March // Monthly Wishes

It's March and time for another Monthly Wishes hosted by Melyssa over at the The Nectar Collective.

Roses from my mother-in-laws house. Dave used to pick flowers from her garden and bring them to me =)

I originally had a post written with all my goals etc. but it just didn't feel like me right now so I' scrapped it and started over. First off, I'm really looking forward to March because daylight savings is soon (March 9th) as well as Spring (March 20th). The thought of those two events makes me want to jump up and down with excitement, and yes, sometimes I do that.

March is also the month where Dave and I tied the knot. I can't believe it will be one year already! It's been a good year. Sometimes I still can't believe I'm married, sometimes I don't feel married and then sometimes I feel like I've been married to Dave for years and years. Anyone else ever experience that? If you want to read about our first wedding ceremony check it out here.

March 2014 - Here is what is going on

travel - As I mentioned above our 1 year anniversary is this month. Dave was going to originally plan a surprise trip for us. I had an intuition no planning had been done so I asked him if he needed help and the answer was, yes! We are going to Hawaii! I'm excited about it. I have the basics planned: flights, lodging and transportation and that's about it. I want it to be a super laid back trip and I think it will be.

the blog - It's going to be a vast array of stuff; some months are just like that on here. I also have some guest posts coming your way while I'm in Hawaii. I won't be taking my computer with me to HI and I'm going to stay away from the social media world while I'm there. However, the one thing I will be doing is posting some pictures on Instagram. If you want to follow that you can do so here.

1/2 marathon training - I am in week 2 of my training. I feel better about this training than I did last time around. Part of that is because: it hurt so bad when I ran a 1/2 last October with minimal training, I've set my mind to do it this time and the Runners Tell All has been so inspiring! Last week I did a total of 12 miles throughout the week plus completed 4 crossfit workouts. It was hard but it felt really good.

devotions - I'm kind of looking for a new plan to read. I keep hearing good things about 'She Reads Truth'. Anyone have any insight into that? Do you have any other suggestions for reading plans? While in Hawaii, I'd like to do a Bible study with Dave. Anybody out there recommend a book or a study? I'm thinking that a study on nature or on marriage would be good.

So, tell me, what are you looking forward to in March? 


  1. Hi! Linking up with you through Weekly Wishes! Your March sounds so exciting!!!! We were stationed in Hawaii, on Oahu for 3 years and as I look out the window now, I miss that magical island so much! I have tried "She reads truth" but I just can't focus on it. I can suggest Breaking Free by Beth Moore. She dives deep right off the bat! Well, good luck with all of your wishes! I can't wait to read about them!

  2. I'm sooo looking forward to daylight savings time, too! Give me more sunshine, please! And, March is my birthday month :) - so that's always something to look forward to {when you're this young, anyway}.

  3. I have no idea, but I hope it involves chocolate & cake {together or separate} - I'm currently doing Whole30 and it ends the day before my birthday!

  4. That is so good your Whole30 is ending right before your birthday! Good timing.

  5. I am reeeeeally looking forward to time change! Running after work before it gets dark yahooo!

  6. How exciting Hawaii is amazing! I think it is always nice to take a break from social media as well.

  7. I have, my grandma lives on Oahu so I am lucky and have been 7 times your going to love it!

  8. Hawaii sounds awesome, seems like lots of people I know from around here just got back from there! I've done a few She Reads Truth plans and I personally find them kind of hit and miss, some of them I find amazing and others times I'll start the series and then decide to do my own thing until they start up the next one.

  9. Thanks for the suggestion on She Reads Truth. I looked at the one they are doing now and it seemed like basic things. I know it is good to review the basics but I want to dig deep into the Word.