These are a few of my favorite things

I got a lot of gifts I loved this year however I think I love the 'thought' behind gifts the most. Anyone else agree? 

Before Christmas I told Dave that after all the travels and gifts this year I didn't need any gifts. (Why would any girl tell there husband that!?) Lucky for me, Dave has a lockbox with gifts hidden under our bed and didn't have to buy any new gifts. I also don't get into that wonderful present box because the house rule is, that if I get into the lock box, I don't get the gifts. Dave has had this box since we started dating. He's a smart man! =) 

He hid a present for me and gave me a hint each day. I looked all over our apartment for it and Dave said I even looked right at it several times! Thanks to my friends on Facebook they helped me figure out it was a necklace with the Star of David but I didn't actually find the necklace until Dave told me right where it was. 

Someone recently told me the meaning of the Star of David. The triangle pointing up represents God and the triangle pointing down represents man. When combined they represent God reaching down to man. The 12 stones are the breastplate that the priests wore. 

This next gift was made for me by my sister-in-law. Each ornament resembles something and has a coordinating Bible verse. I have a small white Christmas tree that I'll be hanging these on next year. 

  1. Teapot - hospitality (Romans 12:10-13)
  2. Heart - true love (John 13:34) *The heart has both of our wedding dates written on it.
  3. Rabbit - hope and faith (Hebrews 11:1)
  4. Bouquet of Flowers - good wishes (2 Corinthians 13:14) *look-a-like from my wedding in FL
  5. Angel - God's guidance in the home (II Timothy 3:16)
  6. Bird - happiness & joy (Romans 5:11)
  7. Our wedding invitation 
  8. Fish - Christ's blessing (Ephesians 1:30)
  9. Santa - Unselfishness and goodwill (Luke 2:14)
  10. Rose - beauty & affection (Romans 12:10)
  11. Fruit Basket - generosity (II Corinthians 9:6)
  12. Pinecone - fruitfulness (Colossians 1:10) *Fruitfulness unto good works not babies ASAP ;)
  13. House - shelter & protection (Psalm 61:3)

 Do you put lots of thoughts into gifts? Did you receive any 'thoughtful' gifts?


  1. So sweet! I love your wedding invite ornament!

  2. i love thoughtful gifts! i always try to think of who the recipient is & give them a gift tailored to them & their interests! your husband is so thoughtful! love that he gave you hints about it :)

  3. You have quite a winner there! ;) And your sister-in-law is very talented. I think the most "thoughtful" gift I received was a beautiful "T" initial stamp and wax so I can make my own wax seals. My fiance gave me this gift and picked "T" because that's his (soon-to-be-our) last initial. :)

  4. Wow- your sister-in-law is so talented! What a great idea to have a lockbox of gifts. I bet you are always surprised by what your husband pulls out of there. My mother-in-law is pretty good about giving thoughtful gifts. She always knows what kind of book I would enjoy. This year she gave us all really nice robes, which sounds strange, but it was something we all needed and never would've thought to buy for ourselves!

  5. Wow, such creative and beautiful gifts! The necklace is beautiful! And those ornaments with Bible verses are so neat.
    I try to give creative and meaningful gifts but half the time I wait until the last minute and forget! Maybe I need to start shopping/preparing earlier in the year :)

  6. These are so beautiful! And I love the necklace. Thanks for sharing sweet friend:) Love Katie

  7. I love the meaning behind your gifts! Beautiful and creative. I love those ornaments!

  8. Thanks, Rachel. I love it too and might just make this for someone some day so they can have set too.

  9. i think it would drive me nuts too :) i would probably tear the house apart looking for it! :)

  10. I love the necklace! It is so beautiful and meaningful! And I love the box of gifts ideas too. That is really, really sweet!

  11. Thanks, Lauren. I think it's really pretty too.

  12. these are so adorable! i LOVE LOVE thoughtful gifts!

  13. Catching up on your blog posts today after being back from vacation!! HOW fun. I love the necklace and I love the gifts from your sister in law. SO CREATIVE!!!! Where did she find the idea for each ornament representing something?

  14. You know, I have no idea where she got the idea. I'll have to ask her.

    I love the necklace too. Although ... I wore it and the chain gave me a huge rash =) ha! I'll be buying a new chain for it soon.