A Favorite Word from The Lady Okie

Do you have a favorite word?

My favorite word is fiend [noun: a person causing mischief or annoyance] and has been since my sophomore year of high school. I know that's weird, but what's even weirder is that I remember the exact moment that word became my favorite.

In my sophomore year of high school, I was in a speech class. Our final exam was to take a short play, memorize it, and perform it solo in front of the class. Being the obnoxious, straight-A student I was, I practiced and practiced, and on the day of the speech, I was ready. I performed my role flawlessly except for one thing: I mispronounced the word fiend.

Instead of pronouncing it correctly--"fee-nd"--I said, "fee-end."

My teacher gave me a 99/100 on that speech, and I was so mad that he marked me down for one tiny mispronunciation!

You'd think I would hate the word that kept me from a perfect 100, but I've actually loved the word fiend ever since that day in speech class. I even think it's funny what it means, because I am someone who causes mischief and also annoyance sometimes (or so my husband would say), so in that way my favorite word fits me too.

What is your favorite word? Does your favorite word have a story?


  1. come back from vacation! seriously. this is getting ridiculous. you're going to be all tan and stuff, and then i'll look even more pasty than i already am. P.S. Thanks for letting me guest post and share my favorite word :)

  2. I don't have a favorite word, but I love when people use uncommon words. Of course nothings coming to mind, but you know when you hear someone use the longer more descriptive word than what most people would. I love writing and words and that always makes me happy! Especially if it's me that word occurred to to use :)

  3. I love that word too! I'm not sure what my favorite word is... I like a lot of weird words :) Great post, Amanda!

  4. I love uncommon words too! I think it's fun. I always feel proud of myself when I can come up with a long, fancy word to use :)

  5. My favorite word is definitely oscillate. Not only is it a little fun to say but it can actually describe a lot of different things!

  6. That's a good one! It is fun to say :)

  7. I didn't even get that tan! It's true. We hiked more than we sat on the beach and I was too scared to not lather in sunscreen because the rays are so strong. I finally decided one day to 'just sit in the sun for a few minutes' and BAM I was fried!

    I think my favorite words aren't actual words ... like owie kadowie or 'oh balls'. I normally don't say those in public though because that would just weird.