Meet Me Behind the Dinosaur

"It's right behind the dinosaur." 

That might sound like an odd phrase to you but if I say that to someone in Woodward I bet you a dollar they will know what I am talking about. When I moved to Woodward I thought it was the oddest thing that there was a large dinosaur right off on one of the main roads. I'm talking actual dinosaur size you guys. What is right behind the dinosaur? Well, Good to Go Books & Coffee Shop is and that is where I work.

Why the dinosaur? Well, the owner of the dinosaur created a life-like dinosaur with an exhibit area to show that dinosaurs and humans roamed the earth together. There are also 2 big stone tablets with verses written on them. It's a way to share about creation as well as a Biblical perspectives about the earth. 

One day my friend Kinzie and I went to try out this coffee shop and it was great! Woodward had it's first official coffee shop. Well, long story short but the girl who helped organized the start up of the coffee shop hired me on. Wahoo! I make coffee now! #HappyDance #DreamComeTrue

Here is how this awesome place works. There are two families in our church that had the vision and startup for all of this. Good to Go isn't just a coffee shop but they have a lot of Christian audio books and devotionals that people can either check out or have all for free! It's a really neat ministry. If someone is traveling through and they want a book we even provide an envelope with shipping on it so they can send back the materials when they are done. 

The coffee is great and fun to make but my favorite part of working at Good to Go is getting to know people. I've gotten to meet people who attend my church that I have never met at church. I have gotten to talk with so many people and learn more about them. I've even eavesdropped in on a conversation where a guy who was asking his girlfriend's parents if he could marry her - aka awesome! ;) It is also really nice when someone comes in and asks if we have a devotional related to a particular topic and I am able to give them Biblical resources to help. 

 We also have a big bin of dinosaurs for kids to play with! Kids love them!

More than anything I'm just amazed at God's goodness. I've always thought working at a coffee shop would be a really great way to interact with people and a fun opportunity to make coffee and I'm humbled and grateful that God gave me this opportunity right here in Woodward. The Lord knew I needed to be here and I'm so thankful He is faithful and always provides exactly what I need.  

What has been your favorite job?
Has anyone else been a barista? If so, how was your experience? 


Hecho A Mano Jewelry - A Hand Made Bracelet Giveaway

Hello Friends! I'm excited about today's post & giveaway!

First off, have you heard of #FridayIntroductions on Instagram? It's hosted by two lovely ladies and each Friday you get to introduce yourself to the IG world, answer a fun question and meet new people. I've really enjoyed participating in this and through #FridayIntroductions I came across Michelle and her wonderful hand made macrame jewelry. 

I think these bracelets resonated with me because they speak to the South American / Latin part of me and are a reflection of the Brazilian culture I grew up in. Each bracelet is hand made and I LOVE the bright colors! Plus they are super duper pretty. 

I asked Michelle to give a little more info on her shop so here you go! 

Hi guys!

I'm Michelle, the owner, designer, and hands behind Hecho-A-Mano Jewelry! It all started when my husband and I lived in Costa Rica for 10 months. I learned how to make macrame jewelry and haven't been able to stop! My jewelry is inspired by the people, culture, and beauty that is Costa Rican. These string bracelets are "la moda" (the style) in Central America and I really hope to spread that love all over the world! Mix them, match them, wear them however you like, they really are one of the trendiest fashion items to have.

I hope you find something you love, and know that whenever you wear it, there's a piece of Costa Rica you carry around with you!


Today I am teaming up with MichelleSamanthaStephanie and Rachel to giveaway some beautiful bracelets. There will be two winners and the winners will get to choose their bracelet color.

All entries will be verified. The winner will be contacted via e-mail. If no response is received within 24 hours a new winner will be picked


Missionary Monday - Updates, What to pray for + a Vlog

Welcome to week 4 of my August series called Missionary MondaysMissionary Mondays are weekly updates on how God is guiding Dave and I to Myanmar (Burma) & Thailand. We hope these posts will help answer any questions but if you have any other questions please ask! We love questions. 

This week I'm sharing upcoming dates/ plans, what we need prayer for + I have a little video for you!

This is a piece of land in Myanmar that the school is hoping to purchase

For previous updates please read the following:

Week 1- A recap on meeting the Holmes who serve in Thailand + an overview of the ministry there.
Week 2 - What are you willing to eat for the sake of the gospel?
Week 3 - Why Myanmar (Burma)
Overdue Update - This gives a general overview of our upcoming move and plans.
Pam & Zama in Myanmar - The people we are going to serve with in Myanmar have been so kind as to write a blog post all about the work they are doing over there. I hope you will check it out.

