Random Facts Round 2 + My 1st Style Post

So, according to stats you all really like reading random facts about me. I think posts like this give a fun insight into people's lives - so here is round 2. If you missed the first go around you can find it here.

1. I have a twin.

Ok, not by birth but you need to hear this. I met a girl once and after talking for a bit we figured out that we both had the same first, middle & last name (all spelled identically). To top all that off we had the exact same birthday! Oh and we both had orange cats which means we are both awesome!

It was fun to have a 'twin' but quiet a pain sometimes. Insurance got us confused, medical offices got us confused, prescriptions for me were filed under her name, etc. etc. Thankfully our social security numbers were different because that was our saving grace. We are both married now and have different last names so we are back to normal now.

2. I kind of like to squeeze pets and cute little kids.

It's true. I just get so excited that I can't help myself. Before I met my nephews I had to remind myself, over and over and over and over, not to squeeze them super hard because that would scare them and then I wouldn't be the favorite aunt. 

As you can tell from the pictures below I did not show that kind of restraint with Static. ha ha! 

And don't worry! If I ever meet you in person I won't squeeze you. That would just be weird. 

3. Presents - Appropriate to share about because it's my birthday month

Presents and I have a special bond. I love love love opening presents. There is just something about a box wrapped in pretty paper with a gift inside that makes me want to jump up and down and clap my hands. 

You know how some people delicately open a gift and save the paper? That is definitely not me! When I get a gift I shred it to pieces like a 2 year old and try to get to what is inside as fast as I can. 

The only time I will open a present delicately is if I am sneaking around and opening it up before Christmas or my birthday. *guilty* One year I had it down like a pro and I opened up a gift for 'Rebekah' but it was the wrong Rebekah. whoops! Also, my family started putting my gifts in bags with tissue paper because they didn't see the point in wrapping them if I was just going to sneak around like that. It cured me because I haven't done that since. 

One year at Christmas we drew names. Well, I was blessed because my Mom drew my name and she bought me every item (except for 1) on my ridiculously long list. I seriously got so excited when I was opening those gifts that I had to stop because I was making myself hyperventilate a little bit. 

Enough about gifts! 

3. I have never bought a tub / container of ice cream since being married.

I know! You are probably gasping for air. But come on you guys, I had to make a New Year's resolution to just quit eating cookies in mass quantities so you can you imagine what tubs of ice cream would do to me?

4. I love kites!

I do. I love them. I have a butterfly kite named Mary Poppins and I have taken her all over the continental US with me. My heart (and body) does a happy dance each time I can fly her. 

5. Clothing

I'm trying to invest in good quality clothes that are both modest and sturdy to get me through a year of mission work in Asia! I'm not kidding when I say this - please pray for me that I'll have wisdom in getting the right things, knowing when to say no to an item and knowing what to pack. =) 

My outfit in this post  is coming with me to Asia! I bought this skirt with Asia in mind. 
skirt / Gap Outlet (similar here)
shirt / S H E I S Clothing
scarf / Walls
sandals / Old navy (similar here)


I really wish I could sit down with each one of you to learn some facts about you! It would be so fun. BUT since I can't do that with everyone you should write a post sharing some fun things or leave me a comment on my blog / FB

Have a wonderful day friends!


PS - Runners Tell All is MONDAY! We are talking about eggs, sausage and bacon running nutrition. Hope to see you there!


  1. i love that colour blue! it is gorgeous!

    I too want to squeeze small children and animals! ;) (the cute ones anyway!)


  2. That's insane about your twin! Wow, how crazy! We share a love for presents and squeezing animals. I get you there, haha :)

  3. Fun fact about me: I didn't get my ears pierced until I was 28. I hate needles, but after I had my first son, I decided that I could handle just about anything.

  4. Hurray for another grown up that loves kites! My hubby always makes fun of me when I want to drag mine out. It's a fun triangle trick kite and I love flying it...but I usually only take it to the beach where kite flying is "normal". I feel like we need a kite picture now!

    My Wholesome Home

  5. Buying sturdy clothes pre-Asia is a very, very good idea! :) And that twin story is pretty funny--I've met a girl with the same first and middle name as me, and the last names were the same too except the first syllable, but that's as close as it got.

