Fujifilm Polaroid Camera Giveaway

One of my favorite things that I discovered and purchased while living abroad in Korea was a Fujifilm Polaroid camera. I absolutely love that little camera. I take it with me on special occasions as well as on special trips. Sure, it is a bit bulky and adds to my luggage but it's worth it. When Dave and I went to Hawaii this past March I took it with us and got some fun little pictures to remember our trip with. 


My favorite polaroid pictures were from my beach wedding. The total number of guests at my wedding came up to a total of 24 people - family and my closest friends. My friend Alisha went around and took polaroid pictures of everyone. That picture was then placed in a scrapbook where they wrote a message next to it. They could write a word of encouragement, a verse or whatever they wanted. I love that it was so personal and that their picture is right there. I also really cherish having wisdom on marriage from my parents, siblings and friends. Godly wisdom from those closest to you is just something special that I can't really put into words.

I've also used the camera at special occasions for other people. My friend here in Woodward opened a crossfit gym and I took some pictures with the Polaroid and gave it to her. When I visited my friend in California and met her baby, more polaroids! These little pictures are great for memories, showers, guestbooks and more.

Today I'm teaming up with Felecia, Rachel and Alex to give away a Fujifilim Instax Mini Camera + 1 pack of film (10 pictures) to one lucky winner. The pictures are pretty equivalent to the size of a credit card and are just so much fun. I've been wanting to give away this camera on my blog for a while now and I'm excited one of you readers will get it. The giveaway is open internationally as long as the international winner agrees to pay for shipping. The winner will be verified, etc. etc. Good luck!


Photography Friday Week 16 - Clouds

Welcome to week 16 of Photography Friday. Photography Friday is a 20 week challenge to help improve our photography skills. There is a weekly prompt / theme for each week that you can be as creative with as you'd like. This week's theme is clouds and next week's theme is flowers. For further information please click here.  

Clouds! I like clouds. I especially love the big storm clouds in the mid-west. There is something majestic, beautiful and sometimes downright frightening about them. 

Pictures 1 and 2 // Snapped with my iPhone this past Wednesday. We were supposed to get big storms but thankfully they stayed south of us. 
Picture 2 // A big storm that rolled in last fall. 
Picture 3 //  National Volcano Park in Hawaii 

They mercy, O LORD, is in the heavens; and thy faithfulness reacheth unto the clouds. 
Psalm 36:5 


If you have a photography post ready please put it in the comment section and I'll stop by and see your lovely photos.

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Brazilian Limeades

I was thrilled when Samantha announced that limes were the main ingredient for Cooks in the Kitchen. It was the perfect opportunity to share a little piece of what I love with you.

Being born and having spent the first nine years of my life in Brazil was an experience that still impacts me today. I'm grateful for the childhood years lived in another country allowing me to see a different way of life. Brazilian food was also a big part of my childhood years. I can't recount the various occasions we visited people's homes and spent time getting to know one another over a meal or coffee. If you visited someone's home there was food involved - lots of it! To this day I still love Brazilian food and I enjoy cooking it at home. I wanted to start documenting some of these recipes. It's a little piece of what I love so dearly, shared with you.

Do you like limeades? What's your favorite drink to make?

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Runners Tell All - Why you shouldn't start back with a sprint

Welcome to another month of RTA! Amanda and I are thrilled with how awesome you all are by sharing your stories. Thank you! Thank  you! Thank you! 

Runners Tell All is a monthly linkup hosted by Sunshine to the Square Inch and The Lady Okie that occurs on the 21st of every month. Our goal is to build a community where we can encourage and inspire each other on our running journeys. Each month we offer two co-host options. This allows for us to connect with you, advertise your blog and it also helps fund the monthly giveaways. April's prompt is a bad race or training experience and what you learned from it. Next month's theme is a favorite running picture (aka super fun theme). For more details or if you want to be a sponsor please click here

Some of you might be looking at the caption next to my picture and thinking 'well duh! That's a given'. However, for me I had to learn that the really really hard way. 

See, back in the fall of 2010 I started thinking that I wanted to run a marathon. I had built up my distance and finally considered myself an 'official runner'. Overall I was pretty consistent with my training. However, there were a few weeks where I just completely slacked. I don't remember all the details but I'm guessing I just flat out didn't run for a while. I had enough of my slacker self and drove on over to the gym to hop on a treadmill. I knew that some good killer speed drills would get me back on track and makeup for all the running I had skipped on ... but it didn't. I think I did around 5+ miles of speed work and somewhere on that run my knee started hurting. "Suck it up", I told myself, "that's just what you get for slacking". By the time I was done running I couldn't walk. It was rather humiliating and I remember sitting in a chair wondering how I was going to get to my car. The staff asked to help me but I was ridiculous and prideful and declined. I eventually hobbled out of there. 