It occurred to me that I have never really mentioned on my blog when we are leaving nor have I given any time frame for our move. So, I'm going to update you all with what I know. We don't have all our dates picked out yet but here is what we have so far.

September, 20th. That's the day we are leaving Woodward. From Woodward we will head back to Kansas with our belongings. We have a friend who is kind enough to let us store all our belongings in his basement so we will be moving everything into his house. We will then plan to spend a few days in Kansas seeing family and friends.

50 States  - After we visit Kansas Dave is on a mission to check off a big item from his bucket list: visiting all 50 US States before he turns 30 (which is in October). He has the New England States left as well as North Dakota. We don't have the exact date of when we leave on that trip but it will be a few days after we arrive in Wichita. We are going to camp, hike and explore that area.

Idaho / North Dakota  - If you read carefully in that last paragraph you read North Dakota. Well, I have zero desire to go to North Dakota. Why would I want to go to to ND when I could be seeing family (aka cute nephews)? So, after New England Dave is heading to North Dakota and I'm heading to Idaho. Dave will eventually meet me in Idaho and we are leaving our car there with my sister for  year. We will then fly back to Wichita.

November - In early November we are planning to head out for Thailand and Burma. We don't have tickets booked yet but we are hoping to get that done around the 3 leave month mark which would be early September. We want to spend a few days in Thailand and then head over to Burma.

Did you guys catch all that?! It's packed full, right? With that huge list here is what we could use prayer for:

1. Our Walk with God - That through all the transitions we will keep our eyes focused on Jesus. That we will spend time in prayer and in the Word even though we feel that there are a bunch of other things to do.

2. Our Marriage - Pray that we will work together as a team during all of these changes.

3. Our Move - That we will get good flights, packing, visas, insurance, etc.

4. Burma - One of our big prayers for Burma right now is that God would provide $500,000 to purchase land. I'll be posting more on this soon but please be in prayer about that.

5. Goodbyes - Please pray for us as we say bye to family and friends for a year. I've never been too emotional about moving away .... until I had nephews. Also, we just love all of our family and friends, and although we are very excited to go, it is sad to say bye for a year.

Last but not least here is that little video I promised you all. We filmed it and I'm not gonna lie - I haven't even previewed it so you are getting the real unedited version guys =)

Thanks for reading along! We appreciate your support!


Runners Tell All - My Favorite Person to Train With

Hello and welcome to August's edition of Runners Tell All. Runners Tell All is a monthly linkup hosted by Sunshine to the Square Inch and The Lady Okie that occurs on the 21st of every month. Our goal is to build a community where we can encourage and inspire each other on our running journeys. 

Each month we offer two co-host options. This allows for us to connect with you, advertise your blog and it also helps fund the monthly giveaways. If you are interested in sponsoring the RTA please e-mail me and I will get you all the needed information. August's prompt is all about how you train or who you train with. Next month's theme is your race bucket list!  

My Training Plan! I'll be the first to admit I'm a social runner. In fact I work out better in whatever activity I'm doing if I have friends there that I connect with. The support and encouragement I have gotten from other people has helped me run my first 1k to finishing my first marathon. If I'm really honest I'll tell you that this year I have logged the least miles and I know it's because I miss my running friends from back home. It's just not as fun to torture myself for 15 miles all alone.  

My most favorite person to train with is hands down my work spouse Kirsten. We met at the Hyatt and instantly became the best of friends. One big aspect of our friendship is the running! If you don't think you can do a big race, aka the marathon, just become friends with Kirsten and she will talk you right into it!  

Kirsten and I have ran Race for the Cure together, Chicago Rock'n'Roll 1/2 marathon, Jingle Bell Run, Prairie Fire 1/2 marathon, The River Run, Miami 1/2 marathon and the best and hilliest race of all was the Seattle Rock'n'Roll full marathon. I'm sure I'm forgetting some races in that list too. Kirsten actually ran the OKC Memorial marathon and then 6 weeks later ran the Seattle full with me. #beastmode On top of all our races we have done a lot of training together. Kirsten is faster than me but somehow we still managed to train together. She also understands my running anger because after I run 10+ miles I'm hangry! We'd often end our runs at a food stop whether that was Mexican food or a big brunch after a 20 mile run.  

Our funniest and most weird training run of all time so happened to be that we were running in a fancy neighborhood in Wichita when all of a sudden a rather large man popped out from the bushes wearing nothing but ..... a cheetah thong. Yep! You read that right. At first Kirsten thought she was hallucinating. I told her I thought I was hallucinating but we weren't you guys. Mr. Sicko came out from those bushes. Of course we ran away and called 911. They asked if I wanted a follow up call and my answer was a definite no!  