  6. That's crazy about the twin story! The chances of that happening are so slim! and I love the outfit. I've been pretty picky about clothes lately, too, but for completely different reasons. But no tubs of ice cream? My heart just got a little sad. :)

  7. Wow! What are the odds with that one, huh? I think my mind would just be BLOWN if that ever happened to me.

    And I totally love these little "random facts" posts :)

  8. I'm so glad to hear someone else squeezes small children and animals =). I just can't help myself!

    I love this color of blue too. I used to wear pink all the time but lately I've noticed this color is more and more in my closet.

  9. Yes, it is super crazy but fun too. Yay for sharing the love of squeezing animals and HOLLER about the present part! My b-day is next Wednesday and I'm ready to shred open some gifts.

  10. That is super interesting! It is kind of scary thinking someone with a big needle gun can just poke a hole through your ear.

    I've heard a lot of people that have had a change of perspective after child birth =). Glad it helped you.

  11. ahh i love the pictures of you & your dog :) i need to do a post like this! so fun about having a "twin" but i can imagine the confusion being so annoying!

  12. That is so fun!!!! I don't know that I've drug out my kite yet in front of Dave but I will. & I don't care who makes fun of me flying kites is just epic! You should get one for your little boy. That'd be so fun to fly kites together.

  13. I learned that 'sturdy clothes' lesson after I went to Korea last time. I actually made a big list of things I would take with me again when I moved. My husband thought the Raid (that kills those big flying roaches) was a bit extreme but heck, I'm making room for it in my suitcase!

    Cool that you have a semi-twin too =)

  14. The chances were super slim but it is kind of a fun story.

    Why are you picky about clothes lately, I'm curious?

    It's ok about the tubs of ice cream. You know my love for Braums and our small town somehow has 2 of them. So, if i get a major craving I go right on over and order me a big double dip!

  15. It was weird at first but we learned to manage and laugh things off. I'm glad you love the random facts! It's kind of fun to share.

  16. Thanks! I knew you would get a kick out of them. She is so funny to pick up. Every family picture we pick her up and put her in it and it is a RARE thing if she looks at the camera. She is worse than a 2 year old.

    Oh and I loooooove your bunny rabbit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You should do a post like this. I am thinking of maybe doing a linkup next month with it. I'd love to read a bunch of facts about people! so fun!

  17. Love your pictures!!! And your blue siding!! Love that! Crazy thing about the twin - that is for sure!! Love learning more about you xoxo

  18. Thanks, friend! That blue siding is my brother-in-law & sister-in-law's house =). We stay there whenever we travel home. It is crazy to have had a twin but she is a really neat gal so it has been kind of fun too.

  19. I love these pictures..you are beautiful! And the pup pictures are so adorable!

  20. The food and pictures on this blog are amazing!

  21. Thanks girl! I love my puppy too. She is the sweetest and most fun dog! However, I bet your dog is too! =)

  22. I guess I missed the first fun facts post but I caught up. Thanks for sharing them.

    As far as fun facts about me.
    1. I have volunteered/worked with Child Evangelism Fellowship for 7 years in a row in ministry that has taken me to three different states and even another country (Canada totally counts!)
    2. I am 27 years old and have never changed a diaper in my life....I am unfit to be a mother though one of my closest friends is pregnant now so I have a feeling she will change this fact of my life sooner than I'd like.
    3. There is another woman I share a name with, but her life is much more interesting. She is Australian, has her own website, has a career in acting and is also a author. She wins.

    Praying for you as you continue to prepare and plan for your year of ministry in Asia! Thanks again for sharing!

  23. Those are fun facts about you!

    Child evangelism is super exciting! How did you get into that? About that diaper! I'm always amazed at people that haven't changed diapers. I started baby sitting when I was about 11 / 12 so I've changed countless diapers. However, not changing them isn't bad either.

    Thanks for the prayers! I appreciate them.

  24. I never did the baby sitting thing so I basked in my blissful ignorance of all things baby. I'm the youngest in my immediate family and my extended family so I was never surrounded by babies.

    I got into CEF when a friend of mine invited me to Maine for the summer at a camp she grew up and was working at. I did their Christian Youth in Action training school and then worked for six weeks at their camp. Since then, I've worked at Camp Good News (Maine and New Hampshire), done Good News Clubs (Maine and New Brunswick) and 5-Day Clubs in the summer (Maine and Virginia). I love the ministry and God really has used it in so many ways to grow me up and stretch me over the years.

  25. That's ok! You can always learn baby things. My sister-in-law is 28 and she had never changed a diaper either until my nephew came this year. She learned pretty quick and does just fine now.

    That is really neat that you have been able to be in so much ministry! I'm sure it has grow your faith.