Runners Tell All – Bacon, Eggs, Sausage & Potatoes

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My Go To Running Nutrition 

Bananas & Peanut Butter - Let's just get something straight. I don't like either of those things and if I had to snarf them down at 5am for a race let's just say that wouldn't be pretty. 

My running food is just really different than most runners but it works for me! What do I eat? Bacon, sausage, eggs, and potatoes! I know. I'm a rare one out there. 

Let me do some explaining. For some reasons, carbs don't sit well with me. I've done the banana, bagel, peanut butter thing and it really does make me want to up chuck. For some odd reason protein sits really well with me. It doesn't bother my stomach and I feel like the fuel lasts a lot longer. After every big race I have a HUGE post breakfast (see picture above). 

Now, I'm about to share some super weird food stories so come and read along. Oh, and if you are a vegetarian you probably won't love my love for meat. 

  • Post marathon in Seattle - I went to a Brazilian steakhouse. If you haven't been to one they have a MASSIVE salad bar and then come by your table with skewers of meat and cut some off for you right there. They have around 10 options of meat. Well apparently marathons make me hungry because I had 4 plates of meat. *kind of embarassing* but I was hungry!

  • Pre-running McDonalds - BAD IDEA GUYS! Just don't do it. I had a 10k race and I didn't prep any food. I thought "What harm could a sausage muffin do?" oh my friends, it does harm! The heat was unusually hot that day and McDonalds + heat don't mix well. Don't worry though. After the race I still had my 'meat me breakfast'. Ain't no McD's stopping me from that! 

  • OKC Marathon Relay - I had never done a relay before and I got to my spot super early. I knew by the time my running partner arrived I'd be famished. I turned and 'WALAAAAA!' There was a Whole Foods right there! Well, I just walked my little self right over and ate me a bowl of eggs and potatoes. I had enough time to digest my food and enough fuel to last me for a 10k. 

  • This picture below - I felt cheated that I asked for meat and only got this much. It was still really good though =)

  • Below is my post race food picture after the Rock'n'Roll Chicago 1/2 marathon. I was a happy girl.

Other Running Fuel Tips

  • For the longest time I had bad stomach issues. Think "Where is the next porter potty emergency?" kind of stomach issues. I finally read somewhere that many runners take their GU & drink gatorades on the stops. They said to either only eat GU & drink water  or  to drink gatorade & water. Drinking both Gatorade & eating GU is too much sugar intake for your spleen and you will get the big runners dreaded "D"!

  • Post Race Replenishment - After long runs you lose a lot of salt. For the longest time I couldn't figure out why I felt ill for hours on end. Finally, my friend told me to eat some salt! I had completely forgot about salt. So, what did I do? I went and had some street, carne asada, tacos! It did the trick and I felt great. 

What's your go to nutrition? Any one else out there thrive off of protein rather than carbs?


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  1. You don't like peanut butter? It was the motive behind my latest post and you could say I'm a little bit a addicted, haha. But that's really funny about your OKC marathon relay story! I could totally see myself doing that too! Thanks for hosting!!

  2. This post is funny! I think a lot of runners (female runners especially) forget about salt. Most nutrition things tell us to limit salt, but it's an opposite story for sweaty runners who literally have salt dripping out of their pores. Salt is important! Also, heavy amounts of meat before/after running goes against everything I've ever learned, but everyone is different, and if it works for your body on race day, more power to ya! Ha ha! I'm super excited to be co-hosting this month! :)

  3. Oh my goodness, you must have a stomach of STEEL!!

    I hate peanut butter and I hate bananas, so those two things don't work for me either. Good to know about McDonald's - that sounds like something dumb I'd do :)

  4. Ah! So much food before a race - I couldn't do it! I would probably be done before the race even started. Now, the night before that sounds like a perfect meal!

  5. I am a protein eater! I don't eat much before a run, but definitely feel like I need more protein than carbs on a daily basis to run well. After a run I always want a huge cheeseburger. Always! Thanks for hosting the link-up again this month!