 Here we are finishing the Seattle Rock'n'Roll marathon.

The day after our marathon we thought it would be fun to put ourselves into a kayak for a few hours. I don't recommend that. I thought my hips were going to fall right off and my bones did not thank me.


Today we are giving away a super cute Under Armour tank and a headband. I really wanted to keep this for myself but I'm not ;). The tank top is made specifically for heat gear, is super comfortable and stretchy. The tank is a size L. The headband is super snug which is great for workouts! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


A big welcome and thanks to Alison and Tamara for hosting Runners Tell All this month. Be sure to stop by their blog and say hi! 

Alison - The Sand in my Snowboots
Tamara - Lehman Laughter

What does your training plan look like? 
Di you like to run with people or alone? 


Random Facts Round 3

Hello dear friends! I'm back at ya with some more fun random facts! I think this is such a fan way to give a peek into my life. I'd love to hear more about you too! If you have a fun fact about yourself leave me a comment or you can even write up your own post. 

1. eBay
I recently have a new love for selling things on eBay! Dave and I have a bunch of good quality stuff that we need to get rid of so I thought I'd try out eBay. I started by listing a camera lens I never use and I was shocked when it sold in one day. Well, that was just exciting to me so I then listed my old point & shoot camera and my wedding dress and BAM, both items sold! I have a few more items to list so we will see how that goes. Anyone else out there sell things on-line?

2. Language Confusion
When I lived in Korea we often took taxis and just about every time I went to pay and thank the driver the first thing that came to mind was "Gracias". I have no idea why my brain did that and it was annoying. Well, not that I'm back in America every time I am around anyone Hispanic and I need to say thank you the first thing that comes to mind is "kamsahamnida", meaning thank you, in Korean. I can only imagine what my brain will do when I learn a little bit of Burmese and Thai. ha! 

3. Hearing Loss
When I was 16 I lost 48% of hearing in my left ear and I now have a hearing aid! I wrote all about it here

Because I love random facts I asked my sponsors to share some fun facts about themselves. I thought it would be a fun way to introduce them! 

Blog  |  Instagram  |  Twitter

Blog  |  Twitter  |  Instagram

What's a fun fact about you?
PS! Samantha, from Elah Tree, and I have a fun IG going on today! Come check it out here!


Missionary Mondays - Why Myanmar?

Welcome to week 3 of my August series called 'Missionary Mondays'! This week I'm sharing Why we are going to Myanmar and next week I'll be sharing prayer requests and I'll have a little video for you.

Missionary Mondays are weekly updates on how God is guiding Dave and I to Myanmar & Thailand. We hope these posts will help answer any questions but if you have any other questions please ask! We love questions.

This is a piece of land in Myanmar that the school is hoping to purchase

For previous updates please read the following:

Week 1- A recap on meeting the Holmes who serve in Thailand + an overview of the ministry there.
Week 2 - What are you willing to eat for the sake of the gospel?
Overdue Update - This gives a general overview of our upcoming move and plans.
Pam & Zama in Myanmar - The people we are going to serve with in Myanmar have been so kind as to write a blog post all about the work they are doing over there. I hope you will check it out.

Why Myanmar (Burma)?

I have been asked this question time and time again. I don't mind answering it, I just never realized I'd be asked 'why' so much. I can give an easy truthful answer or the long answer, which isn't so easy to share.

So here it goes....how God led us to Myanmar! It begins with a trip down memory lane. Dave and I both met in elementary school. We didn't like each other at all but that has nothing to do with this post. Anyways, the principal of the school has a daughter and her name is Pam. She taught both Dave and I.

Pam married a Burmese man and they now live in Myanmar. They have opened a school that serves lower-middle income Buddhist children. They are known for their high academics and well behaved students. They also have the opportunity to share Christ with them, which they do often.

Dave's Mom, Carol, visited Myanmar several times. She was a doctor and would set up medical clinics during her visits. Dave also has taken a trip over there to serve and provide short term medical care. Carol had a big dream to one day retire in Myanmar and run a medical clinic. In February of 2013 God called Carol to heaven. Therefore her dream of opening the clinic herself wasn't possible.

Dave and I knew we wanted to serve for a year in missions but we weren't sure of where. During our whole 'wondering where to go process', I got an e-mail from Pam saying that they were still hoping to open a medical clinic and that Dave and I would be a great help over there. I don't know how we finally decided on Myanmar but we had been praying, discussing the needs there and we thought it would be wonderful if we could open up the clinic that Carol had dreamed about for so long. We started planning and e-mailing Pam and now here we are getting ready to go over seas.

