Myanmar - Our First Few Days

Hi, friends!

Our first few days here. Whew! I don't even know how to describe them properly. It has been good. It has been filled with lots of new things but overall we can say that God is good and He is taking good care of us. 

A "side cah", spelled in the Beka way. I think they look interesting and I'll be riding one before I leave. 

Our flights here went really well and we had zero problems with customs, visas, etc. We were elated to see our friends here. There were definitely tears of joy, mainly from Pam and myself. We have enjoyed staying with them, visiting and getting to know them more. 

They have shown us around parts of the city and I'm going to be honest, I'm having some culture shock. I knew there would be culture shock but knowing and experiencing are completely different things. I am sure The Lord will continue to help me adjust to life here just fine. A verse I have quoted and read over and over has been the following:

Psalm 18:1 - I will love thee, O LORD, my strength. 

Sunday morning we got to meet many of the kids that attend Sunday school here at Pam and Zam's house. It was nice to meet them and they are super duper cute. We also broke bread with Zam and Pam's family and that was such an encouraging time. 

Monday we toured a big portion of the school and were introduced to many of the kids and teachers. I'm really looking forward to getting to know the students and teachers more. 

We have been searching, praying and looking for housing. We looked at a total of five places and we have narrowed it down to two places: a green house and an apartment. Both are excellent options so we are going to pray, scout out a few more things about each option and hopefully decide by Friday. I hope to share a full post on house hunting here some time. 

When I moved to Korea I wrote and shared about the things that first struck my fancy there so I'm doing it again here in Myanmar. It's always fun to read it a few months down the road for a good laugh. Here are just a few things:

Electricity  |  The electricity goes on and off here. It's just a normal part of life. And by on and off I mean our 2nd day here it was off for 6-8 hours during mid day. 

I know you all are nice and chilly in America but let me tell you it is in the 80's here (if not hotter) and humid, like you can breathe water in kind of humid. Having the electricity off for those hours was a nice toasty day for us! I was in a class when the lights went out and the only person who batted an eye was me. 

Why I missed Sunday School  |  One of the boys missed Sunday school this past week. When Pam saw him in class she asked why he wasn't there. His reply: "I got bit by an eel." um ... what? He did indeed say that though. Apparently last week it rained and rained here. The boy said he was out in the flooded streets and apparently there was an eel in the flooded streets too. 

Lizards  |  I like the lizards here. I'm completely thankful that I lived in Brazil because the lizards here are like the ones in Brazil. Oh and when we went apartment hunting I felt something run under my foot and lo and behold it was a little lizard. Those little lizards also eat mosquitos and to that I say - thank you! I'll get a picture of one sometime and share it.

City Living  |  I think the biggest shock for me is the city life in general. I just came from small town Oklahoma where you could see out for miles and miles. The city here has buildings everywhere and you can't see far at all. Everything seems piled on and is smashed together. The city life isn't like Chicago or NYC it's Myanmar and I just don't know how to describe it. I have felt a little overwhelmed and a bit claustrophobic by it. When we went apartment shopping they showed us an 11th floor apartment and when I saw the view I started crying because it was the first time I could see out for far! I am positive I will adjust over time so I hope this doesn't sound like a complaint.

the beautiful view from the apartment
Hope you all are doing well on the other side of the world! Thanks for the prayers and for supporting us while we are here in Myanmar. 


  1. Thank you for giving us a glimpse!! So proud of you guys!! Excited to see what apartment you will pick!!

  2. Bit by an eel, I couldn't even imagine! What a fun glimpse into life for you guys, good luck with apartment hunting!

  3. I also think that moving to a big city was more of an adjustment for us than moving to a different country--moving from a town of 10,000 to a city of 10 million is a big change!

  4. Thanks, friend! We are still debating between the two places! We told them we would have a decision by Friday so we need to decide soon.

    Where did you and Kevin live in Nepal? And what we're your living conditions like. Just from pictures I have seen from you and Chelsea it makes me think Myanmar has some similarities.

  5. I love reading about all of your adventures! In the past, whenever I have moved to a new place, the two things that I always recognize right away are 1) new animals (lizards-cool, eels-undecided), and 2) town population. I grew up in a medium sized town, but I've lived in big cities and really rural areas and the number of people really impacts the vibe of an area.

  6. I love reading about your experiences there!

  7. The eel story cracked me up too. As a fellow expat I'm sure you understand that it is hard to fully explain cultural differences that you see and experience.

    We did find an apartment! We move in next week so I will try and post some pictures.

  8. I'm not glad you went through that shock but I'm glad someone else understands. It is such a big change! Our town only had 15,000 people and here there are people everywhere here. I'm adjusting more now but it was so weird at first.

  9. Those two fun things are neat! I don't know what I think about eels either. Honestly, I think if I saw one swimming in a flooded street I'd probably think it was a snake and be scared.

  10. I'm glad you enjoy it! It's encouraging to know that people like reading adventures from here. I didn't know what people would think.

  11. I can't believe he was bitten by an eel! That's crazy! It sounds so different there- I'm enjoying reading about it! Praying that you guys are able to make a decision about housing and can get settled!

  12. I know! He is a funny kid. Today he came to Sunday School and we asked him about the eel and he said he didn't get bit! ha ha!

    We decided on a place to live! We went with the apartment that was close to the school. It is a really nice furnished place and we should move in next week!

  13. That's actually pretty funny that he didn't actually get bit lol. That must be their equivalent of a dog ate my homework or something like that haha. That's so great you guys found a nice furnished apartment- I hope the move in process goes smoothly!