Missionary Mondays - Meeting with Thailand Missionaries

Welcome to week 1of my August series called 'Missionary Mondays'!

Missionary Mondays are weekly updates on how God is guiding Dave and I in our journey to Burma & Thailand. We hope these posts will help answer any questions but if you have any other questions please ask! We love questions.

For previous updates on what God is doing please read the following:

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Pam & Zama in Myanmar - The people we are going to serve with in Burma have been so kind as to write a blog post all about the work they are doing over there. I hope you will check it out.

Today I'm sharing a bit about Thailand! Let's get started! 

Why Missions in Thailand and not just Burma?

I've mentioned this before but thought I'd re-explain a bit: we originally were planning on only going to Burma. However, The Burmese government will only grant us 10 week visas. Therefore every 10 weeks we have to leave Burma, go to Thailand and renew our visas. It's a short flight, one country over.

We decided that since we have to go to Thailand we would pray and see if God had work for us to do there. And oh my friends, there is so much work in Thailand! 

Mr. & Mrs. Holmes who faithfully serve Jesus in Thailand

Missionary Contacts in Thailand - The Holmes

Let me give you an introduction to the Holmes first! These two dear missionaries have been in Thailand for over 30 years! They have faithfully served the Lord and shared the gospel with many people. They are based out of Bangkok and are sort of the 'home base' for the many many ministries they run there. 

My Dad was the one who introduced us to the Holmes. When Dave and I first started talking about international missions my Dad kept telling me about Mr. Holmes. He told me how Mr. Holmes had a great influence on him life during his teenage years and that him and his wife had a great ministry in Thailand. 

Long story short the Holmes came to the US for a short visit and we were able to meet up with them. I'm glad that through their busy schedule God allowed us some time with them.

I had never met the Holmes before but from the first moment I saw them it was an instant friendship. We laughed, we talked about missions, we talked about life, it was just awesome. Mrs. Holmes was also so kind and had a small gift (handmade bracelet from Thailand) for my Mom and I. 

What Ministries are there in Thailand?

I don't know that I can remember them all but let me try:

-Churches - I know in Bangkok alone there are 7 churches.

-Prison ministries - Apparently Thailand has a lot of international prisoners due to drugs. Therefore they need people who can speak Spanish & Portuguese because there are prisoners who speak those languages. Dave and I can speak basic Spanish and I can speak basic Portuguese. 

-Orphanage - I think the orphanage is called the Bethany Home. The children from this orphanage were born to the women in prison. I'm not sure how all of those details are worked out but I do know that there is a safe place to raise these kids and to teach them about Jesus. 

-Long Neck Tribe - They have a mission team that goes to the Long Neck Tribe. If you are wondering who these people are my friend Amanda wrote about her visit with them here

-Other Tribes - I think another tribal village is called the "Auca" tribe. I'm honestly not 100% sure that is there name nor do I know much about them except one important fact - I do know about their food and you will have to come back next Monday to hear about that. It deserves a post of it's own. 

-Medical - I know they send out medical teams. I'm sure this will be a great opportunity for Dave. I'll go along and play with the kids because medical procedures of any kind make my stomach churn. 

-People - To be honest, it doesn't matter what 'kind of ministry' there is. Wherever we go, whether it be Woodward, or Thailand there are people who need to hear the gospel. That's our whole purpose and all these ministries are practical ways to love and live like Jesus has called us to do. 

Can I just tell you one more thing? At the end of our dinner at Panera we all walked out into the parking lot and Mr. Holmes suggested we should pray. So right there on the sidewalk we gathered in a circle, held hands and prayed. I was humbled. I was thankful. Humbled because I was surrounded by my parents, by missionaries and by a husband who love Jesus. Thankful because we have the freedom to pray on sidewalks. Not many people have that privilege.


What questions do you have?


  1. I know some missionaries who used to work in Thailand--I believe they already moved away about a year ago now, and they worked with helping rescue young women from the sex trades--every country needs Jesus, and Thailand certainly has a lot of areas where help is needed!

  2. I have heard that Thailand is pretty bad for sex trafficking. Super sad. Do you know how they go about finding and rescuing these women? I think Thailand approximately 1% of Thailand's population are Christians. it's super low so I'm glad we will be helping there.

  3. Will be praying.

  4. what an exciting journey! :) there are 2 college students at my church that just served in Thailand during the summer!

  5. They sound like such a special couple! Love that he prayed in the parking lot, so awesome. SO glad you have such a sweet mentor couple to be on this journey with you!

  6. I didn't know you spoke Portuguese! That's cool. Sounds like there are a lot of opportunities there to share the gospel. I'm enjoying learning about this through your posts!

  7. Thanks, Robyn! That's fun that you know people that served in Thailand. What did they think of it? Do you know where they served? What did they do?

  8. They are such a special couple!!! They were just a fun combo of Jesus, friendship and laughter.

  9. Sure do! It's limited but it comes out when I need it. I didn't think I could speak it anymore until they put Brazilian kids in my class in Korea. When those kids were being naughty my Portuguese came right back to mind so I could tell them to stop whatever it was they were doing. I surprised myself.

    I'm glad you like these posts. I figured it would be a consistent and structured way to share with people what is going on.

  10. Wow, I love this couple already! And you had me at orphanage, my heart has been with orphans since I was 15 years old. I'm keeping you guys in my prayers.

  11. Me too! Their life story, love for Jesus and service to Him just blew me away! I'm already prepping for a major heart melting when we go there. Apparently we can't adopt from Burma or Thailand. I've already checked.

    & you need to read about my post next week when it comes to food because the kids at the orphanage cracked me up with their food choices.

  12. & more importantly THANKS FOR THE PRAYERS! I can't even tell you how much prayer is appreciated and needed.

  13. This gave me chills, so amazing! Thanks for sharing girl!!

  14. Thanks for reading! I love love love The Holmes! Maybe you can come visit and meet them for yourself =)

  15. they both loved it! they just got back 2 weeks ago! they served through the IMB (i am not sure what part of Thailand) but were in 2 separate groups! one of them worked with transvestites & he said it was some hard work but rewarding!

  16. I'm glad they loved their experience. I have no idea what it would be like to work with transvestites but I have no doubt that would be a group of people that need a lot of love!

  17. I love the line "Thankful because we have the freedom to pray on sidewalks. Not many people have that privilege." I am enjoying these Missionary Mondays.