Some sibling love on National Siblings Day

I just saw that today was national siblings day and there is no way I'm letting this day go by without putting something down in writing about how awesome my siblings are.

Here are some sibling facts:

  • There are 4 of us siblings in 5 years. How my parents managed to not go completely crazy with all 4 of us, I'll never know. 
  • We grew up together as missionary kids living both in Brazil and in the States
  • We are still very close. I could call my siblings for help any time of day and they would do what they could to help. We don't live near each other but stay connected.
  • I am the youngest of four. In the top left picture, far left is Steph (oldest), Holly (second child), my brother (third child) and then me (4th child). 
  • I have siblings in Idaho and in Washington State - far away which makes distance hard but it makes vacations fun
  • My oldest sister has a garden, cooks delicious food and is super kind hearted.
  • My middle sister is super organized, loves cats (she has 4) and bakes cakes! That big 'ole flip flop is a cake she made me for my 25th birthday
  • My brother is a gentleman and still opens my car doors. He has a job of flying planes or something like that ;) I'll always remember him for his good laughs and for showing off a mouthful of chewed food with me during the holidays. 
  • I'm am of course my parent's favorite child! That's a long running sibling joke of who is the favorite and it just has to be me. I'm also the favorite aunt. 

Why my siblings are awesome:
  • When I lived in FL I had to have a surgery. My brother was going to college in TX. He drove two hours to Dallas, flew to FL (not knowing if I would even be awake post surgery) and sat by my bed during the night. He then left the next morning. I still tear up every time I tell or like now, write that story. 
  • My sisters and I love the Pensacola beach. My brother probably does too but us sisters really love to soak up the sun, go to Baglheads and boogie board. 
  • My oldest sister video chatted with me just about every day when I was down in the dumps and needed some encouragement. It was a lot of good video chatting and I'm so thankful. 
  • My sisters and Mom hopped on a big airplane and flew all the way to Korea to visit me. Steph was pregnant with Zach so technically he came too. 
  • Let's not forget the amount of care packages my siblings have sent me. From my college days in Florida, to Korea to even know they send snail mail. It's awesome
  • My sister Holly that lives in Kansas - her and I always try and make time for each other. It's fun to see her and to talk about life and just hang out while we live semi-close. 

And last but certainly not least I have two nephews thanks to my siblings and their spouses. 

I also have to say that through marriage I have new siblings. I haven't spent the same amount of years with them but I can tell you I love them the same and am so thankful for each and every one of them!

Do you have siblings? How many? Are you close? What are some fun things you do together?


  1. Aww!! You are very blessed to have close relationships with all of your siblings! They are awesome people to have in your life. I have 5 little sisters and 1 little brother, and the first 4 of us are 5 years apart too!

  2. Awe I loved reading about your siblings! It sounds like you all have a great relationship! There is nothing like siblings: ) I think it's called the youngest child syndrome haha being the favorite;) I'm the youngest too, of six! And auntie town is the best!!

  3. You have a big family too! That is so fun.

  4. I understand being far away. It is manageable but never easy. Glad you have awesome siblings too.

  5. 'Mom's favorite' is a big joke in our family. We even bought ornaments that said: "oldest child - mom's favorite", "middle child - mom's favorite", & "youngest child mom's favorite" =) That's fun that you have a big family too. Siblings really are the best.

  6. I have a sister; our brother passed away 5 years ago. My sister and I are close. My youngest child and her oldest are just a couple months apart in age, so we have fun hanging around with the 3 year olds.