Thailand - An Update on our First Few Days

Hi, everyone! I thought I'd give a keep recap of what our first few days have been like here. I have good internet here and figured I'd should take advantage of it. 

our flights over  |  Our flights over went great. The flights and layovers were the best ones yet and I'm positive it's because you all prayed for us - thanks! 

prison visits  |  We arrived to our friends home around 11:30pm and were up and ready to go by 7:30am the next morning for our prison visit.

We throughly enjoyed visiting the prison. The visits are monthly and it is basically a church service. There were about 200 women and many of them have become Christians. They sang louder than any church I have been in (with the exception of The Brooklyn Tabernacle). Dave and I both shared our testimonies and other people on our team shared testimonies and verses as well. They had me pray over the women who have a life-long sentence or who are on death row and humbled isn't even a fitting word for that. A lot of the women have a life sentence or are on death row for having over 1K of drugs. They can have their sentence reduced at times so that is good. 

After the service was over we got to visit with many of the women. They knew we spoke Portuguese and Spanish and we got to talk and pray with several of the women. One lady was from Mozambique, a Portuguese speaking country in Africa. Two other women spoke Spanish and it was nice to be able to listen to them and pray for them. 

We are hoping to be able to coordinate some of our visa renewal times during the first of the month so we can go along with our friends to visit these women again. 

Thursday and Friday Dave went to the men's prison as well. He said it went well and he got to visit and answer many questions that the men had. 

Please keep these prisoners in your prayers. Pray that God would continue to save many of them and for the ones who are saved, please pray that they will be a light to others. 

rest  |  We have been resting a lot. Jet lag wasn't as bad as it normally is, again, I'm positive it's because of prayer. I have come down with a cold but a lot of rest is helping me get back on track. 

visiting with friends  |  We have loved staying with our missionary friends here. They have a large house and always have something going on whether it is English classes, Bible classes, or having people stay with them. We have been able to meet a lot of people and at lunch someone pointed out that we had 5 languages being spoken at the table: English, Thai, Philippine, Pakistani and Myanmar. It's been neat to spend time with so many believers from all over the globe. 

a festival  |  Our missionary friends had someone take us to a festival. It was quiet interesting and honestly more packed with people than any place or festival I have ever been too. I thought Korea was packed but man, Thailand - you showed us what packed really is! 

First off, here is a picture of the traffic on the way there. Our missionary friends here have a driver and he does an excellent job. 

Here is what I mean by tons and tons of people. Also, this is before the 'crowded' part and I'm not kidding.

The festival is a Buddhist festival where everyone purchases a floating arrangement made from banana leaves and flowers. They confess their sins and place the arrangement in the water. This is supposed to take their sins away. 

After purchasing a flower arrangement they have several options on how to get them into the river. They could get in a long boat which held about 4-6 people.

They could get in this big boat which held a hundred to two hundred people. 

Or for the third option they could just smash in with thousands of other people to confess their sins and place their floating arrangement in the water.

After placing the arrangement in the water there were three people to push the arrangement out. One was this guy standing here. One was a kid on the side. The third kid was in the water pushing away all the candle lit arrangements so the wooden dock wouldn't catch fire. I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw that little boy in there. Can you see him?

They also had a lot of other items for sale: balloons, food, live fish and turtles in plastic bags and lots of other knick knacks and toys to purchase. Oh and they had a beauty pageant as well as a group of men playing basketball via 'hackie sack style. It was really entertaining to see. 

As you can tell, the Thai people need Jesus. Please keep praying that many of them will get saved.

Burma  |  Tomorrow we leave for Burma. We should arrive there around 2pm. We are excited to get over there and start helping.

Thanks again for all the prayer and encouragement as we are making our transition over here. We couldn't do it without all of the support.


  1. I hope your journey into Burma goes smoothly! Those crowded streets look pretty familiar! We were in Thailand during the Songkran festival about a decade ago, that was quite the experience!

  2. Thanks! I just googled the Songkran festival and that is the water festival, correct? What did you think about that?

    Are the streets this crowded in China for festivals? I was almost a bit claustrophobic at moments but I figured there was no use in panicking because either way, I couldn't get out... ha!

  3. We were kids so we got really involved in all of the water-fighting that took place at the Songkran festival--it was pretty rowdy, but fun.
    The population of the city where we live is 10 million--it doesn't even have to be a festival or holiday, on weekends certain areas will be packed wall-to-wall with people!

  4. Still praying for you, friend! Praying you're back to 100 percent health soon!

  5. How exciting! Thank you for sharing with us. I can't wait to hear about your adventures in Burma. Continued prayers for you and David.

  6. Really interesting!

  7. Glad you made it there safely, praying for safe travels to Burma! Sounds like you're having a good time so far - so happy! Keep the pictures and updates coming :)

  8. Wow! Those pictures are incredible. So glad you got there safely. I'll keep praying for your ministry! *I'm secretly hoping your internet is good enough to keep updating, but don't feel pressured! The ultimate goal is to serve and spread the Word, friend :)

  9. Wow, this is incredible! I've always wanted to visit Thailand! Your photos are great. The one of the guy wearing a "thug life" shirt while confessing his sins kind of made me laugh. :) I'll be praying that you have a successful mission there.

  10. Thank you very much for the prayers. I'm sure I'll be back 100% soon!

  11. Thanks, Cassie! We appreciate the prayers a bunch!

  12. Thanks, friend! I'll keep sharing pics and updates as long as I have wifi!

  13. I'm secretly hoping our internet is good too! Yes, you are right that the ultimate goal is to do Kingdom work but I really like staying connected and updating everyone from back home.

  14. I'm so glad I wasn't the only one! I almost wrote about how I was cracking up at his shirt in the blog post but I didn't want people to take it the wrong way. I'm pretty sure there is a large marijuana leaf on his shirt as well. I told my husband we definitely know what sins he was committing.

    Have you visited any Asian countries yet?

  15. Thanks for bringing us along to Thailand with you, Beka - I can't wait to continue reading as you guys settle into life in Burma!

  16. wow this really looks like another world! I'd love to go there one day to explore <3 xx

  17. You are welcome! Thanks for reading along and for supporting us as we serve The Lord here.

  18. Another world! You for sure said that correctly! I hope you get to explore it someday.

    Where do you live now?

  19. Incredible, it always amazes me how different cultures are and hopping on a plane can take you to what seems like a whole new world!!!!!!! I loved reading this so much! I'm glad is all going well!:)

  20. Haha! That's great. Yeah, I'd say he's definitely in need of some truth...and a better shirt. :)

    I haven't physically visited Asia yet, but I taught English to Korean kids for 5 years. They were in Korea; I taught them online. So, it always felt like I was "visiting" Korea every day.

  21. I loved reading this! I'm soooo glad the prison visit went well especially since you mentioned you were nervous about it. I cannot believe how crowded it is there... not gonna lie, that one picture of the crowd before it was even "crowded", gave me a knot in my stomach because that is just so.many.people. That festival looks beautiful but like you said- shows how many people need Jesus! Thanks for the update, prayers are continuing!

  22. I'm excited to go back to the prison. It will be nice to be able to visit with some of the same ladies we saw last time.

    I understand about the knot in your stomach with the crowds. It was really crazy. I don't think I'd go to that festival again because of how crowded it was.