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A year ago today so many things changed. I wasn't even going to document any of this because sometimes that's just easier. However, I ran across this quote on-line and it made me think and reflect. First off, I had no idea this quote 'officially existed'. During my year of teaching in Korea, Alisha and I would often say how the days of teaching were so incredibly long but the year was going by so fast. We couldn't quiet figure out how that was possible. 

See, a year ago this week my mother-in-law passed away. I don't believe the saying "heaven gained an angel". It's just not Biblical but I do know for sure Carol went home to be with her Saviour Jesus. There is comfort in that and a hope. Over this past year I have seen my family step up to the plate, and although they grieve, they have been and are resilient. They have kept going, kept living and kept putting their best foot forward even though it was hard. I couldn't be more thankful to be part of such a  wonderful family. 

A year ago this week also marks when I said goodbye to the kids who captured my heart. Did you know I walked out of my job? True story! I've never done that or ever imagined doing that but my school owners weren't understanding at all regarding my family situation. They didn't realize I had to go home. The conversation with them about leaving was difficult and once I realized no amends were possible and that the situation was worsening I walked out of their office and marched straight into my classroom. My kids saw my big watery eyes and immediately burst into laughter. They weren't being mean they were just being kids. I lined them up, I gave each of them one last big hug and told them to be on their best behavior for Teacher Alisha and Teacher Ethan. They quickly agreed to do so. I grabbed my stuff and left. Saying bye to them was seriously one of the most sad days ever. I never in my wildest dreams imagined that those little kids who drove me nuts for a year would also show me a love I didn't know about. Teaching made the days long but I'm telling you that year flew.

A year ago marked some big 'good byes' in my life. But you know what? The thing I'm looking forward to about heaven the most is no more distance. There will be no more distance because of death. No more distance because of an ocean. I won't have to buy a plane ticket to fly to the Pacific NW to see my siblings and nephews. Dave and I won't have to drive 3 hours to see our family. There won't be any more 'years away'. AND we will see God with our very own eyes. No more distance. I'm also not writing that to give my self a big boo-hoo party because I'm super thankful that I can see my family eve if that does mean flying or driving. I'm so thankful for those options but I'll be more thankful when distance is over. 

Those are my reflections for the day. Distance is sometimes not fun, and sometimes our days our long but even with all of that I can proudly say that God is faithful and good. He is there during the hard times and has blessed me more than I deserve or thought possible. Even in the midst of dark days there has been peace and lots of joy. 


  1. wow!!! you've had a lot happen all in one year!! you are so right though - even through all of the hard & dark days... God is there!!

    i've always thought that was a weird conundrum too! the days seriously do feel long...each and every one. yet each and every year goes by faster than the last. time is crazy!! :)

  2. Love this and love you!

  3. What a great post. I'm sorry for your loss, but it sounds like you and your family are doing well despite it. What a great way to look at the future and what God has waiting for us!

    My Wholesome Home

  4. Thanks, Robyn. Yes, time gets weirder and weirder the older I get =).

  5. <3 you too! So glad we had that year together.

  6. Thanks, Rachel. Thankfully after it all we are doing pretty well.

  7. I don't believe in saying heaven gained an angel either. I think it's an important distinction to make. Isn't is crazy what a year can bring? Sometimes it seems so long and yet so short.

  8. Ok this is for sure my favorite post. I TOTALLY understand what you mean when you say the days felt long but overall it goes by so fast. I feel that way about life. and the best part? That even though we do have to say those hard goodbyes that God gives me hope that one day the distance won't be long. It'll be like coming home-the best place to be!!! Love your heart. I love that you wrote this. Great reminder.