Life Lately #19 + A short Vlog

Blueberry Picking - It was amazing! I've wanted to go for years and finally decided that NOW was the time. I also managed to cross off two things from my birthday bucket list by doing this. I'll share more about this later but if there is a place near you - I highly highly recommend it!

The 4th! We had a wonderful time. We had hamburgers with Dave's side of the family and then we lit a ridiculous amount of fireworks. Each year they have a tradition to shoot off parachutes and we have a race to see who catches them. I'm happy to say I did pretty well at that race this weekend. My sister-in-law spent a lot of time tackling and distracting Dave so that was a great help. 

My birthday ;) It's soon you guys! My Aunt JB told me I needed to add more things to my list. I've never had someone tell me that but I'll have no problem adding things on. Thanks JB!

Sundays! Dave and I come back to Wichita about twice every month. Some of the men at his church take turns preaching and this week was his turn. He preached on Nahum and how God judged Ninevah (it's the city that Jonah originally went to). Also, whenever Dave preaches that means he wears suits, which I think he looks mighty handsome in a suit; which means pictures! 

Last week I shared how God is leading Dave and I to Asia. It's exciting and we are looking forward to seeing what God does. Although we have plans in the move I'm still trying to be intentional where I am at.

It's my birthday month and I'm currently offering 23% off all ad spots using the code BIRTHDAY. I have some fun giveaways and things planned for this month. All ad spots come with entries into the giveaways. I only have 4 spots left!


I've always wanted to do a Q&A on my blog but never really had the nerve. Well, it's my birthday month so bring it on! If you have a any question feel free to comment or shoot me an e-mail. I'm also taking a poll to see if I should vlog the answers or just write them out. Help me out friends - I need some input. 

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  1. Hi, I went to watch the vlog and it's coming up as private

  2. Thanks for telling me. I switched it to public so hopefully it works now.

  3. I loved the picture on Insta of the two of you post - preaching. So sweet :) Happy Birthday month!! Coincidence! I started a "birthday bucket list" too! Except mine's for the last summer of my 20's....

  4. Whoa Beka! I somehow missed the Asia post!! How stinking exciting. Can't wait to see what the Lord does!!!!!! So awesome

  5. I love birthdays!!!!!!!!! You should Vlog it!!! (I vote that because I have to volg too :) and misery loves company!! HAHAHA!)

  6. Okay, I say vlog the answers because vlogs are awesome. BUT my advice would be to keep yourself on a time constraint for how long you will give to answer a question, because sometimes people ramble on and on, which isn't always the best. Not that you would do that. I'm just saying.

  7. I DO NOT LIKE LONG VLOGS!!! I seriously look at someone's vlog time before I watch the video. Horrible I know! So yes, my videos will be short and sweet. UM .. but no one has asked questions yet. ha ha! So we shall see.

  8. You are funny! I watched your vlog and you did just fine! I try to just imagine myself talking to myself and somehow that keeps me sane and not so nervous. I do NOT like vlogging when my husband is around (or anyone else for that matter). =)

  9. Thanks, Emily! I saw your birthday bucket list and it's fun!!! I love post preaching pictures, too!

  10. I'm excited too and am looking forward to seeing what God does. So much to do and figure out but I'm sure God will work it all out!

  11. i love vlogs! so definitely do your answers as one!!! it's so crazy to read a blog for months & then hear the bloggers voice for the first time! for some reason you sounded different in my head! :)

    questions: what's your favorite "quirk" of your dog? (my dog's scowl is mine haha!)
    what are the first 3 emotions that come through when you think of moving to Asia?

  12. Yay for vlogs! So question though I have a suspesion that you will answer this eventually via a blog post as you said more details were to come but I'll ask anyway:
    What mission/ministry are you looking to work with/for while in Asia for your year?

    I just now read your post about being intentional in building community. How's that going?
    I moved to where I am now three years ago and it certainly took me two years to get acclimated and being allowed into other people's lives but I am praying and trying even more to burst out of my bubble and build relationships intentionally...so thanks for your thoughts there!

  13. blueberry picking is one of my favorite memories from childhood, I'd love to go do that soon! Now you just need some yummy recipes to use them in! Happy birthday, girl!

  14. You did a vlog! That is so awesome! Also, happy birthday month! I'm in love with my birthday too! I think you should write out the answers and vlog some of them. Long vlogs are hard to keep people's attention.

  15. 1. Love the dress you wore to
    2. go blueberry picking of which I'm so jealous.
    I love blueberries. Especially ones I picked myself. I vote writing your answers out....personally, I have a hard time sitting through vlogs-plus I read them when out and about a lot.

    My Wholesome Home

  16. I'd love to hear 'my voice' in your head. I feel like I sound different in real life than I do in that vlog. Weird, right?

    I like your questions! & I already have my dog answer! ha ha.

  17. I will definitely answer that question/questions about Asia but I'm still super glad you asked! That's a good question and I haven't really explained much about what we will be doing there.

    Being intentional is going! Me and a few women are starting to memorize some Bible verses and we are going to get together 1 or 2 times a month to talk about the verses and quote them to each other.

    Good for you for being intentional too. I understand that it is hard to do that. I'm also shy/introverted at times and it takes a lot of extra energy to be intentional. I'm sure God will answer your prayers and help you build good relationships.

  18. That's so awesome that you got to pick blueberries as a kid. I have had some other people tell me that too and I think it's so neat.

    I've been digging through Pinterest for some awesome recipes! =) Thanks for the b-day wishes!

  19. I'm so glad you love your birthday too. B-days are just so fun!

    I like your idea about vlogging some and writing some answers out. I also can't do long vlogs ... just can't! So, there is no way I would make a long video. I try to keep them under 3 - 4 minutes. Thanks for the suggestions.

  20. 1. Thanks! I picked it because it said 'blueberry picking dress' ha ha!
    2. You will get to pick again some day too! I'd send you some but they don't mail well.

    I will be writing out some of my answers. I read blogs when I'm out and about too and listening to a vlog at Walmart would be AWKWARD =). I think I will do a vlog too but it will be short and sweet.

  21. HAHA ! Thanks for the encouragement!

    Oak + Oats