  6. Eggs do it for me, too! I have stuck to bagels or toast in the past because it's the norm, but I've recently noticed how much stronger I feel when I eat an egg breakfast so I think I'm gonna start that for races and long runs.

  7. Eggs are yummy!!!! Nutrition is SO important!! I remember my last tri, when I went to the info session they said the worst thing you can do is 'carb' up the night before!

  8. This One Italian GirlJuly 21, 2014 at 10:44 AM

    I have to admit I love the banana and peanut butter thing! But those eggs and bacon look delicious too, and sounds great for a post race meal!

  9. Kirsten CederbergJuly 21, 2014 at 1:18 PM

    I remember Chicago and the huge brunch we ate afterwards! Nom nom! I also remember in Seattle that 4 days later is when you had the huge Brazilian feast, and you and I were still starved!

  10. Well, I think we were famished because of the hills! We should of had a plate of meal per hill we ran. ba ha ha ha!

  11. Well, I do like Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut Peanut Butter. Does that count? I can eat pb every now and then but big spoonfuls before a race? Can't do it!

    Thanks for stopping by and dropping me a comment. I love this linkup and enjoy it every month!

  12. We sure do forget about salt! I seriously can't function and then the 'salt light bulb' goes off in my head.

    I know the meat thing goes against science and nutrition but I just gotta have meat =). I don't know why I am that way but I am. Sometimes they serve hamburgers post 1/2 and full marathons and that is super exciting for me!

  13. I guess I do have a stomach of steel. =) I have never thought of it that way but it's true. I grew up in Brazil eating a lot of meat so I wonder if that has something to do with it.

    Yeah, girl, don't do the McDonald's. It was the worst. I'm glad to hear someone else doesn't love pb and bananas. Just not my thing!

  14. I know! Your post is so opposite of mine! It's so weird how bodies react differently. I have no idea how my body functions with meat but somehow it does.

  15. I'm so glad someone else understands that. I have one friend who said she goes to Chipotle the night before a big race and I think that makes a lot of sense.

    YES TO THE CHEESEBURGER! I love that some races have cheeseburgers after. It's just epic!

    Thanks for commenting and joining in on the linkup! You all make it awesome!

  16. Yes to eggs! I eat eggs all the time and I do think they are super good for running. They have protein but aren't too heavy on the stomach.

  17. I wonder why they said carbing up is bad? Maybe just too much to process? I have never felt well when I carb up. I think part of it is because you have to wake up so early for a race that I don't even feel like my huge pasta dinner is digested from the night before.

  18. I'm glad you love it! So many people do and it works great for them. I'm just not one of them but that is ok!

  19. I could go for your eggs, bacon, and potatoes after my race, but I think they'd kill my stomach before a race. My go to pre-race fuel... banana and peanut butter. Isn't it funny how we all tolerate foods so differently?

  20. Wow, good for you actually figure out what your stomach can and can't handle! I strongly believe that when it comes to working out, running, nutrition, etc. there's no one-size-fits-all, so just because Runner's World or whatever says to do XYZ, if it doesn't work for you...don't do it.

  21. It is so interesting about foods and how everyone just handles them so differently! So many people do well with the banana and peanut butter! I might have to try Justin's Chocolate hazelnut peanut butter sometime and see if I do ok on that. It's my favorite kind of pb =)

  22. I agree!

    I have read lots of running articles and then I just glean the information from there that will work for me and leave the rest.

    I do think it is so interesting that with all the science and knowledge out there that everyone works so differntly with different foods.

  23. I cannot CANNOT handle eggs before or after a run. I can't believe you can! Stomach of steel :)

  24. I know! Isn't it gross?! I even ate a big steak once and then hopped on a treadmill and ran a 10k. ha ha! I have no idea why my body handles meat over carbs but it just does for some odd reason.

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