I forget your brother is in Thailand! I think you told me that before. What area of Thailand is he in?

  11. We borrow TV shows from our friends here who have them on DVD's. You can also purchase movies and TV series for really cheap here and in Thailand.

    Language skills? If knowing a whole whopping 5 words counts as excellent than I'm right on par! I honestly don't plan to learn the language. If we were here long term I would have had a language teacher by now but short term (in my opinion) isn't worth the effort. Also, the language here is incredibly hard and then not everyone speaks Myanmar as they have many tribal languages here.

    For the school year we will leave mid year (Novemberish). They usually have teachers training all the time so whatever classes we teach we will hopefully have a teacher in there observing and learning so that when we leave it will be a smooth transition.

    Staying in on Valentin's Day sounds nice. Going out on Valentine's Day in the states is CRAZY!!!

  12. The humidity isn't too bad now but I hear it gets bad in summer, which I don't understand because there is no rain? I'm guessing it's because we are near the ocean.

    That would be fun if you visited Thailand. I hear there is a lot to do there. We will mostly be in Bangkok doing ministry related things but we hope to travel around a little bit too.

  13. That's what they told us too. Something about the bandwidth. But yup, we are on DSL which is almost Dial-Up. No Netflix or other fancy streaming things for us.

    I guess I should try to write one. Now on just how to do it.

  14. We're currently enjoying the warm weather in Malaysia--90 degrees is perfect for me, but 110 sounds seriously intense! as far as tv shows, i really like Psych--a comedy-ish detective show. Our valentine's weekend is really eventful, 3 different parties for 3 different age groups, I'm loving it!

  15. Malaysia!!! How fun.

    I love the 3 different parties! I hope they are each fun. I'll have to look into the Psych show! Thanks for the recommendation.

  16. Ohhhh that would make perfect sense as to why they're sold out. And yes, definitely keep an eye out for Modern Family! You're lucky because I just talked to my brother last night- I don't usually know where he's at, he's been on the move a lot. He said they're in Chiang Mai for a day or two and then are going to another farm to work. Any idea where that is?

  17. Chiang Mai! That is where the elephants are at. I hope to go there someday so I can go to an elephant refugee camp. So he works on farms then? That is fun that he gets to move around and see lots of places. I here Thailand is super pretty. I have been here and explored Bangkok some but not the other pretty areas (yet).

  18. Oh really? I should tell him that! He probably already knows haha. What is an elephant refugee camp exactly? And yeah I think he's enjoying working on the farms- it's a good way to see the country and culture without having to spend a lot of money. I'm excited you'll get to explore more and yay for fast(er) internet! :)

  19. I haven't done a ton of research but from the little I have done it is a place where they purchase elephants that aren't being taken care of well or they help endangered elephants and give them a place to live. Apparently, it's a super sensitive topic! I had no idea people would be so angry about animals in refugee places.

  20. Haha you and me both- I had NO idea what it even was, much less that it was a sensitive topic!