Establishing a clinic will be a big challenge as we are starting from ground zero. We have limited finances and facilities but we know with out a doubt that if God wants a clinic in Myanmar He will help us establish that. While we research information about the clinic Dave and I will still serve medically on short term trips within Myanmar and we will also serve at the school.

Dave and I have a small list of what we hope and are trusting God to do while we are there so I'm sharing that with you today:

-To grow spiritually in closeness with God and to have a great knowledge of Him
-To see our marriage grow
-To encourage believers and missionaries
-Lead the lost to Christ
-Meet medical needs
-Hep with education or in other areas as God sees fit
-To have fun (I added that one in but I think it's important)


I need some feedback: 

1. Are you enjoying these posts?
2. Do you want me to keep writing more Missionary Monday posts? 
3. Do you have any other questions for me? We are pretty much open books so ask away!


Life Lately #21

Hi friends! I've been a little quiet around here lately so I thought I'd give a little update as to what life has been like lately. I'll start with the funny stuff =) 

1. Breading - Dave said he heard of this new thing called 'breading cats'. Well, it just so happened that someone had brought a lot of extra bread to church so we thought we would put it to good use on Static (our cat wasn't around at the time). We cracked up laughing! She would tried to chomp on the bread but couldn't because ... well you can see why =). Milo is next! Would you do this to your pet? 

2. Milo - Because of moving overseas I knew Milo would have to find a new home. I've been dreading finding him a home because he is a unique cat and has to be an only pet. Also, I'm super attached to this little guy so letting him go will be hard. However, God has sent the perfect person to take Milo. It's a nice lady who is looking for a companion cat. I'll be giving him away in a couple of weeks and I'm thankful he is going to a good home. However, before we give him away we will be breading him! 

3. Tomatoes - They are one of my favorite foods! My grandpa used to have a massive tomato garden and when I was a kid we would sit on the big swing and eat tomatoes. He would eat tomatoes as if they were apples and I'd eat the cherry tomatoes. All that to say that a local farm here had 600lb. of tomatoes! I got a whole bunch and they have been so delicious! What's your favorite summer produce?

4. Jamberry - I have a new obsession you guys! I hosted an on-line Jamberry party and got 11 sheets of nails. That means I have 22 manicures which will each last me two weeks. I'm excited! Have you ever tried Jamberry?

5. Blogger Friend Hangout - Last week I went to OKC to hang out with Amanda (The Lady Okie). We have become good friends over this past year and occassionaly we will get together to hang out. I'm so thankful for her and our friendship. This time we rode bikes and walked around downtown OKC. We also exchanged b-day gifts and check out this awesome gift! It's a coffee table book all about Burma. The pictures in there are beautiful and I just love it! It makes me more excited to move over there. 

6. Burma - I'll be honest and say that moving overseas is stressful for me. I think being anxious and stressed out is a choice and I haven't been choosing joy and peace lately. I've been going back and forth from knowing God will take care of me to extreme anxiety with drama and tears. I finally sat down today and wrote out some verses on God taking care of me as well as verses that focus on the main things, like seeking the Kingdom of God and loving others rather than planning, planning, planning, planning. =)

Also, I ordered some super cute bags from Samantha for Christmas gifts for people. You should check out her shop. She has really cute pouches as well as great blogger resources.


How has your life been lately? 
Are you enjoying these last few days of summer? 


Missionary Mondays - The Gospel vs. Eating Dogs, Worms & Chicken Feet

Welcome to week 2 of my August series called 'Missionary Mondays'!

Missionary Mondays are weekly updates on how God is guiding Dave and I in our journey to Burma & Thailand. We hope these posts will help answer any questions but if you have any other questions please ask! We love questions.

For previous updates on what God is doing please read the following:

Week 1- A recap on meeting the Holmes who serve in Thailand + an overview of the ministry there.

Overdue Update - This gives a general overview of our upcoming move and plans.

Pam & Zama in Myanmar - The people we are going to serve with in Burma have been so kind as to write a blog post all about the work they are doing over there. I hope you will check it out.

Today's title might have caught your eye and trust me, when I heard about this it caught my attention. 

Here's the story. My Dad had told me about a group of people in Thailand who eat dog. No, they don't eat their pets but yes they raise dogs and eat them (kind of how we raise cows except they are dogs). Anyways... I lived in Korea and they ate dog there too so it wasn't a huge shocker but seriously, dog? 

Well, during our meeting with the Holmes this topic came up. Apparently there is a tribe in Thailand that do indeed eat dog. I won't give you details but let's just say it's a quick kill and not slow and torturous like they do in Korea. 