I figured it was just a fluke incident but my marathon training had begun and I couldn't run 1-2 miles. I knew something was off. I didn't want to go to a knee doctor right away so I opted to go see a Chiropractor who specialized in sport injuries. Basically, those speed drills + not stretching enough built up scar tissues in my muscles, particuallarly all around my IT Band. I spent a lot of time having A.R.T. done to break down the scar tissue and I eventually was running again and I did complete that marathon. 

It sounds like an easy fix but I will tell you that to this day my IT Band flares up and it. is. not. fun. I do lots of foam rolling and that really does help. If I could go back in time and tell myself something it would be to ease back into running, you really do get out what you put in. If you train consistently you will be a consistently good runner. If you stop and then sprint, well you just read what happens.  

So, that's my lovely story of a bad run and what I learned from it. What's your story?


Today we are excited to be giving away a $35 gift certificate, generously donated from Road ID. Thanks Road ID!!! Safety is always important on any run and a Road ID bracelet is one way to stay safe. We'd love for you to stop by and visit them on FB and on Twitter. They do ship anywhere which makes this giveaway open internationally. wahoo! 

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Photography Friday Week 15 - Self Portraits that turned into selfies

Welcome to week 15 of Photography Friday. Photography Friday is a 20 week challenge to help improve our photography skills. There is a weekly prompt / theme for each week that you can be as creative with as you'd like. This week's theme is self-portraits and next week's theme is clouds. For further information please click here.  

Self - Portraits

Self - portraits ... I really didn't think it would be too hard. "I'll go to the park, take a couple outfits, snap a couple of pictures and walaaa I'll be done". But then, I started having an intense debate with myself (you know you do it too!) "I live in a small town and if I go to that park what if a church member is there and they see me posing and taking my own pictures? They would really think I was off my rocker". You have no idea how long I had this conversation in my head about going or staying inside. However, the 'staying inside voice' won. whew!  

Indoors! "This can't be too hard but I bettter look at my Photography Pinterest Board just to make sure I have a general idea of what to do". Whoooooaah! That was a mistake. People who take self-portraits are either a.) pros or b.) took at least 1,000+ shots of themselves to get all the good ones they did. "I got this!" and off I went...

I started with some workout clothes because I love work out clothes and spend more money on them than I would my 'normal' clothes and out of those 89 'work out' clothing pictures I kept *ahem ... 2! I was really hoping to capture my NB shoes because I currently live in those. The picture on the right describes how I feel about self-portraits. It's just awkward and I felt sooooo vain.

Pinterest had people taking 'self-shots' in the mirror so I took a few of those 50 of those and once again, kept 2. By this time I'm feeeling more and more vain. I mean who in their right mind would be doing this?

Here is where the tri-pod came back. I thought I'd take some serious and fun pictures. I personally think my pictures look best when I'm smiling. I like smiling and people tell me they like it when I smile so smiling it is  

plus a serious one ... 

PS - I use Pixlr express to edit this pic

and then ... I had enough with those darn serious poses and I busted out the Korean glasses with no lenses. I have glasses with no lenses, don't be jealous. Apparently, a K-pop star wore them so their wouldn't be a 'glare' when he was photographed and it soon became a Korean fad. Dave doesn't not think I look like a K-pop star when I wear these. He describes them as a "silly Asian school girl thing" ha ha ha. (Dave ... if you re reading this just skip to the end cuz the glasses are about to make an appearance.) I would give a pair away on my blog but I only own one #sorrynotsorry ;)

The glasses bring out my eyelashes. Don't you agree? ;)
 Enough of the glasses! I know! 

By this time I really felt weird and was hoping my peeping neighbor hadn't been spying on me. You know what made me really feel dumb? My pets! Our dog Static had been watching me the whole time and finally she walked up to me and gave me the 'you are ridiculous look'. How on earth can pets make you feel like that? I don't quiet know but they do! So, I brought her right into the shoot with me but she would NOT look at the camera. She knew better than to pose and be put into a blog post.

oh and here is a snapshot of my wedding band I got. It has pink saphires around the sides and  diamonds in the middle. Pretty, eh?

and then of all things, my cat gave me the look ... and that was when I finally put the camera down. 

