How I Became a Christian

For quite some time I have felt that the Lord was prompting me to share how I became a Christian. I know that I have lots of readers who don't share the same faith as me and I hope you will read through this post. I'm not here to force you to believe the way I do about Christ but I hope that through what He has done for me you will get a glimpse of the beautiful story He has done and is doing in my life. 

As most of you know I was born in Brazil to American parents who were missionaries. I grew up going to church three times a week. In fact, just about any time the church doors were open we were there.

What I remember most about church and ministry as a kid was picking flowers and having a 'fake wedding' with all my friends; visiting church members and drinking insane amounts of espresso. I remember the wonderful people and I definitely will always remember my Dad in the middle of a message saying "Rebekah! This is not a play time," and I definitely remember thinking how bad the spanking would be when I got home for interrupting the church service.

You know what I don't remember? The Gospel. Jesus. I don't remember ever realizing that Jesus loved me, that I was a sinner and that He died for me. I am 100% sure I was taught it but it never sank into my heart.

I first remember The Bible being sewn into my heart when my granny would share verses with me. It was after we had returned from Brazil and I was around the age of 9. We'd lay in bed at night and she would tell me verses in Proverbs how a great name is better than silver. When I was afraid she would tell me Psalm 56:3 "What time I am afraid I will trust in thee."

In the Spring of 1997 I remember being in a church service and I can't even tell you what the pastor preached but what I can tell you is that The Holy Spirit somehow opened my eyes and in a still small voice let me know that I was not a Christian. I had never placed my faith in Jesus and never asked Him to forgive me of my sins. The pastor asked for people to come forward but there was now way I was walking down the aisle in a big crowd!

I went home and to say I was miserable is a huge understatement! First off, I knew the Bible said Jesus was coming back and boy I was scared! I remember one time calling for my Mom and when she didn't answer in .0234897 seconds I immediately panicked and freaked out thinking Jesus had returned and I was forever lost. You would think fear like that would help me walk down the aisle the next Sunday but pride and fear kept me right in my pew.

Well, a few weeks later two couples in our church talked to the youth group about going to camp. They said the camp called because it was supposed to be a week of family camp. However, not enough families signed up so they opened it up to campers. Of course I signed up! I had never been to camp and it sounded fun.

Each night there were services and I can't recall the complete message the preacher spoke but I do remember him talking about Jesus being beaten with the whip of 9 tails. Honestly, The Holy Spirit had been working so much in my heart I just knew I had to go forward to get saved.

After I went forward my counselor took me aside and talked to me about salvation. She said that there are 3 things to look at before asking Jesus into my heart. She drew a train. The first train cart had God on it, the second faith and the third had feelings.

She said the first train cart was God and His Word. I could find out spiritually where I was based on what He said. The second cart, faith, meant that my faith had to be placed in Jesus. The third card was symbolic of feelings and that those should come last. Basically, she wanted to go through all of those steps to see if I was truly lost and in need of Jesus or if I was saved and just doubting. After she went through the trains I knew I wasn't saved. I told her I wasn't saved and I prayed and asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins and I asked Him to come live in my heart.

After I prayed that prayer and asked Jesus to forgive me I immediately felt a million trillion pounds lifted from me and I have never felt so 'clean' and at peace in my whole life. Jesus saves! He took my sin and guilt, cleaned me fully and I felt so free. I'm so so thankful that Jesus saved me. 

I got saved 17 years ago and I can tell you that Jesus has been faithful all those years. I haven't always walked with Christ as I should and there have been times where I have been so far from Him, living for myself, but I can tell you that through it all - God loves me. When I was far away, The Holy Spirit always drew me back with lovingkindness. When I have been walking with Jesus closely He has been my source of joy like none other. 

I've seen God work miracles, both big and small and there is no possible way on earth to record all the wonderful things He has done for me. I can't ever repay Him but I can publicly say 'THANK YOU JESUS!' and so I do. 

What about you? What are your thoughts and beliefs on Jesus? If you ever have questions or want to know more I would be so honored to talk to you and share more. I can promise you that I won't be pushy about forcing you to accept Jesus but I will do my best to share truthfully about Christ and what He has done.

One last thing! I recently posted about my trip to Colorado and while I was looking at those pictures tears of joy came because in 1996 I was in Colorado  where Jesus saved me and here I am in 2014 back in Colorado in those same pretty mountains. It made me think of how faithful Jesus has been since He saved me and my heart was just full of gratitude. 

If you are a blogger and a fellow Christian I just want to encourage you to share how Jesus saved you! There is power in it and you might be able to share Jesus with lots of other people. & no need for a blog! Facebook it, write someone a letter, etc. 


  1. Thank you for sharing! I don't think I can pin point one moment where I felt like "aha! This is it!", but I grew up in the church and have always felt His presence in my life. Much more in the past few years, since getting married and having my daughter. So maybe it's a gradual thing as well?

  2. Growing up in the church makes it so easy to know the "Christian lingo" and go through the motions, but not actually be committed to Christ. It was the same way for me and only a few years ago did I truly realize that I couldn't be covered by my parents' faith, but I had to have my own. Thanks for sharing! Maybe I'll put my own story out in a few days?

  3. Loved reading this :) Like Allison said, it is easy to grow up in the church and think you are saved when really you haven't been. I'm glad you shared! I'm interested to know more about the carts... I don't think I'm following that whole thing fully. How does going through the 3 carts show if you are really "saved" or if you are just doubting? What's in the "feeling" cart? Am I just completely confused?

