Life Lately #17

This was my last week babysitting sweet Isaac. Watching him this past year was an answer to prayer as I was looking for some work with purpose. I'll miss him but am thankful I'll see him this summer. 

My friends came to visit Woodward! I always love when people come to visit me and it makes me feel super loved. I took them out to visit my husbands job (he is a PA at a prison) and we had to stop and take some fun pictures about hitch hikers. We also had coffee with whipped cream, quiche and good laughs. 

We travel to Wichita just about every weekend. I always love it when my brother-in-law lures my husband into cooking us dinner. It's fun! We had gourmet breakfast burritos and they were delish!

Dave and I took Static and went to a local park in Wichita. We walked a bunch and it felt good to just be outdoors. 

Smoothies! I've had green, pink and orange smoothies. Stay tuned because tomorrow I'm sharing a really good recipe and I'll have some free coupons for yogurt. 

Dave, Ryan, Static and I are in Colorado today at the Great Sand Dunes. Sometimes the mountains just call my name. There is something majestic and peaceful about seeing 14,000 foot tall mountains and sleeping under the stars. I'll be sharing pictures via instagram and would love to have you follow along.

I'm offering a 25% discount on all my advertising packages through TODAY. June is going to be a great month on this blog and I'd love to get to know you more and help you grow your blog.

I'm still reading through Proverbs. It's been good. What are you studying from the Word lately? 

I hope you each are having a great Memorial Day weekend! 
What are your plans for this weekend? 


  1. I'm so glad you stopped by here and am thankful you enjoyed it! Blogging is a huge blessing and I love the community.

    That is really neat that you and your husband go walking a lot. I think walks are good for the soul and are just a good time to slow down and reconnect.

    Thanks again for stopping by!

  2. Those sand dunes are amazing! I had no idea there was such a thing in the mountains. We honeymooned in Estes Park, CO. Love the Rockies! Enjoy your trip!

  3. I've heard good things about Estes but haven't been there yet. I had heard about the sand dunes but never gave them much thought until my husband took me there. Now, it's one of my favorite places!

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