My 1st Crossfit Competition - more than barbells and burpees

I'm not even sure where to start writing about my 1st crossfit competition. I've had a whirlwind of emotions and thoughts about it so I hope you'll stick with me as I write this. 

For starters - I'm thankful for crossfit but it is hard. There is just no way around it. I've been doing crossfit for almost a year now and it's still tough. 

Second, the day of the competition I was a nervous wreck. As in 'nervous' I had tears kind of nervous. I'm always like that before a big event. I was like that before my first 1/2 marathon and full marathon. Once I got started on each event I was fine. I also had a good support system to cheer me on. Dave stayed with me the whole day, I had a friend I knew there to cheer me on and my sister-in-law made it out for the last event. 

The competition started at 9am. It's a full day event as you wait your turn to compete and I was there for about 8+ hours. However, my total time working out, split between 3 events, was 18:33. That's it peeps! BUT those 18:33 seconds were really hard! 

The competition had 3 events. All together I did a power clean ladder, rowing, pull-ups, box jumps, burpees, thrusters, a sled push and jump roping. Mind you, I had never pushed a sled by myself and that made me more nervous too. 

Throughout the day I refused to look at where I was placing. I knew I wouldn't place super high and looking at results would have messed with my brain. Anyways, the events in and of themselves were great. They were hard, challenging, but fun at the same time. As soon as I finished my last workout we left. There were still other people who needed to compete but we went ahead and left. 

Well, Monday morning rolled around and right before I left to attend my normal crossfit classes they posted the results. You guys, I got 34th out of 35th place. I cried. A part of me felt like the biggest failure ever. I've never placed so low in anything in my life. I know crossfit is a battle against yourself but I was just struggling. On the way to crossfit I had this conversation with myself:

boo-hooing Beka: "I'm so embarrassed! 34th out of 35th??? I'm not telling anyone, ever. Except Dave, and Kirsten and my Mom. whaaaa!" 
Spiritual / logical Beka: "Um, 34th place? That's not a big deal. You went out there and worked hard. Why does this even matter. I'm a Christian and of all things I should be glad my name is written in The Book of Life. Jesus saved me. I have friends and family that support me. It's not a big deal."
boo-hooing Beka: "I'm gonna cry anyways and I'm definitely not working out today! I'll pull the 'I'm tired from my event' card."
Spiritual / logical Beka: "That's ridiculous. You are going to come back and work harder."

Yes, I have conversations with myself. Anyways, I got to my gym and people asked me how it went and I replied with a simple "fine." Sorry, crossfit family but I was holding back tears so that's why you didn't get a good answer. I told one friend how it really went and she was nice and understanding about it. But mind you, I still didn't say much because I was still fighting tears. I worked out and felt better but was still upset. 

THEN I went home and opened up Instagram and WALAAAA! I had won an IG giveaway! I teared up again! This was God's way of picking me back up. I looked at the t-shirt and immediately was humbled. It was if God was saying "Beka, life isn't about barbells and burpees it's about love, compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, etc.". Oh, it was humbling you guys but I'm so glad God showed me that. I went to the website to further check out the shirt and it is a print of Colossians 3:12-14! GUYS!!! I just finished memorizing Colossians 3! No lie! I was blown away. God's love and timing is just perfect and I'm so thankful. 

So yes, I got 34th out of 35th place but in the big grand scheme of life I'm not going to let that get me down. God has clothed me with strength (hence the shirt I wore) and I'm pressing forward. I think this event was a big spiritual lesson for me. It was a reminder to put on Christ day in and day out. 

Also, I secretly want to do another competition. Just because I learned something from where I placed doesn't mean for one second I'm not going to train harder. Fitness isn't everything to me but when I am being physically active I hope to give it all I have. 

Ok, here are some pictures from the event. 

workout 1:
power clean ladder - basically I had 90 seconds total! There were barbell stations with weights and each station increased by 10 pounds. The first station started at 55 pounds. You had a total of 3 attempts at each station. I ended up getting to 95 pounds and managed to get 2 reps in. 

workout 2: I don't have pictures of this. It was 12 minutes long. It started out by rowing 1,000m. With whatever time we had remaining I had to step up 10x to a 20" box, do 8 jumping pull-ups and do 6 burpees. I got to repeat that over and over until time ran out. I don't know what I scored on event 2.

workout 3: 
15 thrusters with a 45 pound bar, sled push, jump rope, sled push, 
9 thrusters, sled push, jump rope, sled push
6 thrusters, sled push, jump rope, sled push

*I finished this in 5:03
*the sled weighed 50 pounds and they added on 75 pounds. After each round we got to take 25 pounds off. 
*thrusters - I have no idea why crossfit calls them this but a thruster is basically a power clean that goes into a squat then you have to stand back up and lock your arms over your head. 

