Creating a Victory Section in your Journal

If you have ever struggled with something time and time again then this post is for you. For many years I battled and struggled with the same sin. It was hard. It was frustrating. As a Christian I wanted to do what was right and I'd even determine to do what was right but shortly after, I'd go out and fall down flat on my face again. 

It took me a long time to come out of that dark valley but I did and I am here because Jesus is faithful and brought me out. The Bible says He sets the prisoner free and I can attest that that is true. Something that really helped me was creating a victory section in my journal. I have no idea why I created this but I'm sure The Holy Spirit put the idea in my head. 

I created a 'victory' section in my journal for the moments when I would get super emotional. My emotions and heart would tell me so many things and they were all big fat lies. I finally decided that I needed to write some truths down in concrete. That way when I was alone and my emotions started with the crazy talk I could open that section, read Biblical truths and come back to my senses and stay on track. It wasn't easy but it really helped! 

If you decide to write a victory section I can't tell you what exactly to write but I can give some guideline of things I put down and hopefully they will be a help to you.

Scripture | The best thing is Scripture. Scripture is solid truth and you can always trust it. I looked up verses that God had given me to help me fight my battle and wrote them down. I even had someone randomly e-mail me once telling me that God wanted them to tell me about James 1:12. Although it felt a little odd I was really glad my friend listened to God and that verse was a big help to me. 

Quotes | Write down some good, Biblical and truthful, quotes that apply to your situation. You can go to Pineterest and look for Biblical quotes or even Google. My only word of caution is that you need to make sure quotes align with Scripture. You don't want a quote that says "follow your heart" because the Bible says we aren't to follow our heart (Proverbs 28:26).

God Stories | I mentioned above that I struggled for years. I also know that during those years God, undeservingly, poured out love into my life. I can recall moments when I was at rock bottom and God did something specific to keep me going and living for Him. Moments like that ... write them down! Seeing what God has done and how he loves you keeps you going. 

Others | This might sound weird but write down how continuing in sin will hurt those you love and write down how living correctly will help those you love. Sometimes that gives you a perspective of how you can effect others, both positively and negatively.

Be Vague | This might just be me but I never wrote down "I sinned again by _____ and _____". I don't see it as healthy to write down sins. In Christ, my sins are under the blood, forgiven. Philippians 4 also commands us to think on only things that will give virtue and praise and writing down sins doesn't fit that category. I also keep in mind that someday someone could read that journal and some things are better left unsaid.

Your Own Topic | I don't think a section in your journal just has to do with battling a big sin. It can be a topic or a life situation with lots of information to encourage and help you. The newest section in my journal is called "Long Distance - for the times when you have to say goodbye". I hope to share the verses, quotes and thoughts I wrote in there because I know my Mom, sisters and friends could use the words of encouragement.

My question for you would be this: When you battle sin what do you do to fight it? What do you do to hold on to truth to keep you focused? If you have something that is really helpful please leave a comment for others to read.

Have you ever created something like this in your journal?


  1. I have sections in my notebooks where I've collected and handwritten every Bible verse I can find on whatever the topic I'm currently facing the most--it really is helpful!

  2. I guess I've never done anything super tangible In my battle against sin except pray a lot... But I've gotta say I LOVE this idea and am probably going to take some of your suggestions and write them down today!

  3. This is a fantastic idea, Beka!

    I did something similar in a season where I was struggling with being single. I started a list of reasons I was glad for it, and as months and years have gone by I've added to the list and been refreshed by the reminders of goodness in this stage of life. Loving God with all our minds is such a stretching and difficult battle, and this is one critical way to fight well!

  4. WOW. BEKA. This is amazing and so so sooooo perfect for me right now. thank you.
    <3 praying for you!

  5. This is so good! Too often we only see where we are lacking and that can sometimes leave us feeling hopeless, like we will never get there. When we really do need to be balanced and realize the areas that we are doing well in! When there is a particular area that I am struggling with I often will think of how I could have handled the situation differently and try to engrane into my head a better way to react in a situation. It can be so hard but once you start to break the habbit it feels SO good!

    You've popped into my head a few times the past couple days! I always say a little prayer that all is going well! Safe travels and God bless!

  6. I'm glad you have a lot of verses written down for topics. I agree it really is helpful. My latest section is on verses and thoughts about being far away from family.

  7. Girl! I'd say praying a lot is super tangible! Do you have a specific prayer or just continuously pray about it?

  8. It can be super hard because our human bature is so strong, but with God's help we can do anything!
    The power of prayer is pretty incredible!

  9. Well I would say it's a daily/continuous prayer that can be both general and more specific.