We discussed this more and this is how the conversation went down: 

Me: "Mrs. Holmes! You gotta warn me if we go somewhere and they are going to serve us dog. And when I say I am going to eat it, what I really mean is that I'm going to dump it on Dave's plate when the people aren't looking". 
Mrs. Holmes: "Ok! I will give you some kind of signal. We will have to think of one". 
Me: "My dog's name is Static". 
Mrs. Holmes: "Staaaaatiiic! That's it! That's it! When they bring the dog out to eat I will say Static! Staaaatic! and you will know!" 

*I'm so glad my dog can't read this blog* 

They also told me that they sometimes eat worms (not ok) and chicken feet. The chicken feet didn't surprise me because they did that in Brazil.  

Also, Mrs. Holmes told me about a time where she was having a special celebration for the kids at the orphanage. She offered them their choice of meat: pork, chicken, beef, & I can't remember the last option. Apparently the kids got really quiet and when she asked what was wrong they said they wanted dog. So, she went and bought them dog meat.  

Ok! If you are still reading this by now *HIGH FIVE*. I'm going to be honest - the thought of eating a dog, a worm or chicken feet makes my stomach flip flop. It isn't my first choice or actually it isn't a choice at all for me but I've made the decision to mentally brace for that moment. Because here is the deal: what if someone that doesn't know Jesus yet gives me something to eat and I refuse? First, that is rude! Second, that could turn them away from listening to what we have to say about Jesus. 

Is this a hard idea / concept for me to swallow (ha ha, good pun, eh)? It sure is! BUT I hope if that day ever comes that I will pick Jesus over my food preferences. 

Also, I know the idea of eating 'weird' foods is offensive and gross to a lot of Americans but that is how other cultures are. It's part of going overseas and it is part of loving people. My Korean friend told me that she thought hamburgers were super hard to eat when she came to America and we think it's completely normal to slap a cow between a bun add a little pig to it and chomp it down. =) Oh and my Korean kids didn't like mac'n'cheese and trust me, I totally sacrificied a box of that to give to them. They said: "Teacher! This is not very delicious." I'm just glad I didn't share my black beans with them. 

With all that said ... please pray for me! I know in the big scheme of missions this is not a huge deal but I'm telling ya if they put 'Static' in front of me it's gonna be a big test of faith. 


What is the weirdest food you have ever eaten? 
What's your feedback on this post? 

I don't even know what kind of proper question to ask because really, I'm not going to ask you if you would eat dog meat but, if I could ask one question, it would be this one: what are you willing to sacrifice for the gospel? It might not be eating dog but wherever you are, serving Jesus comes at a cost. 


My Favorite Photography Apps

I don't know about you but I'm always curious and wondering what apps & filters people use to take their photos. I've tried plenty of them out but I'm pretty set on 6 that I love! I thought I'd share those with you and tell you why they are my favorite. What's your favorite photography app?


1. PuddingCam
Cost - $0 
The above picture was taken with PuddingCam! This app has so many fun filters that you can take while shooting so no editing is needed. The above picture was taken using the 'vivid' filter and I love how it makes the colors pop! Isn't KS pretty?! PuddingCam also has a really pretty vignetting that I use a lot. I use this app a majority of the time when taking photos. 

2. Instagram
Cost - $0
I know we all have heard of Instagram, plus I know that a lot of people use other sources to edit their pictures before putting them on IG. However, I noticed they recently updated their features. If you click the little 'wrench' in IG you have a ton of editing options now! My favorite are brightness, contrast and sharpening. Have you tried the new features in IG?

3. InstaSize
Cost: $0
This app is great when you don't want everything in IG to be a square! It will resize a picture for you and send it straight to IG. It also has fun backgrounds, like this sparkly blue one. 
Is there another amazing app that resizes pictures?

4. A Beautiful Mess
Cost: $.99
This app is just fun! My favorite feature are the fun sayings and doodling you can do with it!

5. Pixlr
Cost: free
Another favorite of mine! You can edit, add a filter, crop and resize a picture all from your phone (there is an on-line version too). This is what I use for a majority of my blog pics. I like that it has a variety of fonts and 'frames' you can add as well. 

6. Waterlogue
Cost: $1.99 - $2.99
This app just made me swoon. It takes pictures and turns them into 'water color paintings'. I think it makes some gorgeous landscapes! I don't think this converts people well: my nephews looked scary in watercolor! If the majority of your pictures are people or kids I wouldn't recommend it. However, for scenery it's just super pretty and fun! 

Which app from my list is your favorite? 
What is your go to app to use for taking photos?