Seattle - A Day at Pike's Market

Seattle. I can't even tell you how many times I've visited this city but it's been a lot. I first started visiting because my brother moved to this area. My normal routine is to fly in, take a train to downtown and then explore the market. Today I thought I'd take you on a little tour of my go-to places at Pike's Market in Seattle. 

For starters, getting there is super easy. The light rail to get downtown is located at the airport. It's a 40 minute ride but the view on the way there is sooo pretty. The light rail is about $5 per day / round trip so it's super affordable. 

A tour through Pike's Market 

1. The Piano Man 
For starters, I always find either the piano man or the man who has cats. This day the piano man was out. He is super talented. Yes, there is also a man who has cats that you can pet for a donation. I always donate something =). If you can't find either of those guys the market has plenty of people to watch. It's their own unique culture there and I'm not gonna lie, some of the most interesting and weird people I have ever seen or met have been at this market. 

2. Beecher's Cheese
The eating saga beings at Beecher's Cheese. Seriously, if you go to Pike's, Beecher's is a MUST. They handcraft all their cheese right before your eyes. I get in line and order a cup of mac'n'cheese then while I sit to eat and watch the workers make cheese. It's the best. 

 3. SurLaTable
This is a kitchen store that has every fun kitchen thing you could imagine. They often do demos and give samples too, which you know, that means more free food. 

4. Le Panier Bakery 
After all the food I ate I walk down to the bakery and swoon over all kinds of amazing pastries and then usually decide on this. I forget what they are called but it's a flaky pastry with cheese, potatoes and bacon. You can never go wrong with bacon. 

5. The Flowers
They always have tons of fresh flowers in season and they are only $10 for a big bouquet of them. This time of year peonies were in season.

 6. The 1st Starbucks 
Okay, I normally make a stop here but this picture didn't even begin to capture how long this line was. The 1st store is actually pretty small but I've never seen it this packed and I didn't want to wait 30+ minutes for a cup of coffee. If you are only going to be in Seattle once I think it is worth the 30 minute though. It's a fun atmosphere in there. 

Have you ever visited Seattle? 

Also, a quick reminder that Runner's Tell All is this Saturday, the 21st! We are sharing our most favorite running moment. I'm looking forward to reading your stories. 


  1. That mac n' cheese sounds amazing. When I visit Seattle walking around Pikes market for a day is at the top of my list!

  2. We went to Seattle last fall and I LOVED the flowers - loved them - I couldn't get over how good the prices were!!

  3. I've always wanted to go to Seattle so badly! It sounds so cool! That mac&cheese looks beyond amazing . . . wow, now I'm hungry :)

  4. So its like the first of the first Starbucks? That's pretty cool...
    I want a place like that with flowers for $10 a bundle! I'd be there every week!
    I love quirky little towns!

  5. i just recently heard that the first ever starbucks was in seattle! so neat! :)

  6. Oh Seattle! My heart is fluttering with sweet and delicious memories of Pike Place market....
    Did you find the bubblegum wall?

  7. Ooh I've never been to Seattle, but now I totally want to go/see/buy these things!

  8. I haven't been to Seattle, but I'd go just to try that mac & cheese! It looks amazing!

  9. The Bubblegum wall! Sure have been there. It's weird and fun and gross all at the same time. I forgot to go this last time.

  10. ha ha! It would be worth it just to try the mac'n'cheese. It's good.

  11. =). It sure is. In the Market area they have a Starbucks about every 2-3 blocks. It's crazy but the first one is kind of fun.

  12. I don't have a date at the moment. Whenever I fly home we go through Seattle and I think a few extra days are needed next time I am there for some exploring of the area!

  13. oh definitely! If you have questions when that time comes let me know. I'll do what I can =)