Do you like self-portraits? Please, share your secret on how they work.
All you 'fashion bloggers', what is the secret to self-portraits? 

If you have a photography post ready please put it in the comment section and I'll stop by and see your lovely photos.

                                               Sunshine to the Square Inch


Wednesday Night's Do Matter

Would you believe it if I told you I never really saw myself working with kids? I like kids, I just never thought that God would put me time and time again in a place where I would work with them. A few months after arriving in Woodward Dave and I began working with kids at church. 

Dave works with 5th - 6th grade boys and I work with 1st - 2nd grade girls. The most important part of Wednesday night revolves around stories of Jesus. Every story we share, beginning from Genesis all the way through the New Testament, is tied to Jesus work on the cross. The kids need that truth from a young age and personally, being reminded of the cross on a weekly basis has been a huge blessing.


See that little girl? We will call her "T". One night during the lesson I shared again how Jesus died for us and how important salvation is. I told them that they could ask Jesus into their hearts and to my surprise, that little girl raised her and blurted out "I'm thinking about it". I was kind of shocked but just from the look on her face I could tell she was serious and that God was working in her heart. I told her that it was good to think about it but more importantly she needed to actually ask Jesus into her heart. She came back with the same reply of "I'm just gonna think about it". I left it at that and prayed God would work. 

Fast forward a few weeks ... I was visiting with my friend and I told her that I just didn't know if working with these kids was my thing and I told her I was tired of it. I'm such a faithful and positive servant .... well, that night at church a different lady spoke (we rotate teaching days). The lesson finished and right before we closed in prayer T shot her hand up. I could tell just by looking at her that she wanted to ask Jesus into her heart. After prayer I went over and asked why she had raised her hand. She told me she wanted Jesus in her heart. I took her to a different room where we could talk and I didn't even know what to say. I've known for years all the verses to say to kids, how to walk them through so they understand salvation but I was just at a huge loss for words and I had to hold back tears of joy. I mean, I didn't want T to see me crying my eyeballs out - that would be weird for a kid. The good news is that God already did the work and even though I fumbled through my words T bowed her head and asked Jesus to forgive her of her sins. At that moment, I felt like the whole entire world should have stopped to sing the Hallelujah Chorus followed by jumping up and down with excitement. The world didn't stop and no one jumped up and down but I know the angels in heaven rejoiced, and I rejoiced! Want to hear something even better? It wasn't just T that got saved that night but another little girl did too. We really do serve an awesome God and seeing Him open the spiritual eyes of little kids is indescribable.  

Now on Wednesdays I can see those two little girls soaking up the Bible stories and learning. You can tell she is really learning and understanding. She also reaches out to other girls at church and I know that is just a fruit of the Spirit being produced in her life. I bought T a Bible and she LOVES it! She recently told me that she carries her Bible around because "it's really important and people need to hear about it". 

One time during the middle of the lesson, the little girl on the left, looked up to me and whispered "I like talking and doing cart wheels". So random but it cracked me up! 

I guess my question for you would be how are you impacting the world for Christ? It doesn't have to be on a Wednesday night. It could be through your blog, by ministering to your neighbor, by being a prayer warrior and countless of other ways. 

This post is getting linked-up over at Treasure Tromp for the weekly Treat Yo Self! Go check it out!


Photography Friday Week 14 - Charleston Ghost Tour in Black & White

Welcome to week 14 of Photography Friday. Photography Friday is a 20 week challenge to help improve our photography skills. There is a weekly prompt / theme for each week that you can be as creative with it as you'd like. This week's theme is black and white and next week's theme is a self-portrait (eeek! That makes me nervous). For further information please click here.  

Black & White

I couldn't figure out how to properly capture black and white. What should I photograph? Where? Well, last weekend I went on a weekend trip with my Mom, granny, aunt and uncle to Charleston, SC. I know, I know I've been traveling a lot. However, I know that time with family is a gift and I'm going to take advantage of it while God gives it to me. Anyways, My aunt found a carriage ride tour in Charleston that was a ghost tour at night. We booked our tour through Palmetto Carriage and I highly recommend them. I knew a 'ghost' tour would be the perfect opportunity for black and white pictures. 

Have you ever been on a carriage ride? Any good tips for black and white photography?


If you have a photography post ready please put it in the comment section and I'll stop by and see your lovely photos.

Sunshine to the Square Inch