  4. Thanks, friend! God is really good and I'm glad I am able to share. It's been on the back of my mind for months so I know it is something God was wanting me to write out.

  5. Growing up I always thought you had to have 'a moment' where you asked Christ to save you but I have friends, who like you, that belief came gradually.

    I heard a pastor talk about this once and it really helped clarify the issue for me. He said that some people don't have a 'defining moment' or they doubt because they were saved when they were young and wonder if it was sincere enough. He said instead of trying to pinpoint one exact moment that we need to stop and ask ourselves "Today, am I trusting in Jesus that He paid for my sins on the cross?" The answer to that question is a sure sign of where you are at.

  6. Agreed! It is super easy to go through the motions. I think even now, being a Christian, sometimes it is easy to do the things God wants me to do without having a sincere heart of love.

    You should definitely share your story! I'd love to read it.

  7. You are welcome. Thanks for reading. I agree that every story of someone saved is so powerful. I used to think 'I was never bad enough and don't have an awesome story' but the fact is 1 sin separates and every salvation is a miracle!

  8. I was wondering if I was going to confuse people with that cart thing. I think it is a way for a counselor to allow (both them and the person they are counseling) where they are at with salvation. I looked on line and the first cart actually said 'fact' instead of 'God'.

    1. FACTS - What does Jesus say about salvation? He says we are sinners. He says the only way to be saved from sin is through Him. He says if we don't accept Him that we will be eternally separated from Him.
    *You want to make sure the person you are counseling understands what God clearly says about salvation.

    2. FAITH - What has that person placed their faith in? Have they placed it in Jesus? Good works? Baptistm? Etc.

    3. FEELINGS - After you learn the facts of what God says and can say 'yes' or 'no' to having faith then you look at your feelings.
    *Some people are saved but just doubting/not feeling saved and when they go through the facts and realize they have placed their faith in Jesus then it is a reassurance they are saved. For me, after I went through the facts and the faith part I realized I had never acted on either of those so my feelings were right in alerting me that I wasn't saved.

    That was long but does it make sense?

  9. How good to know that He is faithful through everything! I really don't remember a moment when I first really trusted, really surrendered my life to God--but I do remember other really powerful and key moments along the journey. I think faith is something we never really stop growing in!

  10. It does, and I feel like that fits me. It is a choice we make every day. There are some days where I'm so worried about one thing or another, and I mentally have to step back and think "Stop worrying. God has a plan for you and he's taking care of this". Then there are days when it's just easy, and I know that I am loved because Jesus died for my sins. That is really cool, when you think about it!

  11. Beautiful testimonial! Thank you for sharing! I felt the same way growing up in the Catholic church, and now, it's a totally different story!

  12. He is faithful and I'm so glad! I think it is ok that you don't have one defining moment for salvation. As long as you are trusting now I think that is key. I'm also glad you have had some really other solid moments where Christ can clearly be seen. Those moments are really important!

  13. Thanks, Jess! I'm glad I finally shared.

    Are you still in the Catholic church? What made you finally come to a point of trusting in Jesus?

  14. Thank you Beka! :) I am so amazed (and happy) to see a story like this - someone sharing testimony about how she received Jesus. I am an Indian Christian. I don't remember any particular moment when I accepted Jesus in my heart, but yes, there was a certain prayer meeting where I cried a lot as I prayed. (I was 12 at that time.) That was a turning point in my Christian life. Just wanted to mention one thing - you are a lovely blogger, but please proofread your write-up before publishing it. For example: Check the spelling of 'Christian' in the title and it's 'quite' and not 'quiet'.

  15. Hi Renuka!

    I'm so happy to hear your story as well. When I lived in Korea I met some of the dearest Indian Christians. They were such a blessing and they even had us in their home to teach us how to make curry. It is sooo good!

    Thanks for letting me know about the spelling errors. Sometimes even after I proof read I just don't catch them so I'm glad you told me!

  16. Thanks for sharing you story it's nice to hear others testimony. I enjoyed how the woman who prayed with you explained salvation, the allegory she used was quite creative.

  17. Thanks, Felecia! I'm glad I was able to share it.

    I'm so thankful for the lady who counseled with me and prayed with me. Her name was Jeanine. She was super clever in using that analogy and I'm glad God put her in my life that day.

  18. I LOVE life stories and this was a beautiful testimony of not only what God did for you through Jesus Christ but what He is doing in and through you in this lifetime as you grow and walk with Him. I do have a blog but I have a small audience of whom I know personally but maybe I'll write it out again sometime. I've done a life story type post years ago but that could use a face lift.

    Also, you mentioned challenging us to write our testimonies in a letter to a friend. When I was studying at a Bible institute, that was one of the early assignments in one of my classes. That was a neat but stretching experience but it was a much needed challenge. So all that said, thank you for being transparent yourself and challenging others to shine bright as well.

  19. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm still so humbled and thankful that Jesus saved me!

    You should definitely write out your story again. You never know who might come across your blog. That is a very interesting assignment that your teacher had you do but a very good one. I think every Christian should at some point write out how Jesus saved them. It's a good way to reflect and we need to be ready to tell!

    What is your blog url?

  20. I wrote my story today and posted it on my blog. http://thejoyofhope21.blogspot.com/ Thanks for asking and checking it out.

  21. Just saw this as your featured post on your sidebar. Beautifully written, friend. Jesus saves, indeed!