Confessions of a Scarfaholic

I learned to tie scarves in many various forms and you can too! Just CLICK HERE
Guys! I'm here to tell you I'm a scarfaholic and the struggle is real! When I began writing this post in mid December I had 20 scarves and after Christmas I now have 24. My husband helps me count =)

I'm not exactly sure when this problem started? Before Korea I had a couple of scarves and I wore them occasionally. But then in Korea my roommate, Alisha, had some scarves and she would let me wear some of hers. Then, all of the sudden BAM! Every where I turned there were cute scarves calling out my name. At $10 or $5 per scarf who can say no?! Then after I started accumulating cute scarves winter came. The cold was extreme so I had to buy warm winter scarves. Know what I mean? Plus, there were some scarves made in Korea and well - come on! You would have bought it too.

Korean made scarf with Hangul writing

I thought I was just fine in my scarf-a-holic state until my husband informed me it was out of control and I couldn't buy more scarves! AAAAh! No More! What? Gasp? Was my life ending??? Ok. It wasn't really that bad and as much as I missed collecting a bunch of scarves I'm glad Dave told me no. It was getting a little out of control.

After months of going without buying a scarf I went on a girls weekend and my husband told me I could buy one scarf! Yipee! Well, I looked all over and saw some scarves but none that called my name. Either that or they were a whole whopping $25 - $30. um - no thanks. So, I went to Walmart and bought a scarf there. I also received three scarves for Christmas and yes, one was from Dave! The one he gave me is a nice pretty red scarf from Israel. It goes with that pretty necklace he got me.

I even tried to snatch a scarf at Dave's family annual Christmas gift exchange. See, Dave needed me to buy his gift for the exchange and I, of course, bought a scarf. It was a pretty popular gift and even Dave tried to steal it for me but to no avail, our Aunt and Uncle teamed up and took it home.

My SIL and I decided to knit a cowl over Christmas. It just so happened that I was rather sick over Christmas and I managed to finish the cowl within 3 days. Go me!

After I made a cowl for myself I thought it would be fun to give a cowl away to one of you readers. I seriously can't thank you enough for reading this little blog of mine and it's just fun to give things away. I love it when I win something and I know you all do to! So without further ado - here is the scarf I'm giving away.  This is open internationally so if you live far away you are welcome to enter the giveaway as well! 

Lastly if you want a cowl I will purchase the yarn, knit it and ship it to you all for $30. I currently have the yarn in gray but would be happy to get you another color. The cowl would look like the first one I made. It is a chunky cowl and is very warm. 75% of the profits will go to international missions of some sort. If this is something you are interested in please e-mail me at sunshine2thesquareinch@gmail.com for more details. I'd love to knit you something!

PS - Today is Thankful Thursday! What are you thankful for today? If you haven't heard about Thankful Thursdays yet click here.


  1. i love that blue scarf from Korea & the chevron one you got for the Christmas exchange! i would've tried to steal it too!

  2. That Korean scarf is one of my favorites. I tried so stinkin' hard to bargain for it but ended up paying full price.... =)

  3. Hoping over from Treasure Tromp's link up- I totally feel you pain on this scarf obsession. I went to Istanbul a few years ago and holy beautiful scarfs and for $7, honesty you can't pass that up! Glad I found your page!

  4. Oh my gosh, I'm such a scarf addict too. I was just thinking that I need a better way to organize them. I used to have a scarf wall (no joke) in my room, where I had most of them hanging on pretty hooks, but when I moved into my new place they all got piled up in the closet. This is such a cool giveaway, love the handmade cowl!

  5. Oh my gosh, you're such a great knitter! That cowl is gorgeous. I'm with you on the scarf addiction though. Mine started while living in Chicago. I'd never even owned one before I moved there from south Texas and I quickly became addicted. It got worse once I learned to knit! My Husband cut me off from the scarf buying as well but I was tempted when we were on our honeymoon last month so I bought some as Christmas presents for others instead. :)

    Visiting from Nicole's link up today!

  6. I love scarves too but I prefer them to be free. Even $5 is too much for me. ;-) I really like the chevron print scarf.

  7. Cuuuuute! I want it! I should count my scarves. I have a lot.

  8. Before I went traveling I had SO. MANY. SCARVES. It was ridiculous! I seem to accumulate them really easily now too and always have to ditch 3-4 before moving to a new location.