So that is my story friends. As much as I struggled, I'm proud of the work I did and I'm thankful God has given me the ability to do it. As much I would have liked to have placed higher I don't think I would have learned what I did if I had placed higher. 

Also, a big huge THANKS  to Dave for waiting around and for cheering me on all day. A big huge thanks to my friends there who cheered me on and a big huge thanks for everyone who cheered me on via social media / text messages / etc. 


  1. 95 pounds??? Good grief! I'm extremely impressed. You look so hard core in all those pictures. So glad you did that! Sorry you didn't place higher, but seriously I still think it's awesome. And now you can just work harder for next time if you want to try to place higher! So glad you won that giveaway too. It's cool to see how God works in little things like that. It's easy to call it coincidence, but it's not. You're such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Congratulations! These workouts are no joke so what an awesome accomplishment!

  3. Well freaking done!!!!!! I'm very proud of you! I would not be able to do this!

  4. wow!! that is a LOT of weight! so proud of you!! love what you learned through this - and it is so true - our worth comes from Christ and Christ alone! :)

    i am probably going to be feeling like this at our 5k 2 weekends from now. we got behind in training and there's no way we will finish all 9 weeks before the race, so at this point i am hoping to just finish and gain the experience. we are signing up for another one in September so we have enough time to complete training for that one!

  5. Okay girl I'm so proud of you! Even if you had come in dead last, you challenged yourself!!! Doesn't God work in the most amazing ways?!! You still are a beast, no way I could've done all those challenges!!!

  6. Awesome!!!! Cross fit IS NOT easy!!! SO excited you finished your first competition - what an achievement!

  7. I know exactly how you feel. I get so down on my placement in races... but you did it. I have to remember I crossed the finish line. All that matters. You competed in something that is so tough, many people (including me) won't even attempt. So glad God calmed your heart about it... & proud of you for sharing. I know that's tough ... but isn't it sort of freeing? You are AWESOME!!!

  8. Wow!! This is awesome!!! I am super impressed. When I lift weights I feel like a beast, and I only lift 10 pound dumbbells. Ha ha! And don't even get me started on burpees. Yuck! You should be proud that you did this. These weights/times are some major accomplishments. Nice work!

  9. Can I just say even 34 out of 35...you beat like a billion other people who didn't get off their couch? Congrats on being awesome. Seriously.

  10. You are amazing! Also, 35 is a small pool--because only a few people are so dedicated that they would wake up early and spend the whole day challenging themselves. You are special and deserve a medal just for doing that. :D

  11. Thanks for the encouragement. I for sure will be working out harder next time but for now I'll just learn those lessons and keep going.

  12. Thanks, Kaleene. They really are no joke and I often feel like I'm gonna die after a cf workout.

  13. Thanks, Johlet. I appreciate your support.

  14. Thanks, friend!

    It's ok about not finishing that training. I still think you will do great, though! You can run / walk / jog it and it will still be a really good experience for you guys.

  15. Thanks, girl! Yes, I did challenge myself and it was hard! I am amazed that God worked that way and am so thankful.

    Do you have a blog? If so what is the URL? I didn't see it under DISQUS when I clicked on your name.

  16. Thanks a bunch! It sure isn't easy. Have you done cf?

  17. It is sort of freeing and humbling at the same time to share my story. I'm glad you understand that feeling of being down but you are right that we competed and finished. Thanks for the kind and encouraging words.

  18. I showed a video of me doing burpees to my granny and she said, "I'd be doing more than burping if I did those. I'd have food coming up." ha ha!

    I am proud of what I did it just took me a week to get there. Thanks for being so encouraging.

  19. Thanks, friend! I forget crossfit is a small and competitive community, but you are right. I did get an awesome t-shirt from the deal. I normally don't keep race t-shirts but for some reason the crossfit community invests in high quality soft t-shirts and I love them!

  20. I totally missed this comment and am just now seeing it. So sorry!

    Thanks for the kind words of encouragement. And I'm not gonna lie, I'm glad other people have those self-pep talks! =)

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