Lately #16

This past week we had temperatures in the 100's! Hot weather always makes me want to eat more fruit. Mangoes have been my go to lately. What's your favorite fruit?

The hot temps caused some wildfires near Woodward. Wednesday God sent a short but much needed rain. The rain clouds split and made for a beautiful sunset. I took Static for a walk and we enjoyed the pretty skies and outdoors.

I've been loving my Hawaii mug and use it just about every day. Coffee and time in the Word are cherished moments.

I ran 4 miles with one of my best friends on Saturday in my favorite area of Wichita. We of course ran knowing coffee was our reward at the end.

Happy second, first anniversary to Dave and I! We had two weddings (3/24/13 + 5/11/13). This weekend we re-created our first date which consisted of riding bikes and having sushi, hence the picture above. =)

We celebrated my wonderful Mom and granny! My mom and I got mani/pedis, took her and granny to dinner and spent time together. I'm super thankful for both of them.

Looking Forward To

Going to OKC for a Korean reunion with two of my girlfriends.

A visit from my two good friends Kirsten and Shenel. They'll be coming to Woodward on Friday. Quiche, coffee and good laughs! I can hardly wait.

I start a new job this week. I'll be helping oversee the water park, swim lessons, mini-golf course, the pond with boats and the stadium that has rodeos. I'm really thankful for this opportunity and am looking forward to it.

I signed up for my first cross-fit competition. It's June 7. I'm all kinds of nervous and excited.

Blog / Sponsorship Updates

I made some change to my sponsorship page. I feel like there is always something to learn and room for improvement with sponsorships. Here are what the changes include:

entries into the monthly group giveaway - each sponsorship purchase will include entries into the group giveaway. I want all costs to be upfront and I didn't like the idea of e-mailing everyone again asking for more money. If there aren't enough sponsors for a giveaway on the month you purchased an ad spot you will be included in the next giveaway.

* featured posts - all spots will be included in a featured posts. My hopes is that these posts will be informative while at the same time allowing opportunity for other bloggers to get to know you better. 

social media - I'm no longer promising X amount of shout outs per sponsorship. I will however, gladly share blog posts that I really enjoy or that will be beneficial to my readers. I want to be genuine and sincere when I promote other people's blogs not just a 'promise to tweet x amount of times'.

* discount code - I'm currently offering 20% off all sponsorship with the code SUNSHINE.


  1. How exciting for your new job and signing up for your first crossfit competition!

  2. Smart idea to have 2 anniversaries to remember--that always makes for a good date occasion! We really like riding bikes together, too.

  3. good luck staring your new job! sounds like a lot of fun :) and the cross fit competition - you'll beast it!!

  4. Thanks, girl! I sure do hope I 'beast' it! I'm as nervous for this as I was for my full marathon {if not more}

  5. You are so right! It does make for more fun date occasions. Glad you guys like riding bikes together too.

  6. Thanks, Kaleene! I'm excited too =)

  7. Girl! this is perfect! I love Mangos - it is snowing here in Colorado today but we are on the edge of summer. I am ready for tan legs in my life. Also, I was just admiring all the work you have done on your blog! It is so wonderful. I am really proud of you!! XOXO

  8. Veronica Lee BurnsMay 12, 2014 at 1:13 PM

    Congrats on one of your anniversaries!
    Also, I live in OKC! Well Norman, and I work in OKC. Enjoy it!

  9. I just recently (as in, the past 6 months or so) discovered the deliciousness of mangos. I love them!

  10. Two anniversaries...how special! We also have two, but they're a day apart. I think having a few months in between is even more fun! :)

  11. I had a friend visit CO last weekend and she was shocked at the snow. Thanks for the encouragement in regards to blogging, it's much appreciated.

  12. How fun you live there. Norman is more south of where we were but I do know it's close to OKC. I'm enjoying OKC the more I visit. They have lots of cool restaurants and shops.

  13. They are soo good! They are in season right now and only cost $.78 so I bought 5 of them today. They are good for smoothies too! My favorite is oj + yogurt + mangos!

  14. whoah! How are they only a day apart? That would be a lot of work. Having ours two months apart was a lot of work I can't even begin to imagine a day apart.

  15. Veronica Lee BurnsMay 13, 2014 at 9:40 PM

    Yep Norman is about 30min south of OKC, just down I35. I'm enjoying OKC more and more too. So many fun food options!

  16. Oh, luckily it's not much work. We have the day we got married, where only family members were, and then the day after, when we had the party with our friends and family and said our vows. So though the official legal day is one day, the celebration day was the other. Not as much planning as two actual weddings, thankfully, or I would have been a stress case--just two days to celebrate, which is nice.

  17. haha! It snows here until summer. It is not that weird :) but weird if you live in warmer climates!

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