Photography Friday - A 20 Week Challenge

Hey there! I recently told you I had two big projects up my sleeve. Yesterday I shared about Thankful Thursdays and today I want to share a photography project I'm going to tackle. 

Photography is such a fun hobby but also one where I feel like I'll never know enough about =). I thought a way to learn and to hold myself accountable was to create a photography challenge. I've seen lots of photography challenges but I wanted to customize one for myself. I picked topics I knew I would love and some that I didn't love. I think a variety will force me to get out there and take some pictures. I picked a 20 week challenge for several reasons: I might be moving in June and I wanted to finish before then and I picked weekly instead of 'daily' because it sounds like a more attainable goal. I also picked topics related to the seasons and I also picked some things (where I live / hometown) that I can have photos of incase Dave and I move far away.

At the bottom of this post I have outlined the theme for each week. I'd love love love for you to join me on this journey! Here is how it will work:

  • Each Friday I'll have a blog post with my 'theme picture' for the week. I'll have a link-up and you can add yours too! The first link-up will be next Friday, January 17th. I'll be sharing this week's photo and next week's photo. After that there will only be one photo a week. 
  • Your link-up does not have to be solely a photography post. You can write whatever you want but your photograph in the post does need to be related to the weekly theme. Some of my posts on Friday won't be solely related to photography either. 
  • Not a pro? Me either! I'm new to this photography business. You can use your iPhone, a point and shoot camera an Instagram picture, etc. This is all about learning, creativity and enjoying photography. 
  • Don't have a blog? No problemo! Each Friday, I'll have the Photography Friday Post on SS2SI FB Page. You can add a picture in a comment or you can just post on my wall with your photo. 
  • Feedback - I'd LOVE some feedback on my pictures and I know others would too. Visit at least 2 other blogs and give them some feedback on their pictures. That way we are all learning and growing. 
  • Share - Feel free to share on Twitter, FB, etc. I'll do my very best to retweet and promote your photography posts too! 
  • I have created a button and I'd love it if you added it to your post or link it back to my blog so more people can get involved. However, if you don't that's perfectly fine too. =)
Sunshine to the Square Inch

  • Week 1 (Jan. 10) - Something you are thankful for
  • Week 2 (Jan. 17) - Eating our or anything food related
  • Week 3 (Jan. 24) - music
  • Week 4 (Jan. 31) - Something red
  • Week 5 (Feb. 7) - Something or someone you love
  • Week 6 (Feb. 14) - anything valentine related
  • Week 7 (Feb. 21) - Pets or nature
  • Week 8 (Feb. 28) - a pretty place
  • Week 9 (Mar. 7) - from a low angle
  • Week 10 (Mar. 14) - from a high angle
  • Week 11 (Mar. 21) - where you live
  • Week 12 (Mar. 28) - anything goes
  • Week 13 (Apr. 4) - Food
  • Week 14 (Apr. 11) - black and white
  • Week 15 (Apr. 18) - Self-portrait
  • Week 16 (Apr. 25) - clouds
  • Week 17 (May 2) - Flowers
  • Week 18 (May 9) - something you can't live without
  • Week 19 (May 16) - a day in the life of (I'll be taking pictures of what I do on a day in / day out basis)
  • Week 20 (May 23) - my hometown
So there is my big 20 week project! Hope you will join in! 


  1. This sounds like fun Beka! I just might have to join in on this one!:)

  2. I'd be glad to have you! I'm excited to learn more.

  3. Awesome and (for me) 'reachable' themes! I think I'll take part in some of these themes! :)

  4. A photo a day will be a great way to grow your photography. I'd love to have you and see your work.

  5. Zia - I'm glad they are reachable themes for you. I'm glad you will be taking part and i'll look forward to seeing your pictures.

  6. Dang, girl! You're going crazy with blog projects. So fun!

  7. I know! I can't decide if I'm going to love myself or hate myself. But this one is only 20 weeks and is for me too =) Fingers crossed.

  8. this is SO CLEVER!! i may just have to join in...

  9. How fun! Definitely something I should join!

  10. You are more than welcome. I'd love to see your pictures.

  11. What a neat project, this is something I may start sometime soon. I want to improve my photograph skills. :)

  12. You are welcome to still join in! There are all kinds of challenges out there or you can just invent your own like I did =)

  13. I intend to this coming week with clouds. :)